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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stupid Colts

I never thought there'd be a downside to marrying someone that loves football as much as I do. Today, I was proven wrong! Having my team being beat by his team as we both watch is about the most horrible thing to do.

We both (mostly) stayed away from taunting each other, and we both high fived when each team scored, even though it sang the death knell for the other. I feel I lost well, as I watched stupid Viniteri kick a field goal with 2 seconds left to bring the Colts up by 3 against my beloved Bronc's. I sat on the couch and whimpered into Pat's shoulder as my team lost, and he held me tight and didn't even cheer or taunt even a little. That is being married to a great guy, let me tell you!

In other football news, the Raiders won, and it's a sad day here in football land. Even worse, they beat last years Super Bowl champs, that the Bronco's play next week. Sad, sad, day. Stupid Raiders.

Friday I lost another pound. That makes 7 so far. It's kinda slow going, cause I've gotten into the habit of eating to much, and not working out anymore. But it's going down, which is the right way! And I'm excited!!!!

I don't know if we're going to be able to do the Alaska cruise. I really want to, but it just doesn't look like things are going to work out, but I'm trying!!!!

I am sitting here listening to KC and the Sunshine Band sing "Get Down Tonight" (now, BareNaked Ladies "One Week") as Pat winterizes our swamp cooler. Summer days are gone, and fall has almost left us here in the desert. It's time for freezing cold nights and early mornings followed by winds of 45-66 miles per hour almost daily. Yay. It won't be that bad, and hopefully, it will snow in Tennessee for Christmas! I wonder how likely that is. Might have to do some research tonight and find out!!

I'm making Pat a super yummy meal that he adores tonight! I figured I'd share the recipe with you guys!! It's super easy prep, and pretty easy clean up, and takes 20-25 minutes to cook, with like 10-15 minutes prepping. Enjoy!

1 lb ground beef

1 cup marinara sauce (We use low sugar, for me)

1 package sliced mushrooms (We like mushrooms!!)

1 cup ricotta cheese

1 egg -- beaten

1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese -- mixed use

1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning

Nonstick cooking spray

20 pepperoni slices -- (20 to 25)

Preheat the oven to 350°F

Brown the ground beef in a frying pan; drain off the oil.

Add the spaghetti sauce and mushrooms, and simmer 10 minutes. Add beef back in.

In a small bowl, mix the ricotta, egg, 1/2 cup mozzarella, and Italian seasoning. (Pat does this part!)

Beat well with a fork.

Grease an 8-by-8-inch glass baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.

Spread the beef mixture in the bottom of the dish.

Spread the ricotta mixture on top of the beef mixture.

Lay half the pepperoni slices on top of the ricotta mixture.

Put remaining 1 cup of the shredded mozzarella over the pepperoni slices, and lay the remaining pepperoni on top of the cheese.

Bake until bubbly about 20 minutes.

It's super yummy. We eat it with those frozen bags of cauliflower and broccoli that you microwave to steam. They're quick, and cauliflower and broccoli are a MESS to prepare!!! I never claimed to be a Betty Homemaker!

Here's the approximate nutritional info:

791 Calories; 63g Fat (72.4% calories from fat); 44g Protein; 11g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 234mg Cholesterol; 1258mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1/2 Grain(Starch); 6 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 9 Fat.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The World What?

Someone somewhere won the World Series. Does anyone care? No.

Well, maybe Mary, but that's about it. However, in more enjoyable news, USC lost, and I didn't have to here Pat and Jeremy singing the fight song for the entire game!! WOO! GO NOT USC!

Bronco's play the Colts tomorrow. The house is going to be very unfriendly. Pat is a huge Payton fan, and I love my Bronco's. Hopefully, no real violence will occur. But only if the Bronco's win! =)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Stem Cell Research

No matter which side you believe in you have to read this!

Definitely makes you think. If it only makes your belief stronger, good for you. If it makes you mad that others could disagree, how about being a little open minded? You don't have to agree. You just have to respect that others may have a different opinion, even if they're wrong.

Happy Friday All. Have a safe weekend.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kids...The Final Frontier

So Sunday is our 6 month anniversary! I'm really excited, for some odd reason....I'm really not into the whole celebrate a weekly anniversary. Even the word means yearly, not monthly!! But I'm excited none the less, so there!

I ran across this blog entry from an email entry wishing me happy 6 month anniversary. It's an interesting entry, and really makes me think about all those people my age running out and having kids.....for no reason.

