Pat and Bee's Life

At the speed of crazy!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Chips: Wavy potato, cheetos, tortilla and cheddar sun chips.

Snacks/sides: fruit and trail mix, chocolate chip cookies, pineapple upside cake, guac, cheesy buffalo chicken fries, pasta salad, hot pockets, various microwave burritos, cucumbers, peppers, club crackers, chocolates of various yumminess, smarties!, caprese salad

Dips: homemade ranch and spinach dip (without mayo), rondele,
Meals: Pulled pork sandwiches, bbq mini meatloves

Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls, english muffins with eggs and tomato slices with mozzerella

Drinks: Bud light, blue moon, *-a-rita's (lime, mango, raspberry), party punch with apples, cantaloupe, and pineapple. Captain, Smirnoff, and various mixers. LOTS of water!

Energy drinks: (Because poor N has a crazy schedule and is normally in bed by 5. Plus Pat loves Monster Ultras and Vodka.) Sugar free rockstars for tic-tacs, Monster Ultras, 5 hour energy for mid-morning pick-me-ups, before the drinking begins.

Porch and misters working, yard cleaned, food prepped, and now - I am ready to relax all weekend!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ah. The rain.

The sky is beautiful with color though the sun is no where to be found. It fades into the purple hues as its hidden from sight. The clouds hang low, so close you can almost touch them

It’s raining nearby. The clouds streak across the sky and down to earth. Will it rain here soon?

Darkness, almost. Not quite. The wind picks up suddenly and the drops begin to fall. Lightly drizzles, and then in earnest.

The rain! THE RAIN! Patters of droplets and all other sounds are gone. Birds take respite. A lone bark in the distance. Now and then, the sound of a passing car. But ah! The rain.

The wind! THE WIND! Powers of forces unseen and unyielding. The trees powerless as they bend and frantic leaves as they rustle.

Dissonance in the sky yet a perfect harmony.

Lightning! Yes. Some. Not as great as the end of summer storms like a monsoon. Thunder only from far away. The hope of a great storm, fading fast into the night.

The rain, it dies away. The drops change almost imperceptibly in their free fall towards earth. Lighter now, as the wind rushes one last time. An anger that has rampaged out and is ready for rest.

Water from the roof, onto the soaked ground drip and drop. A slight breeze as the storm passes. The smell of water from the earth and the peaceful chimes of trinkets hung outside.

Ah, the rain. Imprinted on my memory like a kiss that leaves you breathless.