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Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend Update: 137 Days Until Christmas!

My last post was supposed to be a thank you to everyone who's helped me level and enjoy my time in WoW. But Pat was trying to get ready for his 3AM wakeup call to take the Inyokern flight to LAX on his way to Tampa for a few days, and I HAD to go. So this post will incorporate that instead!

This weekend update is going to be pretty random. Get ready!

Tinaryn made 80! (In case you haven't talked to me, or seen my Twitter/Facebook/Blog.) I'm VERY excited! Huge thanks to my mom, Monique, Pat, Jill, Matt, and John for putting up with me long enough to not train me to my death multiple times!

I ran my first few heroic dungeons last night and got some purple gear, including a wand that's awesome! Monique gave me a cool offhand for a mace that dropped.

I'm now going to work on herbalism and alchemy to top those off and do flasks for Pat's raiding nights. The GWS group of Swift Justice is working on the ICC 10 man progression, and moving along nicely! Pat's very excited, and it's great to see him getting so involved with actual people! :)

The local "Community Light Opera And Theatre Association" or CLOTA is doing a presentation of Cabaret! We're going to see it on the 20th with Matt and Monique. I am SUPER excited!!!

Lori brought over lumpia for Pat, and stew and rice for me, since she knows I'm still having trouble eating. She is THE biggest sweetheart in the world.

My tongue is still being incredibly violated by the thing in my mouth. It's now more of an indent than cut, but it's not really getting any better. I've gotten my nightly routine down to 15ish minutes, which is fantastic! Pat and I compared pics to current tooth placement and there is LOTS of movement. I'll post new pics soon.

Shark Week wound down with some awesome stuff to watch, including the old Dirty Jobs episodes. It was really nice to see some new stuff, but I ALWAYS love Shark Week. Next thing to watch for will be either Disney Week, or Samantha Brown week on Travel Channel! SAMANTHA BROWN! WOO!!

I am both dreading and excited about Pat being gone for a few days. I miss him terribly when he's gone, but hopefully I can bring myself to be productive and enjoy some time to myself! He'll be back Wednesday, and he's not raiding that night, so it'll be a night for us to just enjoy each other and talk and relax. VERY excited!!

Also, Christmas is right around the corner. There will be no Christmas present exchange! NO PRESENTS! Last year was just too much, and I've got a lot of saving to do for upcoming though currently unplanned trips, and honestly - it's just too much stress!!

But we'll keep counting, cause the holidays are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!



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