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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vick's Issues - Now more then ever!

Atlanta lawyer Dan Meachum, a member of Vick's defense team, declined to comment Tuesday on any possible negotiations.

"I stand by Michael Vick," Meachum said. "He's a good kid in a bad situation. I'm a dog owner, a dog lover. I would not be involved in this case if I didn't believe in him."

uhhhhh.......You're a hired gun. You'd defend anyone who could afford you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be a lawyer! =)

Stupid Vick. I hope he never plays again!


Friday, August 03, 2007

My House! In the Middle of the....Desert!

So November will bring our 2nd year in this house. July brought our 4th year in Ridgecrest!

It's been 4 years already! WOW!

It's funny. The problems I thought Pat and I would have in our relationship, we haven't had. The problems we have are first of all, very easily talked through and worked out. Except this one!

I want to travel! Spend money! See things! It doesn't have to be abroad. I'd love to see all the aquariums in California. Maybe Seattle and San Francisco. A winery in Temecula. Disneyland (ALWAYS) and Walt Disney World (every 3-4 years!). Denver and Colorado Springs! Maybe a weekend at Red Feather Lakes in Colorado where we used to go.

Cancun! We could do Chichen Itza, Tulum & Xel-Ha and Xcaret! I'm always up for San Diego! The Chula Vista Nature Center, the Old Globe, Reuben H Fleet Center and any miriad of beaches!

Of course, there's lots to do in Vegas! The Ethel M Chocolate Factory is always fun! And any Cirque du Soleil show! Anything on the strip. I'd be happy with a walk through the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and sitting outside for every water show in the evening! I want to eat at Picasso's once in my life!

I'd like to visit Nashville and Dollywood! Who wouldn't want a chance to see the Grand Ol' Opry?!

I'll tell you who! My stick in the mud husband, Pat. Now, I love the man with all my heart! And the ongoing disagreement isn't normally something we fight over. It's not something we're fighting over now. But it can lead to disagreements neither of us thought we'd ever have.

If we go out of town for a day, say to Lancaster, about an hour and a half away, the man needs 2 days to recover! When we went to Disneyland, he got sick the day we got back. We went to Jeremy's wedding, and he had some sort of viral eye thing goin' on. It's like he's allergic to doing things.

Now, I realize, I'm a little gun-ho on the doing stuffs! I'd be gone every weekend if I could. But he's a little ridiculous!

I want to one Saturday (or better yet, Flex Friday!) wakeup at 4am, tell him I'm going to Disneyland, ask him if he wants to come and then put a camera on him. So when he wakes up at 10am and calls me at 11am to see if I want to do lunch (cause he'll think I'm at work) I can see the look of shock on his face that I wasn't kidding.

But he'd be pretty pissed. So I can't really do that. I don't think he completely understands that I WOULD do it, too. And now that I have a car, and I CAN do it....I think he's a little scared.

But it's not my money, like it used to be. I used to get up in the AM and go to Sea World and then spend the afternoon at the Zoo. Of course, living in San Diego and having annual passes to all these places helped, but still!

I can no longer decide, on my own, where entertainment money goes to. It is ours as a couple to decide. And that kills me!!! I know it shouldn't, but it does. Because Pat's idea of entertainment money is playing computer games and DirecTV. Other then that....he only spends what he has to in order to shut me up. We go to movies every now and then. We rent them sometimes as well. But I have to throw a fit to get my own damned soda! :p And no popcorn! (Nothing to do with money, simply our diet!) =)

Pat does want to cruise! But he doesn't know where, and he doesn't know when. It's infuriating. And of course all I do is talk about going places, which completely frustrates and annoys him. And the worst part is, I really can't stop. I've tried. But truly, there is nothing else to do in town but play computer games. And I can only take so much.

He, at least, has friends he can play with. I'm forced to solo and try to start making new friends, which is very hard to do. So I'm a little frustrated with him at that. He has people at work he can talk to about his passion of gaming. And while I work at a travel agency, everyone around me gets to travel while I stay home and do nothing. It's so very maddening.

