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Monday, May 31, 2010

And There Was Much Rejoicing!

I couldn't do it! 5 days after getting braces and taking out my tongue piercing, I've put my tongue piercing BACK in! I've ordered a retainer which will, hopefully, get along nicely with the pendulum appliance that is shortly to be installed.

I know Pat won't be happy. But this is just something that we'll both need to learn to live with.

Me? I'm so excited that I could literally start crying. The second I put my piercing back in, I was complete again! How weird is that?!

I ordered from, and I'm not sure how reputable they are. I will be checking my credit card statement and my mailbox regularly over the next few days!

Hopefully I'll have good things to report! For now - I am back to my old self again!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Days Like This Make Me Wish I Wasn't Here

It's days like this that make me miss Colorado. It's a gorgeous day, the sun is shining, it's not 110º, it's not windy (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT WINDY!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY).

It's a beautiful 79º day with full sun, no wind, and we're playing computer....but somehow, I remember these days as being full of fun and *doing*. The rodeo, the fireworks, the events of summer - they started this weekend.

Yes, this is a bitch post about how much Ridgecrest sucks. Especially since my morning perusal of the Daily Independent led to an hour long rant to Pat about how much I hate the local newspaper, people, town, attitude, etc.,

So it started me thinking! What did we do growing up that I miss so much?!

I remember the Greeley rodeo and tractor pull. I remember LOVING tractor pulls. Which seems odd to me, the scared of anything loud and obnoxious and insane. But I want to go to a rodeo and see a tractor pull SO BADLY!

I remember sitting out at a park in Greeley while they played John Phillips Sousa and did fireworks. Dad would tell me the history of the songs, and why they were played, and how awesome the music was and I was simply enchanted. I was scared of the loudness, of course, but it was something to work through because the magic of fireworks was just amazing.

It still is, of course. Fireworks still make me flinch, even the little ones. But the big ones, and especially the ones that look like willow trees, they make me want to cry with their beauty and majestic-ness. Yes, I'm making up words. Deal.

So I'm thinking Pat and I will visit the Lancaster Rodeo in July. I will brave the sun (which I don't handle well anymore). They don't have a tractor pull, but one can't have everything, I suppose!

Also, I'm thinking of hitting San Diego next summer for a Fireworks and beach day weekend extraordinaire! (That one I didn't make up!) How fun would that be? A BBQ and beach day followed by fireworks and lazing around with family?


Anyway - just having a weekend filled with "Ridgecrest sucks", so planning lots of ways and time to enjoy summer and get out of town. Seeing as my requests to get involved in goings on has been denied by most of the events and groups here in town. (Shocking really, how we stay so shitty, with our small town idiot mindedness.)


Disneyland Food

The thing I love about Disneyland? Whatever magic I happen to be speaking about at any given moment.

It's true! I think I told Monique - "This is my FAVORITE ride/park/land/cast member/food/place/store/character/smoking area/Fireworks display/you name it, I love it" a gazillion times as we walked through the park, and I meant it each and every time.

But food! Disneyland food, is to DIE for.

Corn Dogs,Dole Whips, Monte Cristo sandwiches, any food from The Golden Horseshoe before a Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show, popcorn, turkey legs, mmmmmmmmmmmm, makes me wish I was at Disneyland, and could eat! Also, makes me start singing "WISHES" at the top of my lungs!! A regular occurrence in my household. Thank GOD Pat loves me as much as he does!!!

I'm not so much in to the Mickey Bars, or Churro's. I used to extoll the awesome of the churro, until a few trips ago (April 2007 I think), when the churro was simply disgusting.

But there is still so much to try! I want to have a mint julep at New Orlean's Square, I want to eat to Blue Bayou and not worry about how much the check is! I want to eat at a character breakfast, and have a sunday from Br-r-r-Bank in DCA.

I want to eat at a few places in Downtown Disney too, but there's just SO much to do and each Disneyland trip is such a huge undertaking.

I'm trying to decide what trip to plan next, and I'm thinking I may drag Monique to New York for a long weekend and some grown up fun (plays, eating, etc.,) since Pat would have to be drug around and would complain constantly if I took him.

Either way - lots to eat at Disneyland and I want to go back!!!! RIGHT NOW!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The One Where I Kill Pat Because I Mis-Heard!

I was walking to the bed room to put clothes on and get ready for the day (11:15 seemed an appropriate time for this), and Pat said something that I heard as "No wax today honey!".

