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Friday, November 13, 2009

Found Pics Laying Around

I give you my wonderful honey and the spazzy Puppita!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Security Paperwork

There's nothing like filling out 963 pages of security paperwork to make you realize how your life can be boiled down into a handful of addresses, references, and job histories.

It's even more interesting when you have to go back 7 years in residences and figure out people that knew you when you lived places.

Now, for some of the more "local" folks here in Ridgecrest, that may be easy. For me, I ran out of people long ago. I used a few of Pat's friends and co-workers who do know me, because of my association with Pat. But coming up with people who could verify work, unemployment, residences, and personal references without copying a single person meant by the end of the list, I was grasping at straws.

Somehow though, I'm not enthusiastic about running out and just finding new folks to hang out with. As much as that could be, I rather enjoy spending the evenings with Pat. We like playing computers, reading, watching NCIS re-runs (I'm so totally addicted), and other shows.

Oh well, I guess! But now that I have two sets of paperwork filled out, I'm keeping both digital and paper copies of both sets! What a TON of work that was, and I never want to repeat it!!


Here's what happened!

I was not aware of Monk when it first started running. I knew Tony Shalhoub only vaguely, from his work on Wings.

I mildly despised his character, changed the channel whenever he was on and in general avoided watching him when I could.

So it somewhat surprised me when Pat made me watch Monk one day, and I really enjoyed it. Even more surprised me when I became hooked. Granted, I don't sit at home on Friday night waiting for the newest episodes to come on. They are, first of all, Tivo'd. Well, they'd be Tivo'd if Tivo would come out with their stupid new HD receiver already. So, it's just DVR'd. Which sounds less snappy, don't you think?

Anyway! I began watching Monk more often, and truly being enthralled with the story. I know Pat doesn't want me to admit my weirdness, but deep down inside, I fight OCD tendencies every day! You may laugh...but it can be a bit overwhelming at time.

I am always surprised that they made such a completely dysfunctional character completely. I am always shocked that Traylor Howard was able to enter the show as she did and make the show not only work, but work better and to a much more enjoyable cadence than "Sharona".

Sharona was THE most annoying character (but played well, IMO, by Bitty Schram. I have not yet watched her more recent return to the show, but since I've got a lot of time off coming up (Wednesday off, work Thursday, then 3 day weekend!), I'll be sure to catch it.

I'm excited about this, the last season of the show. I am, of course, nervous about how they'll end the storyline, but I have faith it will end well. It had better end well. That is all!

Bloggtastic Lists!

As you may have read, I've been reading some blogs lately (okay, like 4 entries, but I intend to read more). On Friday Playdate I noticed that her front page has what's called a life list.

I did some research and noticed that apparently it's not an uncommon thing. Of course, me being a huge fan of lists, I had a fun few seconds just coming up with 20 items. Though, why they're called bucket list, I have not yet figured out.

Well, a little bit of a good thing just went to far, and I ended up with 70 items. These items surprised me, as I started writing what I had always wanted and realized, they weren't really necessarily my real goals.

I'm a little scared to share these goals, many of them are here for extremely personal reasons, or for reasons I have trouble explaining, so don't ask! But here they are, and as I start wiping them off the list, I'll be sure to keep you up to date! Who knows how the list will grow as each new day brings new challenges and desires!

