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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Website Of The Week: Week 1 2013

I give you the website of the week....Titan Focus! A fan site that covers rumors regarding Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming MMO project codenamed: Titan.

Forums are filled with intelligent and insightful commentary, and folks just seem generally nice. Definitely worth checking out and seeing what news there is. Pat and I spent quite a bit of time there this week looking around and talking about what was there. VERY excited to see what Titan is going to be about!

Titan Focus on Twitter:
Titan Focus on Facebook:

Enjoy! And hopefully, see you at Blizzcon 2013 this year! WOO HOO!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


 Guess it's time for 2013 goals!

Gaming Related Goals:
  • Get to max level on another char in World of Warcraft, bonus points if it's not DPS!
  • Get to 60 on two hardcore Diablo 3 chars - one non-DH! (hopefully my highest level demon hunter, who is currently 50, doesn't die in the process!) - BONUS GOAL: Get through Hell, MP 0 on my DH and/or Paragon level 100!! (okay, realistic is more like 30 or 50)
  • Play some LotRO (my minstrel, whom I LOVE)- and make Pat play too!
  • Try Star Trek Online (never played before *gasp*).
  • Ladder in HOTS and make it to at least Silver in either 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 (I'll take it however I can get it!).
  • Go to at least one eSports event.
  • I would say "Finish a tier of raiding while it's current", but that kind of has NOTHING to do with anything I control (because I'm not willing to switch raid teams) - so I'll just say - be ready to raid and be nothing less than awesome, almost every time.
  • Try Wizardry Online and don't give up even after 3 permadeaths!
  • Finish FF3....again.
  • Play at least one Zelda game, start to finish on the Wii.
  • Learn to play at least one geeky TCG or board game.
Pat says to add be more open to console games. I immediately started crying, proving this is a bad idea! Therefore, it is STRICKEN from the 2013 goal list. TYVM!

Non-Gaming related:
  • Get closer to what I used to be as far as being healthy: Lose 60 pounds, work out regularly, be fit in general.
  • Keep the house a little more picked up in the main areas (by not throwing stuff into the non-main areas).
  • Read It Doesn't Take a Hero by General Norman Schwarzkopf.
  • Read A Stolen Life: A Memoir by Jaycee Dugard.
  • On second thought - Create a reading list for 2013 including the above two books.
  • Go to San Diego more often to visit with mom and the fam.
  • Take one trip out of state with Mom and/or Dad.
  • Blog MOAR! Both personally and on gaming stuff.
  • Learn to make a podcast - and then do one for at least 6 episodes. DISCLAIMER: I do not want to learn bumpers, or music. I want it more in the disunplugged podcast style.
  • Do a big event for my birthday. Do two (one big and one small) if I can't mix fam and non-fam (translation drinking and non-drinking) events.
  • Get out of the house more with Pat. This includes going to movies, going out of town for no reason, doing stupid stuff in town that I know is stupid, but enjoying it because I CHOOSE to live in a town with nothing that I enjoy doing as far as out of the house entertainment.
  • Spend less time on Starcraft Reddit. Srsly. Dregs of the internet.
  • Go to Vegas at least once every two months between April and October - unless a party or event has been planned to fill that weekend.
  • Take mom to a play.

Gaming Industry Predictions
  • Wildstar will unfortunately fail, and not in a pretty way. NCsoft will take an even larger hit in faith from the western market.
  • I will set all my hopes and dreams on the new Mark Jacobs MMO and will be probably crushed even more than I was for Warhammer Online. I may just give up MMOs all together because of it. No pressure Mark.
  • Leap Motion will find a niche in gaming that will be a truly groundbreaking feature for lots of gamers. REALLY looking forward to seeing this one work out..
  • Ouya will launch and not be what anyone really wanted from it.
  • Onlive won't see much daylight in 2013, including anything that has to do with Ouya.
  • Mabinogi and Wakfu will be the standard of "fun" in f2p games for western audiences (okay okay, this one is a reach, but I still LOVE THEM!).
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will change my mind about where Square Enix's brains went during the most recent FF games, from FF 10 on. (Pat says this one won't happen, but I want to have faith in Squeenix!)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online will be hated by everyone who's ever played an  Elder Scrolls game and loved by everyone else.
  • CCP will find they should have kept their noses in Eve out and of World of Darkness.
  • I will ply everyone who has ever, or still does, work for SOE for the chance to beta EQ Next, as the good little SOE fan girl that I am!
  • HOTS will not die, and WoL does not need to be saved. Destiny will finally figure this out and go 100% to LOL.
  • I will blog more, though in a true erratic fashion....cause that's how I roll.