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Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Service Member Thanksgiving Thank You!

Nothing breaks my heart more than watching deployed service members saying Happy Thanksgiving to their families. I can't imagine the private discussions they have if the opportunity to call home arises!!

To all our service members deployed, away from family, home, friends, and loved ones, to those facing deployment - and for those missing their fallen, lost, or wounded - My sincerest thanks that I can sit at home today, watch the parade and sleep safe from what you protect us from, and that my sacrifices came home safe, if not completely sound.

To those eating a Thanksgiving meal aboard a ship with their loved ones who are on duty - how blessed you are! (And I hope you don't wreck the car on the way to the ship! But if you do, I want to hear about it!!!) :p

I am truly, deeply touched by your sacrifice and sense of duty. I am so proud that I can be part of what NAWCWD does to support our War Fighters.

Thank you all!!! For everything.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturdays in Football Season: An Ode!

Ah! Saturdays. With ESPN on TV.
How peaceful are your mornings, how inspiring are your themes!
I love the outlook of the games, the analysis you bring.
I love the hits, the crowds, the noise, I miss my Aztec team!

Rooting for the underdogs, against the east coast teams,
Has taught me that the fans out there are crazier than me!
Little makes me happier than listening to Corso.
How weird he looks in HD, Kirk Herbstreet even more so.

The football season's winding down, now what will the weekend bring?
Colder weather, basketball, and eventually, training in the spring!


Saturday, November 06, 2010

College GameDay Picks!

Colorado vs Kansas = Colorado! LOVE YOU RALPHIE!!!!!

Baylor vs Oklahoma State = Baylor, Cause no one roots for Oklahoma unless you're from there.

Texas at Kansas State = Texas. Cause teams that beat USC in clutch wins should always be loved.

Illinois at Michigan = Michigan! Looking forward to seeing Robinson do some awesome stuff!! AND! Game just started - TOUCHDOWN MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!! This should be fun!!!

Northwestern at Penn State = I LOVE Paterno. What college fan doesn't. But in honor of Dr. Cres I'm picking Northwestern. I won't be unhappy either way.

NC State @ Clemson = Who cares? NOT ME!

Alabama at LSU = LSU! TIGER BAIT! TIGER BAIT! Saban has a lot of nerve going into LSU for the second year. Hope none of the Bama fans get hurt *smiles innocently*

Arkansas at South Carolina = Who cares who wins, this should be a good game!!

Arizona at Stanford = GO ARIZONA!!

TCU at Utah = GO UTES! GO MWC! GO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH THE BCS!!!!!!!!! Not sure which one I *should* be rooting for (probably TCU) to upset the BCS rankings the most. But I can't help but root for a team I'm most familiar with, and have known for YEARS due to their conference and familiarity with SDSU!!! GO AZTECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!