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Friday, October 17, 2014

Tucson 2014 - Pre-Trip report

I haven't written a trip report in a while, so this should be interesting.

Pat and I have been planning to visit Tucson for some time now. We wanted to visit some places from his childhood (old house, schools, etc.,) and do some stuff in the area, like the museums and National Parks.

We had our days mostly sketched out before we left, since we were staying near the airport. This would make it much easier to avoid back-tracking from one area of Tucson to the other. Tucson is pretty spread out, and we were already driving 9 hours to get there, so we wanted to be optimal on time and gas.

We decided on the Hampton Inn at the airport because it was easy to get on and off the freeways, had free breakfasts, got good reviews on Trip Advisor, and had reports of good wifi!

Next we decided on 6 nights because that would give us three full days at home to recover, before we had to go back to work on Monday. I like this plan! It means when I come home from work I won't be met with piles of laundry, no groceries, and a horrible mess to clean up.

We decided to take Adventure Mickey with us, because after the last trip to Laughlin with one of the turtles, we didn't want to chance the bad luck while being so far from home. We didn't take as many pictures with Mickey as I would have normally wanted, but we still carried him everywhere!

Finally, we decided to go off our diet for a fun time of chimichangas and eegee's (which I had never experienced before). It was awesome!

Anyway, here are the play by plays, pictures, and thoughts from our trip!