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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Well, finished Harry Potter this morning. It was an interesting read. After I finish my last Apprentice Series book by Robin Hobb (halfway done), I'll re-read it, and hope that it makes more sense. It seemed rather disjointed to me. Seperate from the other books, and a storyline that wanted to get somewhere quickly and then fizzled when it finally got there!!

It's my Friday. It's been a rough few days. We just don't have enough people to do what needs to get done, and I'm so tired of telling people I'm sorry. I have no help to offer them, no assistance to pull from anywhere in the store. I have stressed out, overworked, underpaid associates who are very simply, tired. Just as I am.

Hopefully it will get better, but our sales are so low, and our payroll is so high, that it will be many weeks before our store recovers, much less gets some help. And the harder we work, the longer the days seem to drag on in interminable drudgery.

The weather here doesn't help. It's 10:45 in the morning here and 110 degrees. Yesterday, it was 115. *cries* There is no true hope for coolness. Pat and I are not leaving town until the end of August, and by that time, I'll be a shrivled little peach.

Though sometimes I am tempted to rant at Pat for bringing me to what is called "The Gateway To Hell" by residents, instead "The Gateway To Death Valley" by the Ridgecrest Tourist Authority. Let's get real, there are NO tourists coming to Ridgecrest. They simply pass by our bit of nothingness before passing to death valley. Why they'd want it to get hotter then it is here, I can NOT imagine. Anyway.

Off to eat some breakfast, and then off to work.

I've lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks. I think I'm doing well! *dances*

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Well, Pat and I have returned from our trip to get the newest Harry Potter book. I shall now engulf myself in it, and have no care of the world for many days. Tawnia, have a good trip girlie, drive safe!!!

Ivy, thanks for the Harry Scar, and the signed book! Hedwig was COOL! The gummy spiders, and the animagus crackers were cool too. Pat liked the butterbeer, though he would have probably preferred real beer! :p Thanks for showing me a side of Ridgecrest I never knew existed!

Everyone enjoy your weekend. I for one, will be reading!

As soon as I finish the book, pictures of the evening will appear! Magically!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top Movies?

I am interested in finding out people's top 10 must watch movies. Now, I'm not a huge movie fan, I'd rather be reading. Pat and I have gone to the theatre maybe 4 times in the almost 3 years we've been together.

My favorite movies are those which are close to the books they project, and are, for the most part, happily ending movies. Horror scares the bejeebees out of me, and though I enjoy Pooh and Tigger movies, they aren't the type you'd sit and watch over and over again. So, for now, which will change as soon as everyone puts their input in, this is my list, in no particular order.

  1. Pirates of the Carribean - Great entertainment, really good acting (Go Pirates!), and a very Disney feel, other then the creepy skeletons
  2. The Ref - May my father forgive me! Dennis Leary is one of the funniest, most profane comedians, and this movie just makes me laugh so hard I cry.
  3. Hook - Anything with Dustin Hoffman rocks!
  4. The Lord of the Rings series - Cause Frodo is cool
  5. Amadeus - That high pitched cackle...what more could you ask for?
  6. Beauty and the Beast - I cry every time I watch this movie. One of Disney's best animated films, it truly changed the future for the animation industry.
  7. Toy Story I and II - There's a snake in mah boots!
  8. The Truman Show - We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.
  9. The ORIGINAL Star Wars series. Episodes 4-6. None of this prequal crap! (Though episode 3 is pretty darn cool!)
  10. Basketball - Cause though Southpark was cool the first 2 seasons, Basketball just goes on and on!
    • There are lots more movies that should be fit into here somewhere. Definitely Zorro the Gayblade has a place, as well as Shrek I and II, and The Incredibles, Not Without My Daughter, Broken Arrow, The Big Lebowski, The Rock, Office Space, Gettysburg, WaterWorld, Patton, Driving Miss Daisy....oh there are so many good ones!