#1. Take Pat whale watching in San Diego.
#2. Go to the Las Vegas Speedway to watch Nascar (Shut up, I like it!)
#3. See Kelly Clarkson in concert.
#4. Learn how to make the perfect biscuits and gravy.
#5. Go to O'ahu, lay on the beach, and do nothing.
#6. Have a mojito and a cigar at the Forum Shops in Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas.
#7. Rent a house on the beach for a vacation in San Diego.
#8. Learn to waltz.
#9. Have a party catered with yummy food.
#10. Have Jessica do my hair RED. Just a little bit...but VERY red!
#11. Go to a Denver Bronco game, in Denver.
#12. See Mt. Arenal in Costa Rica.
#13. Run a half marathon.
#14. Become familiar with greek mythology, homer mostly.
#15. Learn to shoot pistols.
#16. See a broadway play - on broadway.
#17. Visit the Walt Disney museum in San Fran.
#18. Visit Solvang and eat Abelskivers. Buy a troll doll.
#19. Visit Tucson with Pat and go to the Gaslight Theatre.
#20. Go to college. Graduating optional.
#21. See the northern lights.
#22. Go on an alaskan cruise in a balcony cabin.
#23. Visit a ren faire with Pat.
#24. Volunteer at least once a quarter.
#25. Go horseback riding.
#26. Ride in a hot air balloon.
#27. See Niagra Falls.
#28. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Live.
#29. Go to the Pike Place Market in Seattle.
#30. Climb up the Statue of Liberty.
#31. Eat at Picasso's in Vegas.
#32. Go to Margaritaville, and have a margarita.
#33. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
#34. Tour the Denver Mint.
#35. Get more massages.
#36. See a movie premier at El Capitan.
#37. Take a Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour at Disneyland.
#38. Be 160 pounds for a whole year.
#39. Learn to curl.
#40. Get another piercing, not in an ear.
#41. Have my palm read.
#42. Have my aura read.
#43. Visit Austin!
#44. Watch The Price is Right being taped.
#45. Fly first class.
#46. Be a vegetarian for a year.
#47. Learn to fish.
#48. Learn to clean a fish.
#49. Visit a hindu temple, pray, and light incense.
#50. Be a high roller for one gambling trip.
#51. Sponge paint a side table.
#52. Learn math concepts through pre-calc.
#53. Write a story at least 100 pages long.
#54. Watch From The Earth To The Moon
#55. Watch Blue Planet.
#56. Watch Orca.
#57. Stay at a hotel in Ridgecrest, get pizza delivered, a massage, and swim in the pool.
#58. Donate blood.
#59. See the Rocketts
#60. Learn to change a car tire.
#61. Learn to change my cars oil.
#62. Take a CPR class.
#63. Pass a lifeguard test.
#64. Learn to salsa dance.
#65. See Marty Sklar speak.
#66. Become SCUBA certified.
#67. Meet the DIS Unplugged podcast crew.
#68. Take a Disney cruise.
#69. Own a whirlpool tub.
#70. Eat at Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Blogs I've Been Reading

AAAAAA! I blogged about cooking without sharing the AWESOME blogs I've found along the way.

For great entertainment of women with lives outside the home who have struggled to learn to cook while mastering social networks, video games, and technology beyond the average woman, check out these blogs:

Friday Playdate: I especially found her posts from her time as a Butterball Turkey blogger incredibly eye opening!

Since I'm up at 5:30 am and home after 6:15 most days, I tried to look for some slow cooker/crock pot recipes that could help make dinner better, and I found A Year of Slow Cooking. Especially liking her recipe for turkey in a crock pot. Since Pat and I are doing Thanksgiving with his family, I won't be cooking a Thanksgiving meal - which I hate, since Thanksgiving meal is more important to me than Christmas, and I feel lost when I'm not doing something fun and special.

So I'll probably end up doing something like this either next weekend or after we come back, just to celebrate my own little meal! YAY!

I've also been enjoying Notes from the Trenches. She also did the Butterball turkey blogger thingie, and I found her entries hilarious!

Check them out if you have time!

Cooking Little Bee!

So, I guess I should change the title of this entry, since I do not plan to actually cook myself. I have however, spent more time cooking for Pat and I! It's very exciting, and I do LOVE to cook, it's just I've had a few bad experiences when Pat and I first got together, so I had sort of given up on it.

So far though, Pat hasn't picked any bits out of his food or refused to eat anything, so I think I'm on the right track. The next trick will be to try to cook a bit healthier, since nothing I know how to cook could even be considered slightly healthy. Occupational hazard of being brought up in a household with mom cooking 24/7?

Not to say mom didn't cook healthy - I just didn't pay attention when she did. Fried chicken, enchiladas, Chile Colorado, Menudo...I can do those no problem! Healthy, not so much.

It's annoying that the healthy recipes tend to have 178 ingredients like fresh thyme and chives as well as requiring steps like:
Blanch the broccoli in the boiling water until the stems just begin to get tender, about 1 or 2 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Let's be honest. I ain't blanching anything, ever, period. Yes, that's the price I pay for not being a gourmet chef, but if there's more than 8 ingredients and you can't figure out how to get it done without blanching, broiling, sifting, or sorting - it just isn't going to happen.

But it's been a lot of fun, and if anyone has any easy recipes they'd like to share, I'd love to have them!!!

Since I probably won't get another entry in before Wednesday, I'd like to thank everyone who serves or has served this country under the armed forces. I'd also like to thank their loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and landlords.

It's not easy when someone ships off, whether it's to Kansas or Afghanistan (or Alaska...looking at you K). It's even harder when your country pretends there's not a problem, or abandons you without the war fighter support you deserve (looking at you President, House, and Senate).

There's been a lot of sacrifices given to this country from around the land. Do not take it for granted.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Congrats to Me!

Today I received my final offer letter from the Department of the Navy, and accepted with excitement!

