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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Food Poisoning

yick. Pat and I went out to a local place yesterday for lunch and I've been pretty sick since. I was able to drink water and eat some toast this morning, so hopefully it will pass.

Happy New Years Everyone!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today's News

Trip reports are coming, but news is happening so fast, I felt the need to post a quick update.

Yesterday, before the Feast of Eid began, Saddam Hussein was hanged for the murder of 22 Iraqi's.

It's a sad day when any person dies, regardless of the reason. This will certainly open a new door for the Iraqi people, and for their leadership. My thoughts are with his family, especially his daughter, during this time.

In other major news, President Gerald R. Ford died days ago, and his memorials are taking place even now. Tuesday has been declared a National Day of Mourning. His wife Betty and his four children will be flown to D.C. after the memorial in Palm Desert is complete.

Onto less world shattering news: Parents Eat More then Non-Parents. Not really shocking, but certainly something to be aware of!

Steve Jobs Cleared By Apple! A strange and certainly welcome (for me) story. Hopefully Apple will be able to pull out of this one.

Cloned Animal Meat Declared Safe To Eat. This one might raise some issues (I have some, though my thoughts aren't clear enough to yet write them out). We'll see how it progresses.

AT&T To Acquire BellSouth. Yick! At least their internet prices will fall, and a phone line isn't a requirement for DSL. Hopefully that will sweep the industry!

Madrid Struck By Terrorists....Again. What can I say, other then in the second terrorist activity in regular society, I'm glad not to have known any victims. I can't continue to lose people I know and love in this sort of violence. It's horrific.

Indonesian Ship Sinks. Sigh.

4 Men Swept Off U.S. Sub I'm still waiting for confirmation that Pat's counsin Kara's husband (whew) isn't a sub guy. I *think* he's on a carrier, since he's doing something similar to WestPac. It's really weird talking to people who aren't familiar with the Navy. I never realized that between growing up in a navy town, and being friends with John and Steven, how much of that stuff kinda sunk into you. Hopefully I'll know soon.

There's always lots of other news of course! The twins that were kidnapped are in custody, and their biological mother, who took them during a scheduled visit, is under arrest.

Sanctions against Iran caused the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to spout off stupidity once again.

An Indian businessman and his associate confessed to killing a minimum of 15 women and children after sexually assaulting them.

The list goes on and on! It's not all good news. But it's good to know what's going on around you, whether you agree or not.

Again, the trip report, and pictures will be coming soon. I'd like to thank Tawnia for taking care of Puppy while we were away, and to apologize to my family for not calling them on Christmas. My phone kinda screwed up. :(

Also a request. Please don't drink and drive. Your killing yourself through your own stupidity doesn't bother me, I won't miss you if you're stupid enough to do it.(I'm serious.) You willingly endangering and killing someone else who was just unlucky enough to be near an out of control you, scares the bejeezes out of me. If you get caught driving drunk, I hope you're executed. If you're not caught, I will personally fund whatever means necessary to catch the idiots that decide "I'm not drunk" and get behind the wheel.

I've lost to many people I love to pure and utter stupidity. Don't let me loose you too.

Happy, and SAFE, New Years to everyone!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Straight to Hell!

Apparently, going straight to hell is a specialty for some people!

In this story a Catholic church was robbed and about 30 thousand dollars was stolen on Christmas Eve.

In an even greater act of stupidity, they parked their SUV right outside, and someone got the license plate number. HA HA HA!!!

I love it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pat's Links

Pat always finds the BEST links!!!

This story is an intersting thought!
CSU is considering adding a mandatory assessment test on technological literacy for all freshmen, much as it has required English and math placement tests since the 1980s.
hee hee One small step for geekdom, one giant leap for true somethingness! :p

And of course, speaking of geekdom, LONG LIVE GOOGLE!!!

This story just warms my heart all to pieces!
Google Inc. displaced Yahoo! Inc. as the world's second-most visited Web site in November and closed in on leader Microsoft Corp., a market researcher said today.

WOOO!!!!! Keep up the good work Google! A Google toolbar on every desktop, a google search engine in every homepage! LET'S ALL GO FOR THE GLORY! :o

Oh, speaking of glory, the Bronco's play today. Let's all try to keep happy thoughts coming at my poor little rookie (almost said freshman HA HA) qb, shall we, BETH!???? :p I hope your Chargers choke! :p And I love you! =)

Christmas Eve

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, once again.

