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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Pat and I are SO excited to wish Tawnia a very happy, wish filled 70th birthday!

May this next year bring you nothing but joy, dreams come true, and tears of happiness. ..and of course, Universal Studios!!


5 more days girl! Get packin'!

Love ya!


(Okay, she's not that old! But I put her real age in there, and changed it cause I figured she'd for some reason hate me telling people how old she is! Deal with it chicka. The number is never, ever gonna go down. NEVER be ashamed of things you can't change about you.)

Some Good Stuff

Mom and Dad came up last weekend. It was really refreshing to see them. I've missed them both so very much.

Pat introduced dad to Slacker. A website everyone should be aware of.

Pat also got Mom's blog re-set up, and she's been posting there this last week. My mom is such an amazing writer, with really odd but sweet angles. Shocking it's the same person I grew up fighting with every day for almost 14 years.

Pat also (busy guy, eh?) found the Disneyland Fireworks Show, Remember...Dreams Come True online for me. I've only cried at 2 fireworks show. One was the Walt Disney fireworks when Pat's family and I got to go. It was such an amazing time. The second was this show. Standing in Disneyland with my husband of one year, the man of my dreams, wathing this truly awesome show. It was nothing short of true magic. So when we going to Disneyland people!? I'm ALWAYS available for Disney!!

So here it is for your 17 minute portal to another world. Where you can be innocent, kind, childlike, and no one will laugh at you. Maybe...think about trying to be like that anyway?


*Wishes she was going to Disneyland*


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stupid Mervyns

You can't check the balance of a Mervyns gift card on their website. You must call an 800 number.

Buncha 'tards. Seriously. This is 2007. I can't shop on your site, I can't check my giftcard amount on your site....why do you have a website available exactly? What possible good does it do?

Time wasting bastiges.


So, I went back to Stratics. Doing so has turned out to be a pretty huge mistake. The reasons I left still exist. But I went back for what I consider to be a noble reason, and I am not going to back out, slack, or do anything more then my very best to succeed, for a multiple of reasons.

But....the drama makes me want to choke myself on my keyboard.

Not everyone gets along. Which is fine. Except that now I'm on the side that everyone hates. Mostly because of a friend of mine.

So how am I supposed to maintain my friendship, get along with everyone (a requirement for some sort of survival), and still do a great job?

I'm at a loss.



Keep an eye on Stratics for some awesomeness. And keep an eye on the reason I went back to Stratics, and never, ever let me forget! THIS is the reason I am an Associate Editor of Stratics Central : The MMO Gamer.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogs I Visit

beans has some stuffs I visit :
Almaroc - Those of you who visit Stratics will recognize that name

She also has Interesting Drug and the MMO Dump.

I also visit Speranza's blog.

And of course, The Ridgecrest Blog.

On the gaming front I enjoy Terra Nova and Aggro Me. I did an interview with the dude from Aggro Me a long time back. He's awesome!



I really really hate Kaiser,

but every now and then they come out with something that reminds me that even idiots can say something we should all listen to.

Not often mind you...but in this case, yes.

According to the survey, many women still believe that most breast cancer cases are caused by genetic mutations; however, only 5% to 10% of cases are genetic. In addition, the survey found that about two-thirds of women ages 18 to 24 believe breast cancer can be prevented. A woman's risk for the disease can be reduced by avoiding alcohol or taking hormone replacement therapy, but it cannot be eliminated, according to the Tribune. The survey also found that 70% of women believe eating enough fruits and vegetables will help prevent breast cancer, but there is scant scientific evidence to support the theory.

Four out of 10 of the women who participated in the study believe regular self examinations are the best way to detect breast cancer early, and about the same number of women believe mammograms are the best way to detect the disease early. According to the Tribune, studies have found that self-exams sometimes lead to anxiety and unnecessary biopsies and do not prevent deaths from breast cancer. Mammograms have been shown to decrease the risk of dying of breast cancer, but the screening can be inaccurate and can lead to diagnosis and treatment of a noncancerous tumor, the Tribune reports.

Fran Visco, president of NBCC, said messages that raise awareness about breast cancer "lull the public into a false sense that adequate progress is being made." She added, "There's a lot of misinformation out there. In order to take meaningful action, we need to educate, not just raise awareness." According to Visco, there is still much to learn about breast cancer before the disease can be cured.

To all of my friends and family I plead: If something is wrong with your body, listen!!!!

Cancer happens whether you are predisposed or not. Whether you eat sugar by the spoonful or abstain. It happens whether your mother's father's family ate only male fish on the 7th of every month under a full moon.

DON'T BE STUPID! Ladies, ONE in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Look around. Between just the (very small) circle of people I know : Me, Tawnia, mom, Beth, Missi, Jenelle, Lisa....your odds aren't very good.

For some of us (previously diagnosed with any sort of non/hodgkins lymphomas) our chances are even higher.

Get yourself checked, stay informed, and DO NOT take no from a doctor. Only YOU know if something is wrong with yourself. Screw your family and friends who tell you otherwise. There are horror stories we've all heard (and some of us have gone through) about family and friends undergoing tests or treatments.

Listen to them. And support your loved-ones as they undergo their own horrors. Whether they choose to share them with you or not. (Love you guys!)

On that note, I'll be in Denver with Mags in November as she undergoes her Cystic Fibrosis tests and treatments. Love you AK! *licks*

Peace - O


Monday, October 01, 2007

New Pics!

Pat has put up some new pics in our photo gallery.

The pics include Jeremy and Jojo's wedding.

This one has Jeremy wearing a *GASP* Notre Dame shirt. Now he can brag all he wants about how Notre Dame started losing the second he put it on....but he still put it on!

Also included are pics from our April anniversary trip to Disneyland, like this one:

Plus more from Disney! (I wouldn't be a Disney freak if I didn't take at least 300 pics!!)