Hopefully, soon, he and I will be able to go do something without him worrying about money and without me worrying about everything else! But this week.....DISNEYLAND!!! WOO!

News of the Day!

Russia is stupid!
Russia has laid claim to the seafloor at the North Pole, planting its national flag underwater in the hopes of securing the Arctic's potential motherlode of natural resources.

*rolls her eyes* I'm gonna plant a "Little Bee Land" flag outside my door, and hope that when I start breaking laws in my house, others don't notice and dispute my claim. Cause I'd have to bring out the Hammer of Pain! =)

Michael Vick is more stupid! But Hooray! My most hated QB in the league...oki, second hated (I am SO tired of hearing about Tony Romo!!!) won't be playing for part of the season! But the accusations are most serious! And the article does a great job of breaking it down!
But there is no obligation by the corporate world to stick with him, even if his toadies and sycophants choose to remain loyal. If Rawlings and Nike, Reebok and Upper Deck have joined the National Football League in putting him and his damaged image at arm’s length, this too is part of the American way. Money can buy you a lot of things in this country, including a damned good defense (which after reading the indictment, he’s really going to need one). But it can’t insulate you from the wrath of an angered public. And right now, everyone in the real world can understand why no one in Corporate America wants to have Michael Vick’s toxic image attached to its products.

The presumption of innocence does not extend to the world of print ads and TV spots. It stops at the courtroom steps, and if he didn’t know it before, Vick surely knows that now.

Well said! The whole article is awesome! I don't consider myself an advocate of much, but cruelty against beings that have no recourse is despicable. I don't know if he's guilty or innocent yet. I haven't heard the evidence. Either way, I hope justice is done. And I hope that the Falcons do FANTASTICALLY well so people will stop attributing whatever success they may have to a no talent, overpaid, hack! =)

There are lots of rumors on the technology front regarding Google, phones, and mobile internet access. So to the horrible, HORRIBLE world that is cell phone service I say : "LET THEM IN DAMN IT!! I AS A CONSUMER DEMAND IT!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WILL OFFER ME SOMETHING WORTH THE MONEY YOU CHARGE ME!!!!!!"

Whew. Almost added a few 111eleven!one!!11!zomg!!'s in there, but I think that'll do. zomg should be saved for very serious situations, ya know?

Anyway. In a country where free market rules, and regulatory statutes and lobbyists prove that our system sucks, I am looking forward to singlehandedly pushing the big guys (T-mobile, sprint, AT&T, Cingular (who is now AT&T I think), Verizon...etc.,) to give me something worth my money! Move the internet into a new world. Don't capitalize on crappy products that are sleek but don't work (crazor, razor) and don't give me something where my software plan MUST be made with a single company (freakin' Iphone!).

Give me choices! Let the market decide who lives and who dies! Cause I doubt many of them would last more then 5 years after some true hard hitting, consumer choices become available!

LONG LIVE GOOGLE! Until a better company comes out, that is. I give Google another good 5 years at least! *dances*

I'm not gonna spellcheck this post. I'm being lazy. You'll live. Tawnia will find all my mistakes and harass me about them, so don't worry.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Out of town!

Tawnia gets to go to Laughlin! We get to go to Anaheim! That's right! I'm staying within walking distance of Disneyland baby!!! More importantly, I get to hang out with Marilu (Pat's mom) while Pat and his Dad John do the conference thing.

There seem to be some interesting conferences at DARPATech '07. But I'm not sure if Marilu and I can attend them. Either way, there's lots to do in Anaheim! And lots nearby!

And from what I've heard from Pat, his parents need the break! So YAY for hanging out and exploring new things starting Monday!

Miss Tawnia (or Tawni-ta as I've been calling her...just a matter of time 'til she beats me silly!) will be in Laughlin doin' the river/lake/casino thang! Have a great time girl, get totally smashed (not on the rivers and lakes!) and then enjoy your lobster red self at the casinos. And on that note - WEAR SUNSCREEN DAMN IT!!!!!!!


See ya'll in a week!