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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Music is my life

Well, it once was.

I love every part of being with Pat. But one, I would change if I could. I *LOVE* music. When John and I used to run through EQ we used to type the lyrics of whatever we were listening to at the moment out to each other. Yes, we're all weird. Deal with it.

On that note though, we DID spend most of our time running, because we always died...mostly cause either I was being stupid or cause Lisa would tempt him with more fun things to do elsewhere *grumbles* :p


My play list is a little weird. Eminem (and Dr. Dre!!) meets Enya meets Yo Yo Ma.

My MP3 player? California Love followed by a string of Techno GOD DJ Jean. Pat?

*sighs* He listens to Tenacious D, Offspring and then he gets into a lot of wanna be punk/alternative. Only problem is, he listens to them BY ALBUM! I go from song to song. It's crazy our differences in listening.

Of course, now he listens to talk radio. There's something horrific about being bombarded with both Dr. Larua and Glen Beck in one day. Of course, I tend to argue with the radio...more often with Dr. Laura then anyone.

So.....I'm sitting here patching EQ2 and listening to my MP3 player playing Prodigy right now (just played Lil' Kim). I might have to buy some new headphones cause I listen to my music loud and he kinda hates my music. But I'm tired of completely being without my music!!!!!!!

I also miss dancing. I could do with some foam dancing or a nice clean rave with at least 5 hours of nothing but EAR popping jungle with a DJ that's got some taste. I'd even get out my glow sticks and pacifier if it meant just dancing......for hours......

OH! EQ2 is done! And Praga Khan is on MP3! *dances around, computer chair style while she logs in*

Night guys!


Freakin' Morons

I was reading some blogs of some folks here in Ridgecrest and found some comments someone made to someone else's friend about some travel that someone went on! It's actually a little less vague then that, but I don't want to get into it. :)

ANYWAY! These people had a horrible trip overseas and had the AUDACITY to blame it on the airlines! HA HA HA HA HA!

Buncha 'tards (add your fave cuss word in front o' that one...makes for great fun around our house!).

This group of people got to the airport in Los Angeles late, who knows what they did in Chicago to miss their flight there. Had their luggage lost (oki, that part isn't their fault, and it sucks). Then once they got overseas they had missed their connection due to the Chicago fiasco and they got sassy with the agents at the airline desks over there.

Word to moronic anger management people everywhere! AMERICANS TAKE MORE CRAP THEN ANYONE ELSE!!! So what happened? They called security on her. *cackles* AWESOME! You can't yell and cause a scene overseas. BIG men with even bigger guns WILL come and escort you away. So play nice. :)

Anyway, so they missed their next flight. THEN on their next connection they had breakfast, cause they were hungry and in the process, MISSED THEIR NEXT FLIGHT.


Anyway.....again. Buncha 'tards. They work for a firm here in town that does their travel through us. I am NOT the agent that handled the travel. Our office DID recommend that NONE of those traveling are fit for tying their shoes much less overseas travel.

The trip took 43 hours, they had their luggage lost, they missed their meeting. They *deserved* it. =)

I had to rant. Sorry. *shrugs*

Cancelled WoW Account

Today I cancelled my WoW account. For those who are unaware of the situation....

I have been a fan of Mythic since the beta of Dark Age of Camelot. If you open my account back up there and check the test server of Pendragon you'll see Tovin the armswoman, Iapetos (Steven) the cleric, and Kirach (John) the pally. When the game launched all three of those characters appeared on the Percival. Pat and I left Camelot together, and traveled different worlds.

Pat and I came back to Camelot and Dimli and Tovin traveled the worlds! Then Kellis and Vimli (Dimli as a vampire! mwa ha ha) traveled through the server of Gareth.

In that time Mythic announced Imperator Online, which was then cancelled. But happened. The announcement of Warhammer Online rocked the land of Pat and Bee!

