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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Alive!

It occurs to me I've not blogged in a while. So here we go!

Pat's mom was in the hospital last week. She's home now, and doing better. We're all wishing her a speedy get well period, and hoping that all will be okay. Pat was worried sick. It's not something we've really been through together, so neither of us is really prepared to help each other, or really aware of what we need, when something like this happens.

Work has been the sux - but it's work, so that's okay. I have a daily issue with not losing my temper in a completely inappropriate manner. I believe I may switch from my current coping mechanism (ignoring people 99% of the time) to Pat's coping mechanism (making snide, sarcastic, and rude comments) just to see if it works. Why should everyone else's feelings be spared while I come home a raw, bleeding form of emotional crazy that Pat has to deal with?!?!? Simply because I'm too nice to tell people:
  • Stop jumping on your chair, you're an WORK.
  • If you ask me a question and don't like the answer, I accept that. But then STOP WASTING MY TIME WITH ASKING ME QUESTIONS! I will give you the same answer the next time!
  • (I just realized I actually do my own HTML for lists, which kinda weirded me out and I thought I should write it out for some reason.....)
  • When you have a problem, and I tell you how to solve it, and you refuse to take the steps required to fix it and continue to bitch about having the problem - I HAVE NO SYMPATHY! NONE! And snide, sarcastic comments are incoming (see previous comments)
  • If you see me working on a problem for days, and you know the answer - FUCKING SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!! I'm not doing this because I enjoy torture! We're a team! Jump right in and take some ownership of team responsibility FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD
Yeah, it's been a long week. Oh well, right? It's just work.

In other news! Been playing WoW on Velen lately. Been having fun. I need to be careful I don't get burned out. I'm kinda sick of MMOs at the moment. So having something I can just jump in and fish/gather, is nice. I think I'll try some PvP more. I miss PvP. And no, I'm not going back to EVE (you know who you are!).

I've not had the energy to log in to Gods and Heroes, which is a shame, because they had a lot going for them. Just not what I was looking for in a game. They may have it down the road. But I've learned not to jump on a bandwagon for something that may pan out 2 years down the road *cough*WAR*cough* because it just as easily may suck 2 years out of your life and leave you a bitter, bitter, soul. =)

MOVING ON! Easter is this weekend. Not doing anything special. You guys?

This week's word to the not-so-wise:
Password block your wireless networks people! Home, work, whatever.
Do not use the same passwords for email, bank logins, and game forums/random internet sites you visit like CNN, Pogo, or your guild sites.
If you play a game that offers authentication - GET IT!
Update your flash. Regardless of how bad the update can be, not updating can be much, must worse!

Today's links are a mix of old and new, enjoy, as you will.

OK Go's Here It Goes Again is an awesome video I watch every now and then just to remind myself how uncoordinated I am. It's fun!! Nice to see some people taking their music a little less old school MTV, and a little more we do it cause it's fun type of attitude.

Nintendo has a new console coming up. I'm excited. But this is their last chance. They either show they've learned the importance of social/interactive gaming more so than the Wii (which sucks), or I'm going purely PC. Unless the games rock, in which case I'll just complain constantly.

Have a good weekend everyone! HE IS RISEN!