And I was instantly angry, because as we all know, I have become a fanatical fan of wax.

Turns out he actually said "No *ax* today", referring to the ax he's been running dungeons for *days* to get. It's dropped once, last night, and someone out-rolled him 67 to 64. You would have thought he was having a heart attack the way he was flailing around.

After I clarified what he said (before starting a fight I might add, you should be impressed!) we had a good laugh, which ended in me having a breakfast of diet coke - because I still can't bring myself to eat yet. But I am STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

To Many Podcasts, Not Enough Time! #1 The Disunplugged

What a crazy world we live in! There's so many interesting things to listen to, watch, do, play, and be a part of that there's simply not enough time to do them all! It's maddening! MADDENING I TELL YOU!

My choices clearly state where my priorities are, as does everyone's really. We put time and effort in to the things that are important to us and let the stuff we care less about fall by the wayside, or at least, don't pay as much attention.

But the main point here is podcasts!! There's SO many I want to listen to, and honestly, just not enough time!

Since February 2009 I've been listening to The Disunplugged, a podcast by the folks at, a Disney fan site that along the course of its life became attached to a travel agency - Dreams Unlimited Travel.

This podcast is awesome! They talk a lot about restaurants, experiences, planning, tickets, Disney's expansions and customer service, and the horribleness of Meg Crofton.

Right now, I'm up to their April 28th email show, so I'm almost current - but it's taken me over a year to get there! LOTS to listen to!!!!

Next time, I'll go over the podcasts on my list to be listened to, and discuss podcast tracking software - which I haven't figured out yet!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Night Without Braces

Went to Wal-Mart after work and grabbed some stuff I'll need in the care of my new horribleness/blessings. Got some dental wax (they only had mint flavored), some Glide Threader floss, and I said hi to Tawnia!

Then we went and picked up panang curry and had that for dinner with rice and naan, while watching Planet 51....which didn't really take my mind off of things, but it was nice to just relax with Pat!

Tomorrow I'll have a bagel for breakfast, floss and brush really well, then head in to the Ortho place at 8am! They sent me an email reminder with a link to confirm my appointment! I LOVE HIGH TECH PLACES! Or...ya know...places that have a website and can use email.

Going to go to bed early tonight and get in one good night of kissing with my honey - who knows how weird it will be after tomorrow!

Wish my luck guys!!


My computer isn't working
My email isn't working
My internet isn't working
Slacker (see above) isn't working!!!!

I am stressed about getting braces (the entire ordeal, not tomorrow necessarily) and really stressed about giving up my tongue piercing.
I am STRESSED about losing weight and exercising because apparently it's not been working the last two weeks.

I am being nitpicky and bitchy towards my co-workers who do not deserve it! Well...some do, but that shouldn't matter!!

I am not able to complete my projects or really work on them effectively at all because NMCI's network and responses suck.

DFAS is claiming something I sent in 4 times (all with tracking numbers internal and external to prove it) was not received - and that's a bunch of really irritating and insulting ridiculousness!! OH! And I don't have access to a scanner to email this stuff to them because my boss is out of the office today and tomorrow so I have to find a replacement scanner - which doesn't go over well here.

Oh, and telling my traveler that I can't scan his stuff - that's real professional. Even though he offered to scan some of it, which was really nice of him.

The projects I'm working on are basically going to implemented in around 4 years, making the actual effort going in to them seem wasteful and frustrating.

I have no trips planned, and the trips I want to plan stress me out because the people involved make me crazy, or I have to work around their craziness.

I somehow have an older copy of a .pst file with stuff that isn't in my new version and I can't merge the two together and only keep original copies of things I need.

Facebook won't let me import more than one blog at a time without a massive work around, so my braces blog is concerning me.

I'm hyped up on a coffee drink and smarties (because I'm stressed I had to eat some) and I can't remember the last time I've wanted a cigarette SO DAMN BAD.

I can't change my time card to the right C/O for training because I still haven't figured out which trainings I've done that I need to do it for.

I want to go to Laughlin and have a fantastic time and not worry about spending money!

I want to sit at home and play Lord of the Rings Online. I plan on doing that almost exclusively Thursday night to Monday night. I plan on coming back to work with a level 38 hunter who owns a fully furnished home and a new horse (need a name for him though).

I plan on running at least one RP event this weekend where Amyra sits near the last bridge leading to the ford of bruinen - though I haven't decided what it will be about yet.

I am emotional and bitchy. I am 21 hours away from braces. 6 hours from getting off work.