      So click on "comments" below, and give me your top ten!!

    Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    X-Fire is Cool!! And Stuff

    I just found out about this neat little Xfire thing!! You can see my little signature information from it at the bottom of my blog! It's pretty snappy! How I wish I could have had that for Pat while he was still playing WoW! LOL!

    Of course, there's also this piece of engineering excellence!

    Das Keyboard is an enhanced 104-key USB PC keyboard equiped with 100% blank keys mounted on precision and individually weighted key switches.
    That's right! No labels on the keys! WOO! I'm giving it to Tawnia for her birthday! *snickers*

    M&M's has this cool idea about customized M&M's!! It's actually not that expensive, though you can't fit many characters onto the candies. It's pretty neat.

    For those who don't know, I'm a part-time electronics associate, part-time support manager for Wal-Mart. It's a fun job, although it can be stressful, very physical, and emotionally draining, it's nice to work with the great group of people I have on my closing team. My shifts are either 1pm-10pm as support or 2pm-11pm in electronics. I took a very minor raise, and much worse shifts when I became support, though at the time, I was seriously thinking of quitting.

    That thought, has again, begun manifesting itself. It's not that I don't love my's just that the future that I see there isn't what I want.

    Assistant managers at Wal-Mart are consumed by their work. They have to be. You're always on call, you work incredible hours, which, when figured salary vs hourly just isn't worth it. Overnight shifts can be assigned for up to two years....TWO YEARS! I start preparing my resume tomorrow. I can only ask that my friends from work who read my blog will be discreet with this news, as things may change, and Pat and I may decide I should stay with Wal-Mart afterall.

    It will be a big change. I've worked my way through three years and a supervisor who I'd like to commit atrcious violence against, to a point where I'm actually enjoying my work, and not making bad money. But I've never been able to just work and be happy without striving for something else. I don't see myself being happy with working the same department for 12 years (like many of the people here have done). Wish me luck!

    Monday, July 11, 2005

    Becky Bee....I Remember

    I'm feeling chatty today, so I thought about another entry.

    I've been called Bee for as long as I can remember. I hazily recall sneaking out from my room (sort of?), to sit under the table early, while mom made coffee and busied herself in the kitchen, and dad drank coffee and read the sports page. Sitting under the table, I remember making noises, though I don't recall what. Did I chirp like a bird, or buzz like a bee? I was 6! How am I to remember. All I can recall is that mom and dad acted surprised. They talked amongst themselves about the weird noise, looking all over to find the source, and suddenly dad would look under the tablecloth where I was sitting under the table, giggling uncontrollably.

    Bee has always been my nickname. I've worn a bracelet on my arm for many years that says simply "Bee". Pat calls me "Little Bee". It's something special between us, that warms my childlike heart.

    I've always been scared to death of bee's, though I reacall no particular event where I was stung.

    I do recall a few things, from when we lived on Doliva Drive in San Diego, and we drove a white buick.

    I recall watching a video where dad asks the three kids to say hello to grandpa. The three of us run around like maniacs actually looking for Grandpa, instead of realizing that dad means to say hello to the camera! How crazy we were.

    I recall when mom and dad smoked. Mom and her friend (Linda I think it was? We watched the Mother Goose parade with her family...she always smelled funny), were smoking outside, and put out their cigarette, and me, being a good little girl, imitated them stamping out their cigs, but only, with my bare feet, and on the butts that were lying there. I remember mom fussing over my hurt foot, though I don't recall the pain.

    I recall falling from our Red Flyer wagon onto the hill that enveloped our backyard fence, and being bitten all over by red ants!

    I recall Bob Hood riding my dad's moped and crashing the mirror into the fence!

    I recall scaring my Aunt Becky to death by showing her my hamster at the time, named Fuzzy Wuzzy. Mom and dad always laughed over that one. Aunt Becky never let me talk about it without telling me to be good and not talk about it.

