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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Team Travel!

What we do here at my work, it's too much for one person. There is no way one could know everything, keep up with monthly regulatory changes, daily procedural changes, and the constant influx of what-ifs and situational application we're expected to.

It's why a "team" mentality is so important. Our support of one another, a dedication to finding the right answer and following through, these are all critical to support of the War Fighter. And whether folks here see it or not, what we do is ultimately for the support of those who protect our nation - both on the front line, and those who design and support products for their use.

It's hard to focus on team sometimes. It's hard not to think of yourself, and to be bothered when others don't seem to be putting in the same effort. But that's when the team comes to the rescue! We answer the question people are asking! We pick up the phone and help that person who's issue is critical to them! We *are* customer service!

I'm proud to work with the folks that I do. We have a fantastic team. When you tell people "I work in Travel" and they say they're so sorry - don't accept their pity! What we do is critical to both our military and civilian folks. No, people do not understand the scope of our positions and responsibilities. That is not imporant. That we do our job correctly is all we can do, and others will just have to take their judgemental little selves elsewhere!

Yes, we are capable of so much more, but only as a team. And only when we accept that without each other we're just a bunch of very lost people trying to figure out a HUGE puzzle with only a few of the pieces.

Have a great Navy day!