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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'z Buzy! No, really!!

My list of stuff to do is extensive and slowly, I'm working my way through it. Maybe not methodically. Maybe not logically, but ya know, so what?

In WoW I'm working on the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement/feat of strength. Right now gathering a gazillion (literally) herbs to make darkmoon cards. John, Monique and I talk constant crap to each other. *sniffs* Just like old times, only without the pet toes. (VERY SAD!).

     Pat raids twice a week with his/our guild, Swift Justice. They're 8/12 and are working on Nef. They raid Mon/Wed, so if anyone's interested, they're on Velen, talk to Geofon in game!

     I met some dude who's farming for herbs for the sandstone drake. We catch up every time we're in game at the same time. I wish him the very best of luck - but that guy's crazy!!

     4.2 is coming - at some point. At which time I'll probably go do the ICC stuff. Looking forward to seeing putricide and sindragosa. And by looking forward, I mean anything that stops Geo from ninja inviting me to raid trash pulls is a good thing!

At work, I daily struggle with not wounding myself from sheer Governmental retardedness. I feel like I'm making progress at achieving what I want as far as how things should be - but the progress is measured in mili-inches.

At home, I'm studying math almost every other week. I hate it. I truly hate it. I'm thinking I'm going to have to switch approaches because what I'm doing now just isn't cutting it. And I need to move it up to at least weekly, if not twice a week. We'll see how the summer goes.

     This weekend we're going to clean out the garage - ugh.

     Pat got a fisbee golf disc catcher. He's going to wear himself out on it. It's awesome!

     BBQ being planned to celebrate my birthday. But it probably won't be until August, so it will be more of a summer BBQ than a birthday party. I'm good with that! Going to be fun!

     Vegas on the 23rd to celebrate my birthday with my friends. I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!

In life, Steve Crews' mom is going through cancer treatments, as is the mother of a co-worker. I keep them in my thoughts constantly. I'm thinking I need to start cooking food for folks again. Just something I love doing and my heart really wants to reach out to people this way. I just have to find a better outlet than the last time.

     I have to figure out a graduation gift for Lisa, a birthday present for two other people, and two past date birthday presents on the budget of whatever I come home from Vegas with.  They will probably all get cards from Dollar Tree.

In games - Gods and Heroes is doing their open beta this week. Shame they didn't get good details out on time, on point, or focused enough to catch my attention. I looked through 4 websites and 3 FAQs and couldn't figure out how long their open beta was available for. WTF!?

     The Wii announced their new console at E3 this week. I've not read enough on it yet to form an opinion. We'll see how things look after the media hype dies down and I can look at details.

     WE'RE GOING TO BLIZZCON! Need I say more?

     Pat and I had a long discussion on adventure games vs Diablo II and Titan's Quest. We haven't come to a conclusion yet, we haven't really figured out what the labels to use are. We have discovered people who say Guild Wars is an MMO make me twitch.

     Pat's playing Borderlands. He got himself stuck on the Xbox version, so he gave the game to Jeremy, and he downloaded it on the computer. Between this and frisbee golf, I will have the house to myself. I'm excited!

Tomorrow is my friday, and a productive three day weekend is in the offing! callooh callay! Have a great weekend everyone!

[Edit: There is truly something screwed up about all this technology around us and Blogger NOT posting the correct HTML to show lists correctly. I posted this, then had to go through and reformat, because apparently Google is retarded. Between their search page becoming cluttered with no option to change the appearance, and their crap like this not working - they're losing it!]


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