    I recall eating pumpkin seeds, and milk! While watching The Munsters. If you didn't drink milk after eating so many pumpkin seeds, something bad would happen. Though I don't recall if it was having your ears, or nose grow. I remember Bartles and James Wine Coolers, and dad would let us have a sip of forbidden adult drinks. I also remember buttermilk. I tried it a few years ago, with salt, as I remember dad drinking it. Dad, what in the world were you thinking? YUCK!!

    I remember my hamster disappearing. Beth and Nathan told me once that Fuzzy Wuzzy run away, and mom and dad had burried him across the road, not wanting me to continue looking for him.

    I remember vaguely, Vacation Bible School at the church across the street. I only remember some kid named Keith really, that chased me around during recess.

    I remember the high school across the street, and flying kites during the summer in the baseball field there with dad.

    I remember T-ball and how I hated it. The kids were snobs, my parents were my coaches, and though they taught well, I'd have rather been doing something else. It was a good experience I guess. I learned not to punch other kids when my parents were looking.

    But all through it I remember one constant. I have always been Becky Bee. I guess I always will be. I don't know if it was because of my name and initals? Rebecca B.? Or if, because my aunt's name was Becky, it was to distinguish it, though I never got that impression. Bee has always been who I am. I hope it always will be.

    Many years ago, during a trip to Disneyland I got a bracelet that was etched with the name "Bee" and a tigger pin pushed into it. I lost it, long after. Though I wore it day in and day out. During our trip to Walt Disney World in January, I saw the same bracelet stand, and ordered another, this time with Tigger and Tinkerbell. I wear it every day. It's almost as much a part of my as my engagement ring. What a trip!

    Off to make sure the house looks nice for when Pat arrives home. I remember that from growing up too! And rabbits at the Elgar plant where dad used to work.

    Sexual Abuse Rampant. What Will You Do To Stop It?

    Joseph Duncan III grew up in Washington, before moving to North Dakota. By friends, he has been described as a deliberate man, one who thought things through. His mother has been described as domineering, his father, a lifetime serviceman.

    In 1980 he was convicted of raping, repeatedly, a 14 year old boy at gunpoint. He was sent to jail for 20 years. While the system couldn't qualify him as a sexual predator (you tell THAT to the 14 year old kid), he became just (?) another registered sexual offender.

    In 2004 he was accused of molesting 2 boys. He was charged with molesting one and attempting to molest the other. He jumped bail and took off.

    Not more then 2 weeks ago, he was found in the company of Shasta Groene an eight year old who's family had been found, bludgeoned to death. Her mother, older brother and her mom's boyfriend were all found in a gruesome picture that I really don't want to go into. Her other brother, who's remains were identified on Sunday, was kidnapped with her. Only her father remains of her immediate family.

    This sick man sits in jail, awaiting trial...though charges have not yet been formally brought. I know that we shouldn't judge. But that doesn't stop me from thinking about the facts in repeat pedophile cases. Let's look, shall we?

    • More than 40% of convicted sex offenders who prey on children will become repeat offenders.
    • On average, each pedophile violates approximately 150 kids in his/her life.
    • More than 4,000,000 convicted child molesters live in the United States today.
    I don't know about you, but I'm shocked. How many children need to become victimized before offenders are taken seriously?

    My heart breaks for the people who are truly robbed of their self in this way. Murder takes your life, but rape leaves you with a shell of victimization and hate towards yourself, your attacker, your family....everything! Which can take years to overcome.

    Parents, please talk to your kids. It's never ok to be touched improperly, even if someone says it's a secret. It's okay to tell mom and dad your secrets. They're mom and dad, they're there for you, to protect you, and your "friend's secrets". Do not laugh at your children when they communicate to you their fears, and secrets. Keep them safe, you're their parents!!

    Most importantly GET INVOLVED!!