We are HOOKED and waiting baby! But in the meantime we left DAoC (my game of choice) and came to WoW so that Pat could play a game that he really loved. I couldn't do it. I hate WoW. I hate the gameplay, I hate the lore. I hate the crafting system, the icons, the group dynamics, the community the l33t d00dz....I just can't stand it.

So I'm going back to EQ2 until the release of Warhammer Online (WAR).


Anyway, off to the library with Pat for my mythology book! woo!


Friday, June 29, 2007

My Adult Life and My Family

Most of my adult life in San Diego that I was around my family was a complete and total farce. I hope they understand, and forgive me.

I spent my almost-adult life being directed by other people who didn't know what was going on. To say I hid my true life from them would be a mild understatement. Again, sorry it happened, but truly not sorry I did it. I rejoice in that I could be a little bit of me. I was ravey and punk whenever I could get away with not being caught! *grins* Thank GOD for Vegas and Disneyland!

Shoulda seen me in Salt Lake guys! I went through goth, rave, punk, and half a dozen sub-cultures in the first 6 months. It was AWESOME! :p

I've never known my sister or my brother as adults. We were always "the kids" that were just that. I grew up and moved away when life events brought to my attention that it was required. Otherwise, I'd prolly still be living in San Diego and would have never married Pat. What a depressing thought that is.

Why bring this up? Certainly not to hurt my family. I think they all know that the collective 4 of them that lived there when I moved (Janelle is family!! She just wasn't there when I moved!) are much closer then I am to anyone else in the family. Being far away, even 4 hours, can make it hard to be close.

ANYWAY! The reason!

I really love the music of Offspring. And this song always makes me really think of my family. I was never me around my family. I wasn't a strong enough person then. I kinda rolled over and died depending on who was talking/yelling/lecturing/taking money, etc.

So the song is very cool to me. Very weird in a comforting way. It epitomizes my true relationship, because parts of me feel that I need to keep hiding. But I'm not ashamed of *anything* I've done in my life. I've made mistakes, yes. But I have learned from them. I am stronger. I am (I like to think) smarter. Because of those mistakes and errors in judgement. I wouldn't take away one drunken rave or one single friend or enemy I've made.

Even better! I wouldn't handle those situations ANY differently if given the same opportunity again. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!!!

Now that I'm me, and I know who that is, getting to know my family again is a challenge. I am still, basically, the same person. I am a little more tolerant of different thinkings, a little less tolerant of moronism and a LOT more cussy. Hell, I've always been more cussy but my parents scared the bejeezus outta me whenever I accidently did it in front of them. I'm less scared of them now (can't kick me outta the house :p). Though I try really hard not to cuss just out of respect for them.

Now my brother is married and I rarely talk to either him or his wife. Last I heard they got kittens for Christmas. Annnnnnnd, that's all I know. I miss you Nath. Janelle and I are alike enough that we should get along REALLY well! Come out and party sometime!

Mom I talk most often. Followed by Beth though I have unintentionally ignored her the last few months. I'll call this weekend girl!

Dad I have become more close to recently, which is nice. I miss him.

My friends from when I was in San Diego have mostly moved on and I've lost touch with all but one or two. Even with those, we barely speak and the catch ups leave more and more out and are incredibly short.

So now, I am kind of a new person but not really.

I have new (and one or two old) friends. And Pat.

Pat is the one that makes this all worth doing, and worth sharing with, and worth living my life with.

Anyway, enough total and complete rambling.

EVERYONE have a good weekend. Stay safe. Hope my clients in London don't get blown up.



Pat fixed Tawnia's computer a few days ago, and in the process, broke it. Then he fixed it again. In the process the subject of Christmas came up.

Don't ask.....subjects that were also discussed included MMO's, pr0n, her big dog that wouldn't stop sitting on me, and her going ballistic at work!

Anyway, she was surprised I didn't have a Christmas counter on my blog. Well I don't have one here, but I have one on my webpage. Which is otherwise, completely and totally empty!

Eat your heart out baby!

