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Friday, January 30, 2009

This week.

This week I assisted our Defense Travel System trainer with classes, and
spent Monday-Thursday six hours a day doing training on a system I
learned 2 weeks ago! Yes, I am that awesome.

I also spent the first part of this week attempting to track down
whatever food was making me itch so incredibly horribly bad that I ended
up taking Benadryl and zonking out. I narrowed it down to nuts, so far.
I'm still a bit itchy after avoiding them, but I believe that's from
over sensitization after scratching myself raw. I'll take a few weeks
off nuts and then introduce them one type at a time until I figure out
what gives me a reaction and what I can take.

I got to have lunch today with Pat and Tawnia, and catch up with my
bestest friend on how she's doing. She recently switched positions at
work and she's liking it mostly. There's always an adjustment period.
I hope it gets better for her.

I plan to spend this weekend mopping, watching NCIS, sleeping, and doing
laundry! Hopefully ya'll have a great weekend!