    Know who in your neighborhood is a registered sex offender, become familiar with Megan's Law, call your local police chief, attend meetings, talk to parents, teachers, day care providers. It is up to all of us, but especially parents, to be responsible for children.

    Shasta, was perhaps, lucky. They haven't yet talked to her about whether she was physically abused. I wonder if, growing up, she'll wish she had died along with her brother, rather then deal with the victimization. I hope not. And I hope that judge who was involved in his first case, and in the second, has to watch her give testimoney. And then, I hope they fry him.

    Sunday, July 10, 2005

    The Weekend

    Well, it's been a long couple of days! First off, we haven't heard from Khalyn yet. Things are both grim and hopeful at the same time. I won't go into detail, I'll spend the rest of the day in tears.

    Pat and I have started our invitations! Hopefully they'll be sent out on Tuesday, but I thought I'd give everyone the final info here as well!On Thursday, February 9th, we'll stay at Stateline's Whiskey Pete's, before heading into Vegas and getting our marriage license. It's Valentine's Day weekend, so we expect the license office to be busy!

    On Friday, February 10th we'll arrive in Las Vegas, and we'll head over to the 4 Queens.

    The 4 Queens is now offering rooms for Weekdays at $44 a night, and weekends at $77 a night through their website. A good site to find info on downtown hotels is Cheapo Vegas, or if you haven't been to vegas in a while, is a great resource. I would recommend not waiting to long to get a room, as the prices will most definitely go up as we get closer to Valentines Day!!

    We figured our families would get together on Friday the 10th, and have dinner, and introductions. Then on Saturday we get married at 2:30, giving me a chance to get all purdy'd up! Afterwards, we'll find a good place to take pictures of all the families together, and then we'll go to The Cheesecake Factory which is located inside Caesars Palace on the strip.

    The invitation list is as follows:

    • Pat's parents: John and MariLu
    • My parents: Al and Vicki
    • Pat's sister and brother in law: JoEllen and Mike
    • My brother and sister in law: Nathan and Jenelle
    • My sister: Beth
    • My best friends of almost 7 years: John and Lisa!
    While there are others we really want to invite, like my friend Tawnia, and Pat's cousin Jessica, we feel that this would really be a good time for our families to meet and get to know each other. Also, since Pat and I so seldom see our families, it'll be good to spend time with them.

    We have decided not to register! There's not much we really need, and we're asking everyone we love to spend time and money in coming to share this important moment in our lives. We both feel that this is more of a gift then anything else that can be given. =)

    Yesterday our store did a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network which included a car wash, hot dogs and soda's as well as a dunk tank. Being part of the management team, I was asked to participate in the tank, and I have to admit, the day was a lot of fun, and we made $351 dollars in 4 hours.

    The China Lake Chief Petty Officers were an INCREDIBLE team, and we couldn't have done it without them.

    We had a great turnout of associates, and I am so pleased that many of my night associates turned out to help. It was really fun, and despite putting sun screen on my shoulders early in the day, I forgot to re-apply after a few dunks in the tank, and ended up with red little shoulders. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    Major thanks to Tawnia, Ivy, as well as Vanessa and Danny for not leaving me by myself yesterday. You guys all rock.

    Pat has quit playing World of Warcraft and I've decided to spend less time on the Stratics site for now, so we can spend time on the house. We're trying to get our backyard ready for next year, so I can have a garden! Puppy is doing amazingly well with his training. He hardly ever jumps on us when we come home, though I'll need Tawnia as a victim so I can train him not to jump on visitors!

    Today is my last day of work before 2 days off, so I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and plan to have a great week!

    I'd like to wish Pat's cousin Jessica, a very early happy birthday, since I'll probably forget before it comes around. And I'd like to apologize to JoEllen and Mike for not sending a card for their anniversary, but Pat really isn't in to that stuff, heck, I'm lucky he emailed his parents on their anniversary!!!

