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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Blizzcon Moments

Pat and MikeB aka Fony - From a ton of stuff we listen too. It was fun getting his pic. He thought Pat was someone he met last year, so he came over to talk to us - but he was nice even when he figured out we were random nobodies! :)

The only pic with all four of us, in front of the new Kerrigan statue. She's AWESOME! Also, OMG are we tired. I mean T-R-I..nevermind. you get the idea.

The pre-entrance crazy. It wasn't that bad actually. Would have been WAY worse had Pat not had his DS though. Thank God he did! And Mo only had to tell the guy who kept whapping her with his backpack once! I was so proud of her!!

There's a TON more pics to put up, but that requires a lot of photoshopping for lighting, removing red eye, and general uploading and editing - and I'm lazy. So that's all you get for now.


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