This year Pat and I have few plans for Christmas, as it's my year to work at the office. I'll be going to the Signature Travel Network conference in early December so most of our Christmas money will probably go towards that. Maybe we'll see a Cirque du Soleil show or something. I'll be there the 4th through the 6th at the Luxury Travel Expo and the 7th and 8th at the Signature Travel Network annual sales meeting.

For those of you interested in Pat's submissions to GamersInfo you can find them right here!

My submissions are a little more varied as I have to cover all the industry games I can bring myself to keep up with (and there are a LOT). You can find my submissions in two ways. All of my submissions can be seen here. But unless you like keeping up with assets from the community (screenies, movies, etc) it's gonna bore you.

Otherwise, click here for my EQ2 playing blog.

I've now become addicted to Reflexive Games, and I think I got Tawnia addicted too! I'm excited!

So! Hope that's a good update! The Laughlin trip report will be up this weekend! Stay safe all!



For any MMO'er, you know the term!

Now read all about it!

Also, some of you may be familiar with Sanya who was for many years the community manager for EA Mythic or just Mythic, depending on how far back your memory goes.

She left the company (on what seem to me to be weird terms) and she now updates this blog! Definitely fun to read!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My New Site!

Oki, well it's not MINE per say, but I belong there, and it's home.

So I'd like all of YOU to make it home too. If only beccause when the site does well with hits, we get to turn off the pop-under ads! :p

The site is

We cover games of ALL sort. Cell phone games, internet games, flash games, console games, MMO games, you name it - we cover it. And we cover it from the players perspective. If you think it sucks for a reason, tell other gamers!

It SUCKS buying a game for $50 or $60 and finding out that you wasted your money.

I work on the MMO section. Mostly blogs and reviews and interviews.

SO! Read Pat's blogs about his supah cool druid. Read my EQ2 blogs about Sherra and her adventure in Norrath. Read about how MMO's could change, be better, or worse!

See ya there!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's my birthday tomorrow, so Pat and I are heading out to a relaxing few days in Laughlin

In the meantime, Tawnia is taking care o' the crazy Puppy! Annnnnnnd work is doing without me and our most experienced agent Wednesday. This should be interesting.

I promise to answer my cell phone tomorrow between the hours of 9am and about 2 or 3pm. After that, leave a message and I will attempt to call you back as soon as whenever I check my messages or remember I have a cell phone! :p

It's nice to go to Laughlin. Pat and I can get so wrapped up in our individual things that it's nice to have a time and place we set aside only for each other. This weekend, like our other trips to drinking and gambling establishments, we renew our energy and our focus on each other. While being slightly tipsey, and feeding the koi at Colorado Belle.

It's fun! Unlike "feeding flamingos" at Sea World. Which ended up being "feeding ducks ya buncha tards". It was more humilitating then buying 4 fish for $5 to feed my little sea lions! But anyway!

This trip we're taking Urgle the Turtle, who you might remember, Pat rescued from California Adventures.

By the way, linger on that site, and after the cute little flash video of the Block Party thing comes the music to Soarin' Over California. By far the most awesome ride at DCA. It makes my heart sore just to hear it. I'd LOVE to have that music on my cell phone, or better yet, at work on my computer.....and in my head all the time. There's just NO WAY anyone could be anything but light hearted while listening to it! It's awesome.

And in case you didn't hear my trip report....Roz from the Monsters, Inc Ride said something to Pat the two times we went on it. An excellent ride, and the BEST pre-ride ever!!!! Two tigger tails way up! ;p Or maybe super bouncy.... Still working on the rating system!

On other topics, I've become interested in learning more about mythology, and my friend Misty has an eclectic reading list and she recommended this to read, as well as 12 other books....she's kinda crazy! :p

And in recent news lead paint on a child's toy leads to yet another recall. Seriously? How the heck do you accidently paint a kid toy with paint that contains lead? Oh! And read the last few lines of that story!
Lead poisoning is a bigger threat to children than one might think. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1 million US children under 5 have high levels of lead in their blood, and more than 20 per cent of African American children living in old houses built before 1946 have high levels of lead in their blood.
How many people is that 20%? 12? One million?! Twenty ....QUABILLION!?