    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    London Bombings - 33 confirmed dead, number will rise, over 400 injured

    Today, four bombings were perpetrated by what Prime Minister Tony Blair is assuming, terrorists. To my knowledge, no group has stepped up to take responsibility for their bombings.

    The first bombing was at the Aldgate East station. 7 are confirmed dead.
    The second bombing was only 5 minutes later from a train near Kings Cross and Russel Square stations. 21 are confirmed dead.
    21 minutes later, yet another bomb exploded on a train. This one was traveling through the Edgeware Road station. 5 confirmed dead.
    30 minutes after that, a bus exploded near Tavistock Square. No numbers, though fatalities have been confirmed.

    PM Blair is now speaking, and CNN is covering it.....

    There's so much for me to say, but my heart is so grieved for those involved. Innocent people, blown up, attacked, terrorized for no other reason then being on a train. For supporting their country, and beliefs.

    Does how many people die affect what the level of gruesomness, hate and heartlessness that was carried out? Of course not!!!

    Ex New York Mayor Rudy Giuliana was interviewed shortly after the attacks, and of course, he talked about how cities plan such hugely scaled operations, but that you never really know how things will turn out until you need to respond.

    Victoria Station has now been closed.

    Cell phones, land lines, and wireless access originally was shut down by the pure scope of the system overload.

    The bombings seemed to coinside with the G-8 Summit which began today.

    I really have to stop writing about this, the whole thing is simply to heart wrenching for me to continue thinking about.

    My thoughts, prayers, and condolences to everyone involved.

    To our British allies....I'm sorry. No one should have to go through this terror and the heartache of something like this. *wanders off to cry*

    As a side note: I have just been contacted by a few friends, who've informed me that they've been unable to reach 2 people that we know that take Kings Cross and Picadilly lines to work every day. We're doing our best to contact them now.

    [Edit @ 3:07 pm] We found Jessica, she waiting to board a train, and wasn't injured, but with phones down and the transportation system in pieces, she's stranded far from home. Still waiting for word from the Casualty Bureau for Khalyn.]

    Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    Music, Dancing, and Star Wars III

    Have you seen the iPod commercial with the dude dancing to some techo song that goes "Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, Trash it, change it, melt - upgrade it,"?

    It's Daft Punk!! What a great song! It's called "Technologic", and as far as techno goes, it's pretty snappy! Lyrics here!!

    Just thought I'd share! You can see the video for the commercial right here but you must have quick time.

    Now, if you've ever been to a club and seen people do that, it's called's COOL!
    Now I haven't been to a club (except for the quick trip to Vegas when The Beach was open to gamer geeks everywhere, including an open bar. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Open Bars!! I miss dancing though. San Diego had a GREAT dance scene, though they screwed it by cleaning all the clubs out of The Gaslamp Quarter.. :(

    There's no place here to dance. Well, there's one, but it's kinda skanky, and filled with drinkers, not dancers. And that's SO not fun!!

    Anyway, onto more important things! Today's winamp playlist (If it's not winamp, it SUCKS!), includes:

    • Technologic - Daft Punk
    • Fiona Apple - Criminal, Mistake, Fast As You Can
    • Blind Melon - No Rain
    • Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise
    • Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight
    • Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker Stuffs
    • Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
    Just thought I'd share, again!

    Gonna go get ready for work. But I'll leave you all with a thought. If Star Wars III was so cool, how did Lucas fail so utterly on Episodes I and II?

    OH! Before the Star Wars movie last night there was a preview for "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." I started crying within seconds of the preview started, I knew exactly what it was. WOW! Check It Out!

    Graphics and special effects were awesome. Aslan was impressive, to say the least! His roaring scared me half to death!!! I'm really hoping that they don't ruin the story behind the book, as well as such a wonderful story told by one of the greatest apologetisists ever (is that even a word?!).

    I don't have much faith in Hollywood. Especially since it's Disney. But how can I NOT see this incredible movie? That's right, I have to go!!!!