Christmas Eve is busy here, as everyone prepares more rolls, cupcakes, fudge, cookies, and in general food, then an army could eat.

The kitchen is hopping, the guys have gone out land hunting for Pat's uncle John, and I'm desperately trying to make my new Nintendog listen to me. It's voice activated, and I don't have the instruction booklet here! we'll do presents, mass, and...that's right. One of the most anti-Catholic people you've ever met is going to mass. When in Rome and all that, and Pat was raised Catholic. It's interesting to experience other people's religions and beliefs, even if you don't agree. I may be opinionated, but I'm not small minded!!!

Dinner sounds like it will be a huge affair. I'm a little nervous. My family Christmases were the five of us. There will be 30 some people here. EVERYONE always goes out of their way to make both Pat and I welcome, and to make us part of what's going on. But 30 people is a lot, and the crush of all those bodies tends to put me in panic attack mode before they even get here. Pat and I are planning on taking a golf cart out on the path (pictures coming when we get home) and hide away for a bit, together.

The hugeness of stuff like this is hard for us as well. Pat and I are always together, and we're always pretty much alone. So we easily and readily exchange kisses, cuddles, private thoughts, and countless hugs all the time. Being somewhere that doesn't make that possible is kinda wearing. It changes our relationship. Perhaps this is what people talk about when they say they go to bed strangers, especially after having a child.

We haven't shared a private thought time, or moments just watching tv cuddling since we got here. It's draining not to have Pat to bounce my thoughts off of. I've got to process them all myself!!!! I'm not that smart!

So as the house prepares for card playing, puzzles, and many generations of family together talking, eating and sharing Christmas together, I both mentally steel myself and wish somewhere privately that my own family still did stuff like this.

Maybe next Christmas, we'll have to do it at my house.

Mom, I hope you like frozen rolls, cause I don't do homemade like Pat's mom. She's kinda crazy :p Homemade rolls, bread, cupcakes, fudge, gravy, stuffing,jam, juice, etc. A turkey and a ham, salad, etc, etc, etc.

My menu: Pillsbury crescent rolls, gravy mix, store bought bread, soda, and a turkey stuffed with Stovetop stuffing. :p Everyone is invited to my house for Christmas next year!!! lol

It's just so very different from what I'm used to these last 10 years. I'm in a different world!

I miss my puppy. Tawnia, give him extra cheesy popcorn and hold him tight for me. I want to be home playing with him so much.... =(

Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe, and if you drink, don't drive.

Talk About Southern Hospitality! And Other Stuff

We went to Cracker Barrel the other day, to celebrate the issuing of the first of many patents John has waiting for approval in his new project.

The waitress was unbelievable! She seriously tried to make all of us get a free "to go" cup of whatever we were drinking, and even excused herself in the middle of taking her first order because she was going to start coughing. WOW! She was really nice, and really great service. Even after the bill came she was there every few moments making sure we didn't need napkins, more soda (ever seen Pat drink soda? He had a refill every time!), dessert, whatever!!!

It was a shock to me, truly. To be in such a different place, with different values and ideals is always a little unnerving. To see such wonderful service just made my heart sing with gladness. It'll be rough returning to California after this!! =)

In other both sad and hilarious news: We were watching the local Knoxville news the other night, and heard that 3 boys had been found abandoned at a grocery store, and that their mother had been arrested on child abuse charges. Not only were they abandoned but they had marks on their bodies which lead police to believe they were heavily phsyically abused as well.

Now, none of this is funny, don't get me wrong. The funny part was, at first, they couldn't question the woman because no one on the force spoke spanish. *blinks*

The police chief said something along the lines of "We have a slight language barrier here", to the tv news reporter. I laughed my butt off!!!!!!!!! Apparently it really is a different country out here. EVERYONE out west is required to have someone on duty at all times that speaks spanish. Just absolutely hilarious. Anyway, as for the non-hilarious part, here's the story from the local paper.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well we arrived safe and sound! Not a lot of time yet to chat, but just wanted to update you guys!



Sunday, December 17, 2006

And we're off!