And slacker has started working, so I'm going to put it on the Panjabi MC channel and keep turning it up until people realize talking to me is ill advised.

Not sure what will take this shaky feeling away from my very soul, but I'm hoping a quiet evening at home with Pat will do the trick. Otherwise an emotional outburst at work is going to have to do it - because I'm exactly 30 seconds away at any given time from having an all out mental yell and scream breakdown on a co-worker who does or says something annoying or stupid.

Ah - Laughlin. You are so far away, I can't even see you from here. Even thinking about Walt Disney World brings no soul soothing right now. Honestly, I think only a good cry, some rum, and at least 4 cigarettes will do the trick.

That is all.

For now.


Monday, May 24, 2010

New Blog

Those of you who follow me here on my blog or via Facebook will have to move to a new place if you want to follow my braces adventure.

I've started a new blog: Bee's Braces (at least I'm more original than Pat's MMO character names!). Note that as of Monday, May 24th no updates have been posted, but my Tink ticker is up, and I've got 4 posts ready to go over the next few days.

Wednesday at 8am, I'll have braces put on! OMG! IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOO SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metal tops and bottoms, and at some point a pendulum appliance on my upper teeth *shudders*

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow - and will of course be chronicling the entire adventure! In addition to posting for you all, I'm also actively posting over at ArchWired, a community site for adults with braces.

So far, it's been GREAT support to see what these folks have and are going through, and knowing I can ask the most ridiculous questions there and get some answers and some gentle reassurance.

I'm nervous as hell and honestly have burst in to tears at least 4 times this evening thinking of giving up my tongue piercing......I may just cry again.....

But I am excited to start this journey. It's been a long time coming.

I want to invite you guys all over to the new blog - and to thank everyone for their support, and metal mouth jokes - AND to invite you to play LotRO with me this weekend (It's a Welcome Back Weekend!) on the Landroval server - though I will tell you right now, I WILL be cranky!

Tomorrow is my last day brace free for at LEAST two years, so I'll be stocking up on supplies (Orajel, Motrin, and maybe some alcohol) and eating a dinner of panang curry while watching Planet 51 with Pat.

I'll see most of you on the metal flip side!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Article History

I know no one I know really read my articles when I was writing for Stratics or Allakahzam/Zam.

But for my own history, and sometimes to amuse myself I go back and re-read what I've written and see if my opinion has changed. To make this easier, I've created a document with as complete a list as I could get. Note these are only my mainstream articles and a ton of the stuff on Stratics I can't re-post as it's guides and such for DAoC which are so outdated that it's disgusting.

The thing that bothers me about this stuff is that I wasn't hired to be a writer, I was news - always. That changed drastically, and is, of course, the main reason why things kinda went down the hole for this stuff.

But I've been writing a ton lately, and I'm loving it. And no, no details can be forthcoming. :)

So! The list!

Work at Stratics:

Exclusive Interview with Nathan 'Hammerfel' Pearce and Greg 'Baelish' Short!

Interview with Ainslinge of AggroMe

Work at GamersInfo:

All blog entries written by me

Interview - Andy Cataldo, OCR: Asheron's Call

December 2007:

Live Interview With Jess Lebow on PotBS!

Ramayan 3329 - Interview with Sharad Devarajan

January 2008:

Your Allakhazam Team Does CES!

CES Day One With Tovin

Review of CES Tech Gadgets - A Quick Overview

Emmy's For MMO's!

February 2008:

I Hate Labels!

Worlds in Motion GDC Panel - Day One, Raph Koster

Worlds in Motion GDC Panel - Day 1, Reuben Steiger

LotRO GDC Meeting: Book 12 Lands!

Is My MMO Love Affair Over?!

March 2008:

GDC 2008: The Chronicles of Spellborn

GDC 2008: Outspark!

GDC 2008: Exanimus

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Pyra!

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Seppuku!

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Valkyrie!>

Exclusive: Interview with Frag Doll Psyche!

April 2008:

Mark Jacobs/WAR/Mythic

Tovin's Topics

May 2008:

MMO Beta's

Add Ons In MMOs

June 2008:

Week Two of the EA-Land Contest Housing Parties!

Vendolyn - A Community Spotlight

Monday June 9th EA Land Event Coverage

Oathbreaker Exclusive: Wasp Soldier

July 2008:

DCUO From Comic-Con

Comic-Con Upper Deck WoW Mini's

Freaky Creatures at Comic-Con

A Comic-Con Look at DC Universe

Chaotic Online Trading Card Game from Comic-Con

August 2008:

A Look at Stargate Worlds from Comic-Con

Star Wars Galaxies OTCG: Champions of the Force

Exclusive Interview with Charles 'kieron' Dane

Gen Con Intro - Let the Games Begin!