    Have a good night all!

    The Big Scary C Word

    Today a study from The Journal of the American Medical Association, announced findings in a study that says both Vitamin E and Low Dose Aspirin are not as powerful as once though in cancer patients and those at risk for heart disease.

    While this isn't shocking, since one day something is super great for you, and the next, it will kill you, according to the American Medical Association, it does bring up a rather painful point. One that is close to home.

    Get tested.

    Do it early, do it often. Preventative measures in cancer has come so far.

    10 years ago, a cancer diagnosis meant almost certain death, and to live was a miracle. Now, with early detection, living is almost a certainty, if they can catch it in time.

    Progress is always being made, and a diagnosis early in the disease is a cause for hope, always. Please, if you're at risk, get checked. If you want to live for your friends, and family, get checked. Ladies, do your own personal exams, and guys, the same!! I've been through too much personally, and with friends and family, to watch anyone else I love succumb to something for which there is a chance.

    If you're interested in finding out about early detection, and preventative *ideas* (not facts!!!), please check out the following websites:

    If you've lost a loved one, the best thing you can do is to spread the word. We don't have to lose people, we just have to educate them, and sometimes, drag them to the doctors. (MOM!)

    Everyone have a good night. And remember! Saint Judes and the UCLA Cancer Center rock! I knew Los Angeles was good for *something*!

    Monday, July 04, 2005

    4th of July

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!

    I'd like to point everyone to this amazing website that has a great history of our country (unless you're Darren, and then, a history of MY country! ;p), articles on respecting the flag, fireworks safety, and just some interesting stuff overall.

    Pat and I went to the Ridgecrest fireworks display that started at nine. Unfortunately, one of my co-workers pulled up next to us. Now I understand kids being afraid of fireworks. I remember being afraid too! Their granddaughter was scared, and cried for her mommy, and I felt sorry for her. They put her in the cab of their truck and sat with her, and all was well for a few moments. Then, out of the blue, some loud and obnoxious friend of theirs comes walking up. So the entire time, I was subjected to ignorant english, as well as a VERY loud conversation during which I was trying to watch the fireworks show, and listen to the music which was being broadcast from the pay area of the fireworks spectacular that Ridgecrest hosts. On the other side of us, just moments before the show started, a lone young man drives up in his exhaust smoking truck, pulls a chair from the bed, and makes himself comfortable, talking on his cell phone the entire length of time.

    Now don't get me wrong, Pat and I had a great time. But do people really not know how to act in public? Every now and then the guy on the phone would get a little loud, and someone would shush him (I swear it wasn't me!!!), and he'd get ticked, as if what he was doing was perfectly acceptable.

    I should have thrown sand at him. I did think about it.

    Pat and I came home and set off our own (totally legal) fireworks of our own! We had a blast.

    Image hosted by

    Puppy didn't seem to mind the noise to much. He's a very well adjusted dog. Except when Tawnia comes over, then he's a holy terror. It's all her fault! Quack! *snickers* I'm getting pics of our night up in my gallery, as soon as I can remember how to access it.

    There's been a lot going on at work, home, and with friends, but to be honest, I'm to tired to go over it all right now. I enjoyed my day off with Pat. We so rarely get one together. We're trying to get invitations out, but he's not being helpful, so I may have to tie him to the couch for an hour so I can get him to pay attention for just a tiny sliver of time!

    I hope everyone stays safe, and if not sober, then at least responsible this holiday. If you drink and drive, make sure I never find out about it, because it's unforgivable, under ANY and ALL circumstances.

    I love you all!! I will update more regularly, I PROMISE! Otherwise, Tawnia might hurt me. She's a big ol' meanie head!

    OH! GO AZTECS! If you'll be in Vegas October 11th, join Pat and my dad and I with the Aztec Road Warriors!! UNLV vs SDSU!

    GO AZTECS!!!