My reason to want to have kids? Pat and I are decent people, who get along well, with strong ideals of right and wrong, and being kind and considerate of other people, to make the world a better place, to always have faith and hope, and to love others even if they're bastards. And we could teach our kids to share our beliefs and to make their small slice of life better then it might have been. Orrrrrrr, they could end up like me and be so totally different from my parents it's not even funny.

My reason to not have kids? Pat and I don't agree on religion, discipline, animals around children (ok, not a big one, but still!). We don't know if raising children and the commitmment required is something we're really willing and ready to give. Children are a permanent bond. When they're 18, you still gotta put up with them. I'm really not sure if I can commit to put up with anyone other then Pat for more then 18 years. Aren't there enough children in the world?

What if my child would be born with a learning or physical disability? Would I be able to willingly committ the rest of my life, without reservation and bitterness? I don't know. What if Pat really doesn't want to be a father, but I want to be a mom? Do I willingly have a child, knowing that the father isn't going to whole heartedly be involved and willing in the lifetime process of raising a child without hating Pat, and without becoming bitter and resentful? HELL NO!

What if my child is as willfull and stubborn as I was as a toddler? Could I bring myself to not beat the living daylights out of them? Probably.....but I'm really sure I'd be in therapy for dealing with anger issues! *grins*

Are those not good enough reasons to not have a child? What about....I don't want one? Is that selfish? Can NOT having a child be considered selfish?? Can having a child for the wrong reasons be selfish? What is a non-selfish reason for having a child? Who decides? Cause if it's up to me....I think we all know where I stand on this issue, for me personally.

Just cause everyone else runs out and has kids, doesn't mean I have to!

Isn't my contribution to girl scouts, and Relay for Life, and other community events enough? Isn't taking time for others good? I didn't have the best of childhoods, though my memories of most of it are good, am I required to somehow pass that on? Why?

It's almost akin to the piercing arguement! How is my tongue piercing different then someone who has pierced ears? IT'S NOT, other then one is more socially acceptable then the other...Well listen up "society". I am not required to listen to you, or to allow myself to be judged by the standards you impose on others. You may not like that I don't have, and will never have, kids. But I really don't freaking care.

Thank you.
/end rant :p

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, Monday!

Well, I'm back at work today, after a week spent resting and a weekend spent massive pvp'ing in Camelot! What a great weekend spent with Pat! We barely watched football, though we did catch the newest Amazing Race on Sunday night.

I spent most of my time PvP'ing as my 50 Bard, Adra. We wandered the Albion countryside on Friday night, blowing the hell out of anything that moved. Saturday we stayed up 'til 1am fighting off a relic raid, as Midgard and Albion took over any Hibernian tower and keep they could. It was a fantastic night, filled with harrowed fighting, lots of deaths, and great realm points for both Pat and I. Steven missed it completely. hee hee!

I've yet to get a hold of John to tell him we've gone back to Camelot. I'm hoping he and Lisa will join us here!

Ankle is doing better. I hate this brace. I tried walking yesterday without it for a while, and this mornining I regretted it! I am now walking with the crutch and brace, though it gets easier after a little bit. After sitting, I am good to go, but after a bit of walking, I am just burnt and in pain, and I have to sit. It sucks.

Isabel is having a Halloween party for Sister City on Saturday, with costumes and all. Pat seems so very against it, that we probably won't be going. I'm probably the biggest anti-halloween proponent out there, but since it's a chance to meet people and to get out of the house, I am all for it!!! Oh well!

Girl scout camp is the first weekend of November. I don't think I'll be able to go. I need to talk to Christina about it tonight!

Laughlin is the second weekend of November. I definitely need to go, though walking may be tender and slow!

We're 2 months away from Christmas in Tennessee, and Pat and I are actively finding Christmas presents for everyone we can.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Isabel for her calls and her friendship during this time. She called me when I got home from the Doctor on Monday, and again this weekend, to see how I was, though she was struggling with her own root canal issues. Her kindness and sweet nature has touched my heart, and I adore her! *hugs Isabel* You're gonna have a great time in Europe girl! I'm excited for you!!!

I am finishing up Tawnia's birthday present (some of the details just refuse to allow themselves to be tied up), and I'm excited about telling her!!! I miss her lots. Since I left we've only hung out twice, and I feel like I've taken advantage of her friendship. I really hope she enjoys her present!

Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend .(Who didn't? The Bronco's won! GO BRONCOS!)

Please havce a safe and happy week!

Love you all!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Camelot Links and Info

Just wanted to show everyone a list of my Camelot Characters.

Right now, I'm only playing Hibernia/Gareth. Adra is my bard, Keii is my ranger, and Melip is my Spellcrafter (tradeskill character). Adra does weaponcrafting, and Keii is going to start on tailering, for keep and tower repair reasons.

