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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pat On Travel: Day 1

Pat's on travel this week, living it up in Las Vegas!

So I'm here, holding down the fort, and this is day one - Monday.

Having lunch was weird. I came home and made myself 2 eggs with mushrooms and red peppers with cheddar cheese with a side of 2 link sausages. Then went back to work feeling weird. It's just so different to have my routine changed.

After work I came home and did some yoga, washed the bath mats, then the towels, hit Wal-Mart for some 409 and a toothbrush to try and clean the edges of our shower door - and then hit Albertsons for some healthy groceries for the week.

I made green bean ground beef casserole for dinner - it's cooking now. I'm off to work on the shower doors, and then dust the baseboards to get ready for some mopping and general cleaning tomorrow.

Should be an early night after I eat, shower, and lay in bed and read. Very excited for tomorrow. And for Pat to be home. I miss him already!