Bye everyone! We both have our cell phones, and we'll have email access in 48 hours (I hope!!!).


Off to State Line!

We leave McCarran tomorrow at 11am, so we're taking off to be closer to the airport, and a last chance to spend time on us before Christmas!

Loading MP3's on the player right now, so I'll have stuff to listen to on the plane while Pat is playing his DS Light.

It's quite a mix! Got some Eminem right next to Enya. Some Marilyn Manson next to Tchaikovsky. Even some Limp Bizket and some Diana Krall. Let me tell you, my music collection is an ecletic mashing of moods and styles. Personally, I'm excited to listen to the new Fiona Apple. I'm a huge fan and would love to see her in concert. She's discordant enough to not be main stream, but her music and style is so unmistakebly talented. It's fun! :o

Oki, so gonna go finish packing, and get Pat up and get outta here! Talk to you from Knoxville! =)

Stay safe everyone! Happy Weekend!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Work is done!

I am not going to work until January 2nd. It's nice to have a vacation at last!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Just a note, they still haven't found those climbers.

A conundrum! If they had told people where they were climbing instead of being afraid "the man" was after them, and had applied for a permit like they were supposed to, would this be an issue? Perhaps they'll pay for their paranoi with their lives?

Chilling thought.

Burning Man DDR!

Cres strikes again with another interesting link. This time it's: Dance Dance Immolation!

Cres is cool! And congrats to him for finishing his medical classes this semester, and hopefully doing well! I hope his Christmas in New York is filled with snowmen, a good play or two, and a safe and joyful time with his family!

Congrats on your grades this semester hon. I'm proud of you. *hugs*

Be safe out there in murder land! :p

Christmas Presents

Pat and I are surprisingly private people. Last night we exchanged Christmas presents like little kids, cause we wanted it to be between us!

Pat got me a girl t Bronco shirt, and I got him a Bonhomme Richard and Nimitz active duty type embroidered t-shirt and a Nintendo DS with some games.

It was a romantic exchange, and then we laid in bed and talked and snuggled before I fell right to sleep. I've been getting up early, I HAVE to be asleep before 11! lol

Anyway, it was wonderful. Our first Christmas together! I couldn't ask for more from him, and it's fantastic the way our lives have mixed since we've been together.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Remember to say "I love you" to those you love. If you don't say it, sometimes, we forget it's true! =)


Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Seattle Christmas Tree Stuff

Is it plagerising if you cite the source? :p

This site has an awesome entry regarding the Seattle Christmas tree thing, even going so far as having an uploaded Fox News segment!

The quote I want to specifically share is from the blog itself:
Can you imagine different interest groups wanting to push their identity to be recognized during Cinco de Mayo or Black History Month? It shouldn’t be “all about me”. It’s okay to be exclusive. During Nisei Week, I’m not interested in seeing Chicano pride marching in the street parade alongside surviving members of the 442nd, the highly decorated all-Japanese-American WWII battalion. I expect to celebrate the beauty of Japanese-American cultural heritage.

You might say that’s different: it doesn’t concern religion. I disagree about the difference. Religious culture is still culture; and true tolerance means you allow any given culture to celebrate in peace, without demanding that your culture also take center stage.

ya ya!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas's a laugh!

Stupid People!

Almost as funny as the muslims who were so incensed at the picture of Mohammed with a bomb on his head as portraying muslims as violent, well they went out and did a bunch of violent things.

It's a crazy world people! The only rioting going on should be the Bronco fans!!!!

Seriously!!! =)

Luxor and the amazing me

I started a topic without an exclamation point! GO ME! :p

Last night I finished my luxor game on the very highest level. Took me 3 tries of going through the whooooooooole game, but I did it!!! I'll probably never log into it again. lol

GO ME! :)

We leave in 4 days! Wait, I think I put the wrong date in the Time and Date counter last time, cause it's 4 days now, and it's a day later! Woopsie!

Anyway as you can see, it's almost Christmas!!!!!!! WOO!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My email

At any given time I have between 400 and 500 unread emails in my personal inbox (my yahoo account).

I've tried very hard this last week to get it under 430, and keep it there. I fell behind on emails and just haven't caught up. Most are survey's that I get paid a nominal fee over the course of a year to complete. Usually $20-30. Hey, it's gambling money!