WAR at Gen Con with Bob Mull

Pirates of the Burning Sea at Gen Con

Turbine's Asheron's Call at Gen Con

September 2008:

DDO at Gen Con

Preorder Promotions: Hurting or Helping?

October 2008:

Expansions, Content Updates, and Your $15!

Champions of the TCG

World of Warcraft Community Summit
The Grind

Let's Get Freaky!

The Evolution of Jumpgate

Tovin On Wakfu

Free Realms: Not Just for Kids

Allakhazam DNA Launches with Operation Immortality

Plague or Treat?

November 2008:

Achieving Greater Goals, Vertically & Horizontally

Why Do You Play MMORPGs?

Champions Online: A First Look

Friday, May 21, 2010


Looking forward to a good warm weekend here in town! Yesterday it was 90º! Right now it's around 70º, and tomorrow is supposed to be around 75º with a large drop to around 60º on Sunday! Of course, the wind is scheduled to blow non-stop, cause ya know - it's spring here in Ridgecrest.

This weekend I plan on doing some light housecleaning, cleaning out my car from Disneyland last weekend, doing some laundry, working out, playing some LotRO, and getting some prep stuff done for Shelly's party in July! Going to be a busy weekend, but I've been slacking so it'll be good for me. I'm hoping Pat does some Frisbee golf on Saturday (if it's not too windy) since he's not gone the last few weeks, and it's good for him to get out of the house and be active.

This week I've only gone to the gym once, though I plan on going as well tonight. My calves are really tight, so I'm hoping a little extra stretching and re-starting vitamins will help!

I got my blood work back from the health fair and while I've not yet talked to my Dr. about the results, it appears there's no thyroid or cholesterol problems, which I am VERY happy about!

In the mean time though, I've got my appointment to become braced on Wednesday, May 26th, at 8am! I'll be going back to work after the appointment and some Motrin - and plan on trying to be there the rest of the day. I'm really hoping I can go to work on Thursday, though I realize I'll be a little sore and will probably be hating life until I get used to having the braces in.

I'm not sure when I get my appliance in, but when I do, I'll have to get rid of my tongue piercing. I'm VERY unhappy about this, but I guess that's part of life. Pat was very encouraging though, reminding me that when I got my piercing it was to help me focus on me and what I needed to do for me and self sanity and preservation. Now that I have him - I need a new symbol of US and my focus on our relationship and on making us both happy.

What a great encourager he is! But I still cry when I think about taking out my piercing!!!! :(

Lots to do at work though, and looking forward to a great Friday! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Note: There are no links in this post since I'm entering it from email. Use Google if you want to look anything up! ;p

Pat took me to The Grape Leaf here in Ridgecrest last night. It was the first time we've visited the restaurant since it opened.

I loved it! I had a gyro that was delicious! Don't know if I've had lamb before, but it was good! I am determined to be trying new and adventurous foods more and more! Even if it grosses me out - though I draw the line at turtles and bugs. Gross!

It came with fries, seasoned fries, or hummus and I got the hummus - cause who wants fries with Greek food?! Blech!

Pat then took me to go see How to Train Your Dragon! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

After the movie we didn't turn on the tv or the computers, we just talked and cuddled, it was like we were dating again!

I can't tell you how truly awesome it is to be in love with Pat. He's simply the most amazing man I've ever met. I am so very proud to be his wife, and the responsibility of keeping him happy, and our home a wonderful haven for him is one I take very seriously. I truly hope that I don't fail him.

Everyone have a great day and never take the people you love for granted!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Allergic To Work!!

Since I've been back from the cruise I've had this very weird reaction to stress.

At first I thought it was normal sinus or allergy issues since Pat was also having some congestion problems. But as I sit here at work and am more and more frustrated, I find that I get weird congestion and pressure behind my eyes and on both sides of my upper nose.

Since being back from the cruise I've also had a migraine - which I haven't had in a VERY long time.

So I'm keeping Motrin and Tylenol close by. In the past Tylenol has done nothing for me, but recently I've been trying to alternate the medication used based on symptoms and need and have been getting a better response. Motrin tends to make me bruise really badly and of course, I worry about issues with my liver and kidney in taking too much medication.

