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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am not a sheep! Yet.

So apparently my blog broke. I see the Twitter thingie on the side has tried to eat up half the page. Pat will have to get right on that. =)

In the meantime, a discussion of tablets and phones this evening has bothered me to my core.

I am a sheep. :(

I want a fancy phone with pretty apps that will add zero functionality to my life. I operate now with 80% of my time at work, or sleeping. I'm sure there's an app for sleeping, but I'm doing okay as is. The point (I do have one):

I have no need for a fancy phone that costs lots of money.

But oh how I want one. The pretty flicking through pages with a finger, android based beauties just make my heart flutter. No, I do not want your stupid apple based crap. I refuse to install iTunes on my machine, much less quicktime...ugh

But what would I do with it? I text an average of 30-45 times a month. I call 4 people (Pat, Mom, Tawnia, Monique), there is no nightlife/restaurants/movie theater tickets/fun to be had in this town, so it's not like I'd need help buying tickets, making reservations, or planning my oh so busy (ha ha) life.

So why do I want one so bad? Because people at work who don't even text have fancy phones. And it bothers me inside my poor (apparently) sheep like soul.

Me. Who used to run around in combat boots with a nail in my tongue, and my "I don't fucking care" attitude. See what Pat has done to me? SHEEP!

But I am not going to get a fancy phone, e-reader, tablet, pretty gadget or googah.

Somewhere inside me, the girl with the combat boots is crying out for mercy that I even bother about such things. The person I am now is shushing her with pretty pink glowsticks and clothes that conform. It's very sad. If I let the conforming win, I get a phone! If I choose not to care, I still can't wear glow sticks and a pacifier to work with combat boots and camos.

Oh well. Maybe Pat will buy me a llama instead! Or an alpaca!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walking Update 1

So I've not done much walking since my original attempt at trying to get going again.

I'm only 3.02 miles in so far.

I'm not counting miles walked during the day. It must be specific "exercise walking" mileage to count. Miles done on the recumbent bike are halved.

3.02 miles gets me to "Cross The Water on a plank bridge"

With another 2 miles to go until my next update. I'm hoping for some major progress this week, starting on Tuesday! Wish me luck!


Friday, March 04, 2011

The Road to Rivendell

Back a while ago while I was planing LotRO a guildie (best LotRO guild *EVAH*) pointed out something really awesome!

The Eowyn Challenge!

The challenge is to walk your way to Rivendell. I started it back a long time ago, but I can't remember how far along I was. So I'm starting again, fresh.

Ultimately, I'd like to walk enough miles to make it all the way to Mordor, but I figured my first goal would be to start with something at least a little bit conceivable.

I'll be walking enough miles to get me from Bag End to Rivendell. I'm not certain yet if I'll be counting bike mileage. It depends on how my knees do. They were hurtin' last time, and they never recovered. But they feel better now, even after what felt like a tear - which took months and months to fully heal. There's no pain or popping even when I bend down, so I should be good. I'll take it easy at first.

Of course, I'll be posting my updates as I move along the journey, so this is going to be exciting!!