Good Camelot Links:

And that's about all I have!!!! Just wanted it in one place so when Pat asks me for a link, I can send him here! =) and stuffs

Yesterday I finished Fools Errand by Robin Hobb, and went to go order books 2 and 3 of the series, and I have never read it before. (Shocking, I know!)

I went to both and Barnes and Noble. I tried really, really hard to like B&N more then Amazon. After all, it's the place I love with all my heart, as a brick and morter store. But alas, Amazon was simply better.

In ankle news, I got my cast off today, and there's no fracture or break, only a really bad sprain.

I have a brace I have to wear for the next 3 weeks, while slowly increasing the weight I place on it. I thought slowly meant "You're fine, go ahead and walk on it" and so I did. Today, I regret that choice greatly!

So...yeah! I've added my true Christmas wish to my list....a bookcase!! WOO!

Pat and I are both off today, so we're gonna sit like zombies and play Camelot all day. WOO!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back to Camelot, and My Stupid Dog

So getting around is kinda a pain. And by kinda, I mean, I need my dog to be smart enough to obey commands like "Go make me a sandwich" or "Stop trying to chew my crutches you stupid insane dog!". It's been windy at night, and normally I bring him in overnight, and put him out when he whines, normally anytime between 5 and 7am. But I'm not getting around well, and the only time Pat has gotten up at before 5am was when we were flying from vegas to Orlando for our Walt Disney World trip, and only cause I think he knew, deep down inside, that if he didn't get his butt up and get ready, I'd leave without him.

That's not entirely true...I guess he's gotten up early a few times last week for some weird lab testing their doing on a product that isn't even his groups...but if I made him get up for the dog, I'd be in trouble!

So my problem? My dog is feeling left out and not paid attention to, and so he won't let me move around well at all. Stupid dog!

Tomorrow begins a new day in my MMO gaming life. I've once again left EVE-Online (third time) and am back to home....Camelot.

Our old guild has disbanded, but we're back with our old alliance, and we've really had a good time getting back into the game. PvP is awesome, and with the clustering of our Gareth server there's a lot to keep up with. Not that it was slacking when we left....but now there's a lot more going on.

Of course, it's really hard to leave my EVE corporation (guilds, to the actual MMO'er). ZiTek has been with me since I first moved to Josh's in Boise. Josh is the one that introduced me to EVE. Of course, like every other MMO, he played a month, got bored, and moved on! :p

The guys in ZiTek are, for the most part, awesome. There's only a few in the corp that I enjoy irritating on purpose....hee hee. Some of the guys are really awesome, and I'll miss them very much. But I need to be in an MMO where I can make friends whom I can play with, and enjoy, and EVE just isn't that game for me. Plus, the PvP sucks. SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to Warhammer Online. That is, if EA doesn't figure out a way to kill it, like they did UO.

I've been playing a lot of Luxor, and reading a TON!

And that's about it......

My appointment for my leg is tomorrow at 3pm. Hopefully I get an air brace, and will continue on crutches for at least 2 weeks! Wish me luck!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Severe Sprain, or Fracture? Tune in Thursday!

This afternoon sucked. We were at the dr's for 3 hours, during which time x-rays were taken, and though my dr doesn't see a fracture, she's waiting for a radiologist to look at it to be sure. She tried to put on an air splint/cast, but there was to much swelling, and it hurt like hell.

So I'm splinted up until Thursday, when hopefully, the swelling will subside. On Thursday, they'll decide to either cast it (a break will mean 2 weeks in a cast, and crutches) or air splint it (crutches! yuck).

For sure, for the next two days, I am relegated to bed rest, elevation, icing, and harassing Pat for everything from food to helping me get to the bathroom. Thank God I can do bathroom things without help!!!

Sure hope I have enough books to last me 2's gonna be cool! But boring!

Pat's been wonderful, and I love him, as always.

Oh, and he was working, not getting a breakfast burrito! *grins*

My wonderful honey and the case of the stupid ankle

Pat came to take me to lunch but I can't walk on my ankle at all. No pressure whatsoever. So Bonnie, our office manager, and Pat required that I call the dr, for crutches, a brace, and to be SURE that nothing major has occured. I'm going at 2:30. Until then, Pat went to go get me a salad for lunch, and he'll come back to drive me to the dr's.

Let's be honest. I hate dr's. The first time after my whole ordeal that I walked into a hospital, I started shaking so badly that Pat was afraid I'd pass out. So I hope all goes's gonna be hard to drive if this hurts like this tomorrow.