I took Motrin on Friday after riding the Matterhorn, since that ride tends to give me a headache from the jarring. Today, it's a tylenol sitting on my desk waiting for the cheese stick and pepperoni I just ate to settle before I take it.

In the mean time I'm thinking of trying some acupuncture for my allergy to cold, and may ask about seasonal allergies as well. I've got a lot more research to do before I let people poke me though, since Braces will start on May 26th!

Lots of stuff to prepare for and honestly, simply not enough energy lately to do anything about it! :(

Oh well. I'll sleep on the weekends!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rivendell! (Or...HOME!)

Gilthoniel! O Elbereth!
Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath!
Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee
In a far land beyond the Sea.

What beauty! What a heart racing run from the Fords of Bruinen to the gates of Imladris! The level 37 and 38 bears and insects were enough to keep me constantly aware, and the run was a great experience in trying not to die in a world I had never encountered before.

I've been intrigued by this fantasy land of healing and elves since my dad first read these books to me and made me truly enamored of Middle Earth.

The reward was worth it! Amyra was beyond stunned, and I was nearly in rapture. Yes, I'm a geek, get over it.

OH! IT GETS BETTER!!! The last Homely House does not disappoint.

There is a certain expectation when one encounters a classic entity one has grown up with, built up in their minds. I have never been so happy to play an MMO in my life, and if you know my experiences with MMOs, you understand that it was near orgasmic!

The inside was nearly as breathtaking as the outside!! Of course, Tawnia was here listening to me go crazy over this stuff, and she thinks I'm a total freak.

And then, there! In the distance! Is that who I think it is! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Of course, this isn't his story anymore, though his spirit is felt throughout. So I wander the house, after taking his riddle game quest. Wandering through the home of Elrond I find more to make me both squee and jump about!

I was running around in game, while yelling out load OMG! IT'S GLORFINDEL!! OMG!!!!!!!!! ELROND!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!! IT'S THE FELLOWSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat had to try to contain me, but by that time the excitement was just too much.

I had a moment, when I took these pictures. A moment of inspiration from developers, artists, programmers, community folks, even marketing. I felt in my heart what they wanted me to feel. There was ultimate awesome in this zone.

The same feeling I had when I first experienced Yew as Tovin. I belonged there. I belong here. This is what my gaming has been missing for many years. I wanted that Camelot moment where one just communes with the game, and I found it.

I am seriously thinking of making Amyra take respite in Rivendell for a while. RP with the folks heading in and out, and just making her home here for a while. The home of Elrond Half-Elven has been a respite and resting place for adventurers for so long - why can't I take advantage of it? Damn it! I think I'm going back next weekend (this weekend is Disneyland - and Rivendell isn't cool enough to keep me from THAT!). I think I may stay.

Except to go visit Weatherstock! Because after years of searching for a new MMO home - I've finally found one worthy of not only Tovin, Amyra, and Tinaren, but worthy of my time and attention and the awesome people I've met in The Council of the Secret Fire! Sooth!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Blogging Again After All These Months

So, haven't really been blogging. You can blame LotRO - but that comes into a later blog. One that I will post later this week. Really! Oh, and hopefully I'll finish my review of the cruise as well! I haven't started it (other than in my head), but we'll see how it goes!

But I have a lot of things to share now, that just piqued my interest and I wanted to make sure people saw!

First of all - TomTom has new voices that you can download for your GPS systems: STAR WARS!

Included on the promo site is a GREAT video of Darth Vader in the recording studios that is absolutely hilarious!!

A local radio station has returned to the airwaves a show that covers local political and community information. They do NOT have a podcast version of the show! Why, I'm not quite sure. I've emailed the contact on the website ( without the dots...except the .com lol) and asked for a podcast version this morning. We'll see what happens.

Finally, yesterday was the Ridgecrest Health Fair. I got my blood tested for a bunch of stuff (Thyroid, cholesterol, etc.,) and should be getting my results back this week. I also had the opportunity to donate blood to the Houcin Blood Bank. I'm looking forward to making it a regular donation!!

The health fair had a lot of info available regarding volunteer opportunities, community sponsored low cost health options, and some of the great things Ridgecrest has going for it.

As much as I may bitch constantly about how shitty Ridgecrest is (and don't get me wrong, it sucks) - there's a lot of great people here who are doing some great things in the community. Get involved. I am dedicating myself to being involved this year!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a very wonderful Mother's Day! I LOVE YOU MOM!!