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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pat Disc Golfs!

My husband has the weirdest tastes in sports. He owns his own ping-pong paddle and carries it around in his bowling bag he had when we met.

He also disc golf'd in college, and found a group of folks here that go to a local course and in the nice months travel around So Cal to other places to disc golf. We take his discs when we go out of town (Vegas, Reno, San Diego) so he can try courses elsewhere.

So here are some videos of Pat battling it out with nature for his disc (he may have won, but he came home with some nasty scrapes) and of him and the guys up at a place called Wrightwood.

When he goes on these day trips he's normally gone 8-10ish hours, which gives me time to get stuff done in the house - or to get some Vanguard playing time in! He walks usually 10-17 miles on these out of town days so it's definitely something I'm glad he's doing and he seems to really love it!


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