Tawnia went and sent me like 23 emails and sent me back to being severely behind.


Everyone stop sending me emails, or use my gmail account for a week! I need to catch up!!! LOL


My ankle is getting better. It just occured to me that only this week did it really stop hurting.

Sitting on the couch with my feet up, or sitting with my legs under me caused excruiciating pain only last week. Sleeping was the worst though. I'd wake up and be in pain and not be able to get back to sleep.

I believe that working with the Wii (don't laugh) and playing tennis has caused me to move around and strengthen it, and I can walk at a brisk pace without hurting myself even a little bit now.

Running is still pushing it, but only barely. Hopefully soon that will be back to normal!!!

I am still slightly sick though, and truly hoping that it goes away by Monday. Flying with congestion is simply asking for sinusitis or migraines, and I'm really not wanting to ruin our Christmas holidays by being all sick and grumpy.

I'm trying to keep things wrapped up at work, and just finished my first really big package payment today!!! WOO!!!

I'd like to thank Tawnia in advance, for taking care of Puppy while we're gone! I'm taking her for her first ever pedicure tonight! I'm very excited. Pedicures make me happy! lol

So anyway.......Have a good week everyone!


Stupidity Strikes Again!

[Edit: In my excitement to heckle, I wrote up an entry that rambled something fierce, and that was totally unreadable in it's original form. Hopefully, that's been fixed, if not, oh well. I'm still sick! :p]

Note: I like to use exclamation marks. Live with it.


Most of you will remember my rant against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Apparently ignorance knows no bounds. President Ahmadinejad is hosting a conference for people who deny that the holocaust occured.

That's right, you read that correctly.

Now, one can say that the holocaust didn't happen, it is, or should be, everyone's right to an opinion. One can believe it's a myth. One would be utterly and horribly WRONG. But one can believe what one wishes.

(I've been reading The Belgariad series by David and Leigh Eddings, I always use the term "one" when reading that's awesome!)

Saying the holocaust didn't happen is sheer and utter ignorance on a plane so high one would be the king of such a plane!

The Washington Post story goes on to say:
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki dismissed the criticism as "predictable," telling delegates there was "no logical reason for opposing this conference."

I don't oppose the conference, shockingly! I welcome it! It's so nice when people stand upon a pedestal, hold a nice colorful flag and yell at the top of their lungs "Look how stupid we are! Laugh at us!!!" It makes it much easier when deciding who to ridicule.

The two-day event in Tehran was initiated by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The hard-line president has described the Holocaust as a "myth" and called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Well, nothing more to say on that note!


T Minus 4 day!

4 days, 21 hours, 33 minutes and 34 seconds until we leave for Vegas. That will start out Christmas trip!



Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pat and I playing Wii!

I'm in a picture mood!

Since we got the camera out for the monitor shot, I took more! GO ME!

Puppita is a spazz. But here's him being mostly calm!

My Christmas Present!

Pat got me this flat screen LCD 19 inch monitor for Christmas. Since we won't be home for Christmas, and it wouldn't travel easily, Pat gave it to me early.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn't my honey the coolest?!!!


Friday, December 08, 2006

The "Christmas With the In Laws" Post

I don't know how one comes up with the "dreaded in laws" thing. I love Pat's family dearly. They've welcome me into their home, and family with open arms, and loving hearts.

I am so looking forward to Christmas in Tenessee!!!

I am hesitent to be away from home for so long though. Not that I don't like staying with John and MariLu, but I'll miss Puppita, and my own bed, and computer. And I kinda like to be a mole rat when I'm at people's houses. Give me a blanket and a book and leave me alone! Never thought you'd hear me say I like being anti-social, did you!? That never leaves a good impression though. And Pat has made me promise not to carry my book with me everywhere.

I will have a wonderful time though!

Pat and I, no matter where we go on travel tend to spend more time focusing on each other. And that is always a joy. To have the (well, almost) full attention of the man of my dreams is truly a joy.

Pat is looking forward to blueberry muffins something fierce! It's wonderful spending time with his family, and hopefully, it will snow!!!

