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Monday, July 22, 2013

I Stood Outside In The Rain

It doesn't rain here often. So I stood outside letting the drops fall around me.

The sound of the water hitting the trees and the ground is glorious. The slant of the water as it streams down against the wind and is carried off before it hits its intended destination is beautiful. The feel of the drops as they touch me, first warm and wet then cold as the wind hits, brings about a euphoria than cannot be matched.

My honey put his arms around me and we stood and watched the rain fall. We watched for lightning and listened to the thunder together. I ran in the puddles and made footprints that quickly faded on the warm concrete.

The rain lasted longer than it usually does but not long enough for me. I changed into dry clothes and sat in the house, watching it and listening to it. The storm is passing, no water still falls. But while it did, I stood outside in the rain.


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