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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Must be 5:45AM, the Dogs Next Door are Barking


I hate those dogs so very, very, very, very much.

I hate those people too. I feel like I can't go in my backyard anymore! WTF MATE!


Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Inevitability of MMOs

Pat's been running this one dungeon in WoW for a very long time, trying to get a Tyrannical Beheader.

It finally dropped! He was thrilled.

Except, the next day, a better sword dropped from an ICC run he was doing with his guild.

Isn't this always the way it goes?! Oh well.....I guess.

You spend weeks, or longer, trying to get a drop or raise a faction and the next thing you know a better drop comes along, or they reduce the requirements for the faction increases. What is one to do?! :(

On another MMO note - I re-installed X-Fire today, but am again, 100% unimpressed. They do not track Puzzle Pirates, or The Agency: Covert Ops on Facebook.

At the very least, the toolbar is being uninstalled, and the application will probably follow in the next few weeks. Does anyone have another suggestion that isn't Raptr, for MMO/Web game play tracking?

Pics of the garden coming soon! :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Birthday Presents Are Your Job, Not Mine!

I don't know what I want for my birthday! But here's a list of ideas, for people who keep asking!

I have an Amazon wish list under my home email addy, it will be updated by Monday morning 6am, June 7th.

I love Disney. I have a lot of weekend and such trips coming up. I like notebooks, pens (GOOD pens not regular ball points!), I play Lord of the Rings Online. I love Sony Online Entertainment. I love Laughlin, I play The Agency Covert Ops.

I do not need candles, I do need river rocks for decoration inside goldfish bowls and on mirrored candle holders. I need anything party planning related (chafing dishes, floating candles, gifts to give away in party bags, serving trays, streamers, balloons, etc.,).

I love almost anything with Bee's on it!!! I love sunflowers and bluegrass. I don't have *any* place for knick knacks! I need a veggie slicer! Please no stuffed animals. One deranged lamb is enough.

June and July are full up scheduled! I'll probably take August and September off and just do BBQs and relaxing enjoying the 108º weather under our back porch misters. Recipes are ALWAYS welcome, but I don't cook much and I follow recipes to the letter - so be aware!

I love cute cards - No spiders (Jo Jo! Heheheh)!! Give me blank ones so I can re-use them, and give me an accompanying note on how cool I am!

I have a pedometer. I always need song lists! (Make a list of good "road trip music", "Cruise music", "bad day at work music" etc.,)

I do not want my family and friends to spend money on me! That's not what friendship and family is all about!

Because none of you will pay attention to the above: I need Disney movies on DVD. I do not have The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, or Emperors New Groove. I do not have the Muppet Show's second series. One can NEVER have to many warm sockies!!!

I ALWAYS need ideas for places to go and what to do when I get there, as well as places to stay and most importantly, places to NOT stay.

I need recommendations on good podcast tracking (for listening) software, good podcast making software (with minimal equipment and usage).

I also need good book recommendations (fantasy, biographies, business stuff, and not weird sci-fi). I don't have any of The Robot series by Asimov. I only have his first Lucky Starr book.

I don't like Penny Arcade or LFG comics. Pat and Cres have gotten me in to xkcd. I LOVE recommendations to blogs, articles and books on the human factors behind MMO design Koster and Jennings are particularly interesting to me, and of course I've always had a huge crush on Blackguard. Moorgard is okay (Sorry Steve!). I don't read blogs like I used to but I read Terra Nova religiously! I no longer cyber stalk Zonk (you're welcome! ;p).

I LOVE Star Wars! The original cannon (before the prelude movies). It's very sad that I do not own a "Han Shot First" shirt. I don't wear regular t-shirts. I'm a 2x shirt *cough*

I love ThinkGeek, but I can't think of ANYTHING I'd actually use or enjoy for more than 30 seconds. It's very sad.

Sorry that's all I can think of!!!