I'm looking forward to a Christmas tree, and hanging out with JoEllen. Some good book time, and walks around the extensive property with Pat. Hot chocolate with no marshmellows, and hearing John talk about his work projects. He's really fun to talk to, he knows tons of stuff about tons of stuff! Mini-golf, bowling, shops that are REAL shops and not Ridgecrest stuff. A BOOK STORE!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I want to ask MariLu (emails on the way LOL!) if she'll help me with crocheting. It's been a while, and I've forgotten. Plus I'm stupid, so I can't learn out of a book. It's sad.

JoEllen and Mike have been going to school, and I'm anxious to hear how their classes are going, and what they've been up to. They manage to keep incredibly busy without loosing their sanity. I play computer games....a lot. LOL

We can't wait to go to "The Soup Kitchen" and have chilli and bread! mmmmmmmmmmm

Christmas presents are a little weird though. I haven't bought presents for my own family in many years. Many, many years. lol So I feel badly not bringing presents. But I can't even find presents for my husband, much less others!!!

Seriously, how sad is that?

Since I moved from San Diego, I've been way less family orriented. Nothing personal against my family or anything, but they're kinda stressful. I love them to death!!!!!!!!! But sometimes being around all of them for any length of time is just, hard on me. Mostly because I feel the need to fix everything, and have never learned to keep my mouth shut. (I try mom, truly I do!) It's not their fault. I stress about everything!!!!!!!!! In case you haven't noticed. =p

So hopefully this Christmas will go smoothly, I won't say anything to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, and Pat and I will have a fantastic Christmas holiday with our family!!!!

10 days to go! 5 work days left! WOO!

Blog Critics

I've been rolling on keeping this thing updated huh?!

In the last post I brought up a post from Blog Critics that had stirred my thoughts. I've been digging deeper into the site, and I find that I really enjoy hearing other points of view on things going on, and most everyone is a pretty reasonable writer as far as staying on track and making their points clearly. Not like me, I ramble...hee hee


"You're Right. I'm Wrong." is an interesting view on the other side of the fence. Made me think! heh

I am not an A!

I've decided I am no longer one of "them". I once took pride in being a "right wing conspirist", but no longer. It's happened over the course of several years.

Let's go over my political side, shall we?

I am so anti-abortion that I have a hard time being around people that are so blatantly for it in ignorance or in stupidity.

I am completely and totally for the religious beliefs of anyone who also follows the laws our state and federal governments have approved. (If you're molesting kids, that's not a religion, it's a crime.)

I am for the right of anyone to date anyone, and to have the same rights as anyone else. I am somehow.....not convinced I guess, that marriage should be defined as anything other then between a man and a woman. I think it opens to many loopholes that are scary to contemplate. But I would lobby and vote for any law that gives basic civil rights to gay couples, and parents.

I am for the slowing of traffic, the cessation of burdening taxes, and against any and every movement that gives people who are ILLEGAL, the rights AND responsibilities to legal citizens.

I am against the government paying for stem cell research, cancer research and aids research. I wholeheartedly hope that every pharmaceutical company that will make money off of curing these blights is pouring millions of dollars into curing them. They'll profit, not the government.

I am for stem cell research that doesn't use cells taken from aborted anythings. (Call them what you will.)

I am as against suing car companies for polluting as I am gun companies for killing people.

I am so anti-drunk driving that I think one conviction should be enough to have your license revoked forever, and have you thrown in jail with a bunch of rats and given no food for a year. =)

I don't mind people that smoke, I don't mind taxing them. I would rather raise the luxury tax on beer, but that's just me apparently.

I don't mind welfare, but it should be a work for food and preperation for jobs, rather then free money for women that can't keep their legs closed. My family was on welfare for a while. We got off of it. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

I am totally and completely for allowing people into the country. But I believe we have one of the most lenient laws and availability for such, and that anyone who can't figure out how to do it legally, or who shows such blatant disregard for our laws should be thrown into the San Fran bay and made to swim home, wherever that may be.

I am for the immediate and complete destruction of anyone that attacks our country (Japan and Afghanistan are lucky I'm not in office) or anyone that aids them (just hang Suddam and be done with it). I believe that any citizen of any country has the right to live their life in a place without violence. I believe that the U.S. is a blessed country who's better off looking out for the little guys then just being a superpower.

