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Monday, May 02, 2011

Not What I Expected

The announcement that a CIA led SEALS team in an operation in Pakistan was able to subdue, kill, and capture the body of Osama Bin Laden did not bring a sense of closure to me.

It brought a sense of worry, and frustration.

Worry because this could easily be the beginning of a long and endless war. The U.S. may feel this is "justice". His followers will not see it so, and as we've already found out, they're fanatical in their call to war against us as a country. And you thought the war was done now! It's not. I assure you, and it scares me.

Frustration because as I see people cheering, and tears of closure brought about by his demise over the deaths and chaos he caused during his life - it's clear many think this is now over.

I am both proud, and incredibly sad for our service members. The separation from their families in this long ordeal, their blood, their deaths, and for those that return - their lives.....This is not a fair trade. But I'll take it. Joyless as it may be for me.

It's not a fair trade of justice when someone attacks civilians in the gruesome scene we saw unfold over 9/11, and then lives 10 years to lead more attacks, kill more people, and incite crazy killers. But I guess we've all learned sometimes in this world the only justice we get is twisted, but it's all we can have.

I'm glad he's gone, don't get me wrong. But I only hope that we continue to be vigilant as a country against attacks. That we continue to support our service members and their families in their never ending struggle for freedom for our country. And that while we may take pride in what we were able to do as a country in this war - we remember it took 10 years to get this far, and it's not even close to over.

I am so proud to serve our Navy, and to help support our Warfighters - I wish I could feel a sense of closure now. All I feel is intense pride in our forces, and a small ball of fear deep in my soul.

And now it's time for my orthodontist appointment. So maybe part of that uncertainty I feel is simply stress from other things. I doubt it, but we'll see.


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