And on that's time to sleep. So! Be well my friends. Fare carefully upon this road that is life. And a thought. End every conversation as if it were the final conversation you may have with the recipient. Life is to short to do otherwise.

Let the people you love know they are loved, appreciated, and that you care.




Sunday, June 10, 2007

The MMO Issue

Pat and I have both been gamers for a very long time. It's something we both enjoy doing to different degrees. I spend a lot of my free time doing work that involves MMO's for the various sites that I have volunteered with over the years. Pat just wants to play.

We have incredibly different play styles. I craft, decorate my house, quest for the storylines and cute rewards, keep track of d00dspeaking morons so I can ignore them later when they need heals to survive or a rez. MWA HA HA

Pat is as aggressive in playing to advance as anyone could be.

We don't tend to mix. Example: Server opens we both start playing. 2 weeks later I would be level 15, he'd be level 20 cause he's trying to stay close to me. A month later he got tired of waiting and I'd be level 19 and he'd be 36. Although we both really want to play with each other in games, it makes it hard.

It also makes it hard when Pat plays with real life friends on another server instead of on the server that we originally started on. Now, I don't blame him!!!! You play games to have fun! I totally understand this! But it can be difficult to rationalize sometimes, that my husband would rather play games with someone else. I do realize that this is, of course, not the case! But again, sometimes I'm not all that rational!

So, the situation. I hate WoW. Always have, probably always will. It's a good game, but I think as far as my kind of MMO, it's on the BOTTOM of the list. Well, above all the MMO's that involve FPS (First person shooter) type shooting.

The question! What do I do? I have real life friends and family that play the server in WoW that I'm on. In some cases, they've switched servers from their own communities to play with me! And now, I want to abandon them so that I can go have fun doing something else. How selfish. I feel horrible.

If I do leave, where do I go? Lord of the Rings Online looks awesome!!! Very kinship orriented, very leisurely types of activities that are non-adventure related. Could be fun.

Any number of Free to play MMO's are also available. But most of them have a level or time cap before payment is required, am I willing to start an MMO knowing that I'm only going to play until Warhammer Online comes out?

When WAR does come out, what then? Pat and I have tried many, many games together. None of them have gone well as far as a couple playing together. The only thing we really fight about is gaming, and though we don't fight often it can be frustrating to have that issue there.

Do we start on the same server, knowing Pat will outlevel me and not be able to group or play with me? Do we just do different servers? Will I want to, or be able to compete without having friends to play with? I doubt it. But is it Pat's responsibility to allow me to have fun, taking away his? No!

So, I am at a thinking point. What to do, what to do?
*does her best Winnie the Pooh look* Think, Think, Think!

I guess it'll take a lot of thought!

Love ya'll!

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


So, it's been a busy week! Hell, it's been a busy year!

I left Stratics and went to GamersInfo. I am now the MMO Editor. It's been keeping me busy! Check out my EQ2 blogs and keep an eye out for a lot of upcoming interviews!

Pat and I went to San Diego to visit Sea World! We had a blast. Pat is getting the pics of the camera sometime soon!

While we were in San Diego Pat and I bought a car! My new 2007 Honda Civic LX is very pretty! WOO! Mine looks like this! Driving it home was the first time I had driven legally on a freeway in 5 years and 2 months! So I spent the freeway time in San Diego pretty much frozen.

Between the cheap hotel bed (the hotel wasn't bad though!), being kinda frozen while driving on San Diego freeways, switching volunteer positions, and being stressed at work, my back had a TON of problems. A few visits to Dr. June Wieder and I am recovering nicely. Had to take Friday off work though. Sitting was just so incredibly painful!

As always, thank you to Tawnia for watching Puppy while we were gone!

Congrats to Jeremy and Jojo on their upcoming nuptials!

Annnnnnnnd, back to stuffs!

Love ya'll!