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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life is busy!

Well, I've been busy, and lazy, and so I haven't updated you guys as to what is going on, so here are the highlights!!

Pat and I got married!!!

I changed my name to Simpson, legally and all that jazz!

Mom and Beth came down for the bestest birthday present ever! I walked in from work, my house was decorated, and there was cake, and fruit and dip, and we watched the final NBA championship game, and had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

The dog has gotten out a hundred times. We got him back from the pound once, from a neigbor twice, and just from wandering around looking for him twice. We've since installed an electric fence in my hard.....Stop looking at me like that. It kills me to do this, but it's better then either alternative, A) getting rid of the dog, and B) having him be injured or killed because of my negligence. Puppy is now getting used to his new boundries. Major props to Tawnia for helping us get everything set up. She ROCKS!

I'm now a travel consultant, with business cards and everything, at
Jack Fry Travel in Ridgecrest. It's a dream job, that I really love. Don't make much money, but I get paid to plan freaking cool is that?

After hitting the highest weight of my life (211.5) a few months ago, I jumped on the bandwagon. Starting the new job jumped me right off, but now I'm on again!! Starting at 209.5 I want to get down to at least 160 by my birthday next year. If I get down to 170 but gain more muscle and get active and healthy fine, but I am determined to work at it, and not be discouraged!!!

Anything else big? Let's July Pat and I celebrated my birthday (in June) by going to Stateline and staying at Whiskey Pete's!! We had a blast. I got to swim! YAY!!!!

Pat's review has come and gone, he's doing awesome, and gets a big fat juicy tax supported raise. woo!

My brother is apparently planning on moving to Oregon. I wish him and my newest sis the best of the yuckyness that is moving!

We're going to Knoxville Tenesee for Christmas, to spend time with Pat's family. I'm nervous. I'm very Christmasy. I love singing Christmas carols, and sipping hot chocolate and watching all the old sappy Christmas cartoons, and light looky-looing, and

I've just come back from 3 days of a cruise info/selling seminar at San Pedro pier in LA. It was fun. I'm excited about going on more cruises, and about selling them!

Hope that's enough info for now!!!