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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Saturday

It's that time of year again! Breast cancer awareness month coincides with my 7 years clean mark. As always, a reminder: If your body is telling you there's something wrong, get checked out. Early detection is the key!

More than 156 people AN HOUR are diagnosed with cancer. An hour.

One in 4 people (that number may be 3, I couldn't verify) will be diagnosed.

Being fit and healthy not only lowers the possibility of diagnosis, if you do find out you have cancer being obese and out of shape makes your chances of survival much lower.

We've come so far from where we were, 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, in detection, diagnosis, and treatments. I have a hard time not hearing the survivability numbers for cancer detection. So many died to get us to where we are today. Cancer used to mean certain death, and a prolonged and painful, horrible end. Now, the strides we've made can help those numbers tremendously for certain kinds of cancers.

If my Aunt, or Cody's mom, had been alive today and been diagnosed - they'd almost certainly still be alive. It's a chilling thought. Do not let their deaths be a trivial mark on the calendar of cancer fighting. Listen to your body, get checked out, and be a survivor if you're lucky enough (yeah, I said it) to get a cancer we can treat well.

There's still a long way to go though. A diagnosis of pancreatic cancers, and many, many, others (not a cancer expert folks!) are a struggle to treat, and we have a long way to go towards the progress we've made with certain non-hodgkin's and breast cancers.

I know I harp on it, but it's for a damn good reason. Take care of yourself. You can not always depend on your body not to turn on you. But you can sure as hell depend on your friends and family to support and love you no matter what kind of medical (or other) issue, you may face.

On to other, less serious notes:

I want Lilly back! Stephanie and Nathan's dog Riley is here for 2 nights, since they've gone out of town and she has gotten into the trash, found one of my stuffed animals, and there's a red foot laying on the ground that looks like it came from another stuffed animal. The dogs are now banned to outside for most of the day. If they bark - I will kill them :)

It's Saturday and some great college football games are coming up! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

Happy Columbus Day Weekend to you all!!