I've rolled my ankle before, and been able to gingerly walk on it after a few hours or so. This time, I'm a little scared. But I'm 99% sure I'm totally fine, and in a few hours I'll be able to stiffly hobble around!

I'll let ya'll know how the dr's goes this evening. But this might ruin my week as far as girl scouts and such. I sure hope not! We were gonna play dodgeball!!

My honey is a sweetheart though, to be so willing to drive me around....I love him!!

OMG! I'm gonna die!!!

Well, it feels like it!

Today I left for work earlier then usual, to have time to drop off some paperwork at the Girl Scout office. I was at work early enough to reset the server and my computer for the critical updates I downloaded Friday, as well as get the office ready for a busy day.

On the way to an office mate's desk, I somehow stepped wrong, and rolled my ankle. Somehow in the process of getting my balance back, I attempted to step on that foot several times. Now, my ankle hurts.

I can't get a hold of Pat either at his desk or at his lab number. I'm pretty sure he went to get a breakfast burrito. The pain isn't bad enough to cry over, I'm FINE, but when I tried to stand up after sitting a few moments, I was dizzy and almost nauseated.

Now I'm sitting at my desk, trying to find a position to keep it that doesn't cause instant excruciating pain.

And still no Pat....

I can't Ice it, I can't elevate it, I'm at work. I have to be at my desk! If Mary and Cynthia weren't out, I could go home, and if it's like this after work, I might!!!

I'm at trying to get a hold of Pat to see if he can take me to lunch. Driving would be possible, but probably not a good idea. It is my right foot, and the lever motion would hurt. Plus, Pat can help support me as I walk all lopsidedly. I'd also like to try to get to Rite-Aid or Warl-Mart for an ankle brace, and hopefully for actual tennis shoes, instead of slip-on Dr. Scholls. It doesn't seem to be swelling up to badly, and I think the support would be helpful. Getting off my shoes hurts though, so I put them back on....

Anyway, I just want to cry. Not cause it hurts, though it does, but not badly enough to lose it. I want to cry cause Pat isn't here to hug me and help me, cause he's probably getting a damn breakfast burrito.

Watch, he'll call moments after I post this, and he'll have been in an important meeting getting funding for his current project....and I won't feel bad at all! I'll just point to my ankle and pout!! *pouts*

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back to Camelot! And the start of my Christmas List!

This month, Pat and I have known each other 5 years. What an awesome feeling!!!

On another note, we've returned to Dark Age of Camelot! I'm really excited about going back to game where I enjoy the PvP, and of course, DAoC has been my home since Steven and John and I all left EQ for it. Infinite Void may be no more, but in my heart, it lives on!!!

I really love PvP in DAoC, and it's truly what I'm looking for in my next game. If we don't stay in Camelot, next will be Warhammer Online or Pirates of the Burning Sea! Both have PvP as an end game, and a really strong feel for it as one levels though the game!!

In other news, girl scouts has been going well, and one of the girls at Wal-Mart recommended I continue the books I gave her (The Liveship Series by Robin Hobb) and read Fools Errand. I have it, just have never read it, so it's next on my list!

Also, Pat always asks what I want for Christmas, so here goes! (Keep in mind, I want it returnable, in case I don't like it! *grins*)

  • A Bronco hoodie that's at least one size larger then it needs to be! With the cool orange/blue logo on the front hopefully.
  • Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy (U.S. 1, 2, or 3), Dr. Mario, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, or anything else Square/Enix on the virtual console for the Revolution
  • A dog house for Puppita so I don't feel bad leaving him outside in the cold on the cement
  • A new video card, so camelot isn't quite so laggy as I'm following Hellvamp around the frontier zones!
  • A new puppy. Bichon Frise if possible!! *begs like a cute little Bee!!*
  • A bread maker with some low carb recipes
  • A geek shirt, a lay on hands....omg, read down the blog entries and find the shirts I like and get me one of those! Xl please!
  • A SD card for more memory on my MP3 player
  • Money for a Walt Disney World trip
  • The Camelot expansion
  • The ORIGINAL (Han shot first) Star Wars 3 DVD set
  • ...if I think of anyting else, rest assured, it will make it on here!

Anyway, Bronco's won again today, I got level 48 with my ranger in DAoC, and tomorrow it's back to work!

The two girls in the office who've been in Italy for 3 weeks will be back on Wednesday, and our office manager leaves for her Southeast Asia tour a week from Wednesday! I'm jealous watching these people take vacation after vacation, but Pat and I still have a lot of things we want to do before we spend the money on trips. Well....Pat does, and I know he's right, so I grudingly agree!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The once a month HUGE update!

