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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Or is it Part-AY!? Either way, I love to do it!

Not so much with the getting falling down drunk and puking everywhere (only done that once...okay maybe twice). I totally try to avoid that, mostly because it doesn't feel good at that moment, or when you wake up covered in unknown goo. Gross, I know, and really not germane to this entry, so let's move right along, shall we?

I love to PLAN parties. Once again, as we learned with my recent travel entry, I like to make plans, and rarely actually do anything with it.

Part of it is because party stuff is expensive. At least, the way I want to do it. Parties should be glitz, favors, swag bags, yummy food, appropriately themed drinks, games, preferably with a taxi or limo service to take people to and from the party.

Since Ridgecrest has neither of those options, it makes having a really awesome party a little more tricky. Or at least involves a lot less alcohol. No goo for the win?

SO! I'm in my own little world again this evening! Planning a party that will never take place, where I give out swag bags (the cost of which even planning, I don't mention to Pat for fear he will take my credit card forever). Where a cool summer breeze blows the 112ยบ heat away as the tiki torches dance merrily around mojito holdin', cigar blowin', happy people.

I do realize, somewhere in my soul, that this will never happen. And I will become appropriately sad about it later. But for now, I'm having fun. But I need help!

See, the people who would come to this party are from a wide range of surrounding areas. From San Diego (4ish hours away if you don't drive like Beth), to LA (HI WEEZY'S! 3ish hours), to anyone on my Facebook/Twitter "Awesome" list who lives close enough and desires to drive.

So, what do I put in the swag bags that anyone can use? Amazon gift cards are so, blah! Do I find a spa, bookstore, geek store, etc., that is in the areas where individuals are coming from?

Do I simply get things from online stores and divide them into guy and girl bags? Or do I just get things that are "universal" (who like THAT crap?), and stick it all in the same color and type of bag?!

What would you do?! And would you come to my awesome party!? Even if you had to dress up *scowls at Pat*? Would you be awesome dahling?!


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