To celebrate, Pat took me to Miso's a sushi place here in town.

Now, keep in mind, I don't eat seafood, and have tried both sushi and sashimi and not enjoyed either - and gotten sick a few times in the process. Pat isn't that big of a fan of sushi, but we were excited to try something new and embrace a new experience.

So we decided to try a chicken bento lunchbox which came with a California roll and we ordered a spicy scallop roll to share.

The atmosphere was not what we expected, with Lady Gaga a little to loud on the speakers and a lot less restaurant space but a lot more sushi bar real estate than we expected. Now, other than the music it wasn't disappointing, simply not what we expected having heard so many people in town rave about the place who said they really enjoyed the atmosphere.

We sat at a table and got drinks (diet coke and a water...shocking). We ordered our food after pouring over the menu. The food came quickly and the lunchbox had way more food than I was expecting - and came with 4 sashimi pieces. One was a shrimp, one was tuna, another was salmon and there was something else we didn't know what it was and we didn't ask.

I started out a mouthful of wasabi! mmmmmmmmm Wasabi!!

The chicken was yummy! The sushi was very fishy. I ate 2 pieces of California roll and 2 of the spicy scallop, but it wasn't really yummy. The chicken was though!

Pat also thought the sushi was too fishy, but he tried some of the sashimi and I appreciated his adventurous spirit!

It was really great to get out and do something spontaneous and exciting and new!! It was a shame that the food wasn't something we enjoyed, but we'll certainly be back to try the vegetarian rolls and the bento boxes (beef short ribs!! mmmmmmmm) that come with a side of rice and some tempura.

The only real disappointment was the service once we got our food. Two lovely ladies were working very hard, but with a restaurant that seemed less than full they took 5 minutes for a drink re-fill - after we requested it. And between asking for the check, asking if we take it up to the register or if they check us out, them taking the check, and us walking up to the register to show we were really leaving - was a good 20 minutes.

I appreciate a busy server, or a newly training staff. We've all been there, right? But it seemed a little ridiculous. Not enough to ruin the evening (nothing could be that bad!), but enough to make us pretty much consider a return visit not in the foreseeable future.

Of course, to make up for not eating our food and celebrating, we stopped off at the doughnut store for a buttermilk each, and watched last night's Big Bank Theory!

Now, we're just wrapping up the evening before I head to bed and Pat heads off to work out while watching Biggest Loser.

It was a great celebration, and really fun to do something here in Ridgecrest both exciting and new!

Much thanks to my honey for being impetuous and exciting in his celebration planning!! I love you Pat!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Today is Día de los Muertos and traditionally today is for infants to be remembered. I couldn't bring myself to make an alter or do anything like that. I'll just remember in my heart, quietly.

I am looking for a recipe for Albondigas similar to what Aunt Becky used to make, so if anyone has her recipe or one close, I'd be eternally grateful. I wanted to make it for tomorrow in memory of Aunt Becky - but planning other parties kinda bogged me down.

It's still very hard for me to really think about Aunt Becky. Mostly because my stupid cousins who truly make me cringe to think of their selfishness. I have no pictures of her. Nothing that she promised me when she knew she was passing. I think of her often though. It's good to remember the good things about those you loved, even when it's hard.

Shelly came over last night to watch Twilight, which she lost before she got here so we ended up watching Batman Begins. We talked through most of it! LOL

I made pinwheel wraps, apple dip, and had munchy mix just in case others showed up. Plus I like playing hostess, even though everyone seems to think I suck at it. I try really hard!!!

I'm taking down the Halloween decorations today (didn't do much, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds). Next weekend I'll start putting up Christmas decorations!! WOO HOO

John and Lisa and Pat and I changed our cruise from January on the Spirit to April on the Splendor. We'll be doing the same itinerary we did in 2008, but on a different cruise line and a great ship. Really looking forward to it!

No official word yet on the job front. If it does come to pass, going to be hard to say goodbye to Jacobs. Lots of good people there, and a great community of folks focused on our customers!

The next few months will be VERY busy for Pat and I with lots of celebrations of the season, birthdays, and just being together during an awesome time in our lives where we're very blessed to have each other.

Next year is going to be a lot of fun. Of course, if I do get the job I'm not going to have any time off to take (again) for almost an entire year as it is.

We leave for Tennessee on November 20th. I'm very excited, and as always, a bit nervous. Pat's family is great, but it's just so very different than what holidays have been like for me. Plus, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a big deal to me, and I'm not sure how that will work out.

Anyway - crazy update with very little cohesion equals yay for blogging!

Happy Holidays everyone!