I am for the freedom of the press, but I think the press is filled with a bunch of idiots who only listen to their own pulse of what's happening and who have no ethics, integrity or desire to report the truth.

I am for the freedom of speech. You can say what you want. You may be held responsible for it, but you won't be shot for giving your opinion.

I am for the complete and total blocking off of our borders. Booyah!

I am against the legalization of any more drugs that are already available, until Doctors are tracked and held responsible for their dispensing abilities.

I am for health care available to any and all people, but I'm not sure yet how that would best be accomplished, so I won't elaborate. But I believe everyone deserves a chance for a healthy life.

I think scientists take themselves too seriously, and money should be cautiously given, and ruthlessly overseen. I think most researchers are jokers who should go back to their real jobs: telemarketing.

I am for the education of children, against equal opportunity (it's a long story) and so anti-union it'd make your head spin.

I believe that as soon as the U.S. turns their back on Israel we're basically screwed to hell. Explain that as you will.

I hate the U.N. and N.A.F.T.A.

So why do I hate "conservatives"? Labels are dangerous. And being a "conservative" is becoming more and more dangerous (to my way of thinking) every day.

I am conservative yes, but I am not "a conservative" any longer. I refuse to be labeled as being on the same side as Rush, and Dennis Prager. I hold my own opinions, right or wrong as they may be. I take responsibility for those opinions, and I allow no one else to speak for me with a label as wide as it is long.

I didn't vote for Bush, I voted against Kerry. Am I unhappy with Bush? No. I tried to make serious plans to move out of the country should Kerry have been elected. :o Pat laughed at me. I cried when it looked like he was doing well.

What brought this on? This Blogcritics post about the whole Muslim congressman who wants to swear on the Koran summed up my feelings rather well.

I am patriotic to the core. I believe our veterans should be fiercely loved, protected and given every thing they need to survive in any way shape or form. How someone could pick a battle so petty is so beyond me that it makes me angry.

That man may be "a conservative" but I give up. I am now me. A thinking being who will be called.........."independent" Sadly, my voter registration card will remain checked as republican. Cause there's been MAYBE one democrat I would vote for. But mostly, I just vote to keep the idiots out of office. Maybe that's what it's come to?

A thought for the day!

Everyone have a good weekend!

[Edit: I am so sick today! So many typos it's scary, should be mostly fixed though]

Still sick

And it sucks!!! Being sick on a weekend is the best form of revenge for slackers. And I have been slacking this week. Oh well.....Monday starts a new week!

6 working days til we leave for Christmas! I'm excited, and still desperately trying to find a present for Pat. grrrrrrrrrrr


Thursday, December 07, 2006

I am a bad, bad wife!

What kind of wife can't find her husband a Christmas present? ME!


Stupid Pat goes out and buys whatever he wants, whenever he wants, AND even if he couldn't, I probably still couldn't figure out what to buy him. =(

I'm a failure as a friend, and a wife, and I deserve to be maimed by tiny dogs with dull teeth.


The Day that shall live in Infamy

Today, I take a moment to remember those who were murdered in their sleep by surprise attacks. They were not at war, they were not prepared, they were dead. More then 2,400 Americans.

I remember those who raised up and defended our nation, our beliefs, and our way of life. The veterns of World War II, those that kept home running while they were away, those that lost family, friends, and loved ones who fought to keep our country safe.

I remember, even grudingly, that no apology was ever given. Not that one could ever excuse such an atrocious act of cowardice and war.

Now, let's not for a moment remember how U.S. forces treated native hawaiian people. I don't know if an apology was ever given for that, but it definitely should, if it hasn't. It's one thing to be one sided in your views. It's another to be blind.

Anyway....I remember.

Today is a weird day in news!

This story from the Christian Science Monitor shocked me to my very core!
When America's first Muslim congressman, a Democrat from Minnesota, let it be known he will carry a Koran to his swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 4, conservative pundit Dennis Prager called it "an act of hubris ... that undermines American civilization."

In a web column, the talk-show host said, "Insofar as a member of Congress taking an oath to serve America and uphold its values is concerned, America is interested in only one book, the Bible. If you are incapable of taking an oath on that book, don't serve in Congress."

