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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interesting Stuff To Read: 11JUN11

The Best Kids Books Are Written In Blood - Some people may want to purge the demons we go through as kids, other embrace it. Personally, those demons that haunt you, they deserve to be confronted, overcome where can, compensated for where you can't confront them, and embraced where you have to. The experiences we have throughout life - they mold us. They make us who they are. Playing Dr. Seuss, even as a child, it does help, but how do we learn to deal with things if all we're spoonfed growing up is happy ever after?

Hoarding, Happiness, and Heartbreak- World of Warcraft as a family event. Online gaming is more than just a game. It's a chance to experience virtual reality with family and friends. Anyone who knows me understands my passion for MMOs, and my love of the experience. Here's how one family experienced it. It's awesome.

Wonder if you'll like cruising? These two threads from Cruise Critic helped me re-live my cruising experience, and after reading these threads, I'm super excited for my next cruise! Thread 1 and thread 2 are by Mike, of Mike and Tracy - a couple who take their family cruising as their vacations.

I want to note that Cres has no light reading to share, since he's busying studying (when isn't he?). So I wanted to share something he shared a few weeks back, it's actually a video. If you're not squeemish, check out the video of that same robot doing a hysterectomy!!


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