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Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Dead

Today we as a country have the opportunity to unitedly come together in remembrance of fallen soldiers.

These warriors, our warriors - are our past. Their deaths. They are ours. They are our victories, our defeats. Our voices of triumph, and of ultimate sorrow.

They are our future. They willingly sacrificed their hopes and dreams that we could fulfill our own. They have provided us the possibility of a great future.

They are my dead. Their sacrifices, never forgotten, never downplayed. The gaps left in families, friends, platoons, ships, brigades.....They are the history of everything good we as a country have ever achieved.

The expectation to uphold the united front they have fought and sacrificed for is our responsibility. We must remember that what we have is because of them.

Our fallen, my fallen have served our military, and found their demise because they did what our country asked them to. The ultimate choice. To give of oneself until you have no more to offer. Willingly our soldiers make that choice. Whether they faced it with dread, crying out for mercy, or with a battle cry of victory, who can blame them? Who can speak to what went through their minds? What they have experienced or why they chose to serve in the military knowing the ultimate sacrifice could be asked of them at any time.

What we have in this country is because of them.

Do not forget.


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