Well, it’s time for another huge update!!!

My parents came out to visit us! First time my dad has seen the house, or Puppy! I was very excited, we had a lot of fun, and got to spend time together. It was awesome!!! We made plans with them to go to Laughlin the second week of November, so that will be VERY, fun!!! Wooooo!

Padres lost a few days ago, to the Cardinals. I almost cried, and stupid Pat made me watch the game to the very bitter end, instead of changing it for the last out, which took forever. I wouldn’t have killed myself if they had come back from 4-2 in the ninth inning with 2 outs. Trust me!

I’ve finished Ship of Magic, and Mad Ship of the Liveship Trader series by Robin Hobb. I’m currently reading Ship of Destiny, which will finish off the series.

Pat and I have been looking at Offline T-Shirts and Geek Label for shirts that are gamer related. I want so many of them. A simple one that says “Geek” in a girls t (not a t-shirt) seems incredibly awesome to me! Of course, the one that says freakin’ woot! or the Cleric/Pally EQ shirt looks awesome to me too!! I’m a geek, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Pat and I are doing well. The second mortgage will be paid off in a year, and this month, Pat’s raise went into affect. I am very, very proud of him, and what he has accomplished. My honey is the bestest, and he has a good heart, and looks out for the good of those around him, even as we are more and more blessed.

We have started work on our own web site. Just a place to host our pictures, and maybe my blog, and some other things. Pat’s been instrumental in setting it up. I’m quite proud that he’s stayed motivated this long to work on it!! Keep an eye out for the URL and more information!!

I did Relay for Life this last week, and I raised $140, just short of my $200 goal, though my team raised our goal of $1,000. I was there from 7am to really, really late, and ended up so sore and exhausted that I couldn’t even talk coherently, or get along with Pat that night. He made me some eggs and bacon, and let me lay on the couch and read while trying to recuperate. Sometimes, I am not so gracious when I am exhausted. Poor Pat puts up with me and shows me patience and love, regardless. I adore him with all my heart. He is my honey, my husband, and my strength!!!!

Tawnia is back from her trip to Laughlin. She’s not burned to a pretty lobster red this time, so I’m very proud of her!!!!

I have been on my diet almost a month, and have lost 6 pounds. Though I kinda went bad this past week and have been eating lots of salt, so things have been slow!!! But I’m back on the wagon, and anything NOT up, is good!!!

The Nintendo Wii is scheduled to release next month, and Pat and I are strongly behind this new revolutionary technology in the console world. I am very excited for the chance to play old games on the virtual console, and really excited for the new game that Square-Enix will be producing, within the Secret of Mana storyline!! *dances*

My girl scout troop is doing well. I have 5 Brownies in my troop, and Christina has 16 Juniors! It’s a HUGE troop. We definitely need help as far as adult supervision, but apparently, that’s not easy to come by. I only hope that someone comes along before next year, as my travel and work plans will make it hard for me to put as much time in then as I am now. The troop is going to see Open Season tomorrow. Hopefully that goes smoothly. We have wonderful girls, I adore them all. Their strengths are amazing, their flaws varied, and together, we have a great deal of fun!

Pat had to be at work very, very early today, and will need to again on Friday. Poor boy!!!!

I am continuing to try to fill my Alaskan cruise on Celebrity for June of next year. It can be slow and frustrating, to sell something randomly to people. I refuse to be a salesperson who’s looking more for a quick sale then for taking care of my customers. It can be hard. Other then that, work is going well. It can be difficult when faced with the amount of things I still need to learn. The industry is complex, and I am not familiar with international destinations. Ask me about Disney World though, I’m an expert! *winks*

Pat and I got to watch Monday night football this week, Bronco’s won! GO BRONCO’S! Every time I watch a game all I can think of is the South Park where the catholic priest ends the service with the benediction “Let’s go” and the crowd responds “Bronco’s”, and they repeat it, in that sing-song way that catholic services go…..I laughed for hours!!!!!!!!!

Well, I think that about sums up the last few weeks rather well. I’ve been playing Luxor, and reading a lot. Been doing manufacturing in Eve, though I’ve been thinking of leaving, I have no where else to go, and no one else to play with.

Pat and I…..well, he’s amazing. I married the most fantastic man in the world. We talk, and snuggle, and watch football, and play video games, both apart, and together. We can have intelligent discussions about everything from school shootings and E. Coli breakouts, to the video game console wars and California’s stupid ecology laws. He is intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and loving, and he is mine!!! The girls at Wal-Mart can drool all the want! *beams*

Everyone have a good weekend, and please enjoy the rest of your week!!!