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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Previously on Pat and Bee's Life.

Wednesday June 18th

We found out we could move into the house while the original carpet was ordered from Home Depot with a delivery date of one week. Why the original order took 3 weeks is beyond me.

So we moved into the house! Service Master came out and moved what could be moved, into the house. We're still unpacking boxes, and getting things together, but we're home.

Puppy is happy to have us here, and we're really so very pleased to be here!

Living room isn't carpeted yet, but the bedrooms are done, and the rest of the house is done! So here we are!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Priceless like a PS3

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pat and Bee's Disastrous House Situation Part One!

So! I have to vent, as well as tell you guys where I'll be the next few days, so bear with me!

Yesterday we call Home Depot and they say: Oh yeah, we just got off the phone with your contractor! Carpet arrived today, we'll be installing it later.

As far as Pat and I know, this is the last thing that has to be done before we get to move in, supposedly late Wed (tonight, right now really!). So Pat and I check the house at lunch time, and no carpet. But no biggie right? Install is quick, easy, and should be done really fast once the team gets to the hosue - so we're not worried. Okay, so we're a little worried, but we've been worried the entire 7 weeks this ordeal has been going on!

So, 5pm rolls around, and Tawnia and I are off to get a manicure and pedicure before the big Laughlin trip this weekend. Pat heads to the house, and calls me. As I answer the phone I know something is wrong, he's not happy!

"There's no carpet" he says, more calmly then I would have. I tell him to call our contractor, Derik, and find out what is going on! After a few WTFs when talking to Pat, of course.

So, Pat calls Derik - and the carpet people show up! YAY CARPET PEOPLE! They walk in and it goes something like this:

Carpet Guy: So, we're doing the 3 bedrooms right?
Pat: uuuhhhh, and this room *pointing to the big cement covered living room floor*
Carpet Guy: No, we're not doing that room.
Pat: Yes you are.
Guy: No we're not.
Pat: WTF!

So we find out that they didn't measure, order, or plan to do the living room in carpet. Turns out this was an accident on the fault of Derik. Now, I understand accidents. We all make them, right? No biggie. I mean, okay, it's a biggie, but my house is still standing, and ya know, Pat and I can deal. I'm not really angry or upset. More just frustrated because Pat and I have gone to bed nightly for the last 2 weeks counting down to this date! The date we move back into the house!!

Pat goes to get a pizza and bread sticks for dinner as Tawnia and I are getting our nails done. He proceeds to eat all the bread sticks and half the pizza, cause he's upset and frustrated. I *totally* understand his desire to eat!!!

So we go to bed last night just really, really, heartbroken. We know it'll be okay. We understand logically that this is just a minor setback. But being out of our comfort zone for 7 weeks has affected us emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually (HEY! It's hard to feel close when you're not in your own place!!!), and just in every way possible, we're ready to be HOME!!!

This day is Tuesday - June 17th 2008. Here ends part one. Part two might be a while, cause we're out of town this weekend!