You've got to be kidding me. If he wanted to carry a Book of Mormon would you be so outraged Mr. Prager? He is swearing to uphold the constitution, not the bible, or the koran, or your weird views. Now personally, I wouldn't have voted for him, and not because of his relgious beliefs. But since he's been voted in by the constituents of the area, he gets to serve. Whether you like it or not.

Yes, our U.S. history is based on a Christian past. But it's also based on Religious freedom. As far as I, personally, am concerned, as long as your religion doesn't molest children, or break the law in any other way, you're pretty much allowed to operate in the U.S. I don't have to like it. BUT I HAVE TO ALLOW IT. The same freedoms that allow those people to believe what they believe allow me to believe what I believe, and to express my opinions without being shot.

Now I'm not saying, Mr. Pruger, that you can't have your own beliefs. They can be small minded, or religiously biased, or racist. Our country allows that. But when you start saying things that are un-American in their basic stance, you open yourself up to ridicule and being called a stupid ass....which is what you are. =)

k, thanks

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Getting sick

For all of my adoring fans out there, I'd like to make you aware of a stunning turn for the worse in my week. I'm getting sick. Now, before you yell at me for standing outside in the cold at 4:30am to get my Wii, I started getting sick last night.

I started taking vitamin c, Airborne, (and here), and Zicam.

It doesn't sem to be helping. I only hope I'm well by the 16th, for our office Christmas party. Of course, we're leaving on the 17th for Vegas and then on the 18th we fly out of Vegas to Knoxville!

You may all continue your normal lives! :p

Stay safe this Christmas!


I got in line at 4:30 this morning.

We are now the proud owners of a Nintendo Wii!

Jeremy bought us Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess, and an extra controller. We're still looking for nunchucks (not for Christmas people, we'll have them before then!).


I mean Weeeeeeeee!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We went bowling tonight! I beat Pat!!!! FIRST TIME EVER.....and I'm sure it will never happen again! Lumpy is me, Ducky is Tawnia, Pat is boring....



Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm going through my emails, and through my faves, just so ya know why all the disjointed posts. Pat is talking to his parents about stuffs. We leave for our trip in 13 days!!!!!! WOO!


If you haven't seen the Warhammer Online trailor yet, definitely check it out!

And.........stupid bronco's. =(

Little Foot

Cres, a friend of mine from Eve, sent me the links to these videos, and made me late for work! :p

Little Foot


The YuYu

The first one is awesome!!!!!!!!! It was so moving, and SO CUTE!
The second one is more vivid, animation wise, and the music is catchy, though the repitition was mildly annoying, it was a good video.

Little Foot is now among my "Web Must Haves"! WOO!

Christmas on the Prado

It's an hour or two before the sun sets, and mom, Beth, Nathan and I are inside the Spanish Art Village in Balboa Park. The tables being set up on the far side, near the Zoo parking lot are being filled with chili makings, cookies, banana nut and zuccini breads. The kids and mom walk among the shops, looking at some of the cute things, and some of the OMG How can anyone spend that much money on a Christmas Pin!!!???? stuff.

As the sun goes down, we buy chili, hot chocolate and cookies while the musicians set up and start singing the carols, and the shops set out there Christmas specialties. The glass blower starts doing demo's and shows how their art is made. The shops are packed at this point. You can barely get in and out. Face painting is going on, and little dances and games. And this is only the Spanish Art Village.

On these nights, Balboa Park comes alive with music, dancing, folk art, food and fun, it's Christmas on the Prado!

Those nights have passed. Soon after I left San Diego the tradition passed to what's now called December Nights. I haven't had a chance to go back, and in ways, it's heartbreaking.

The kids doing the nutcracker suite at the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet. The hot chocolate!! The Air & Space Museum, the cloggers outside the Reuben H. Fleet Center. The swedish food outside the Old Globe, the dancing, singing, cookies, the Museums! The museum of Man, Natural History, Model Railroads, and the Hall of Champions.

The House of Scotland Pipe Band, the Poinsettia display, the live Christmas Tree Display.....It's what Christmas is to me. It's what we've always done for Christmas. It's a part of the holiday!

The Nativity Scene at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, wandering with Nathan over the restraunt and hearing a door open and closing, and going up to find no one there (freakiest Christmas EVER!!!!!!!!!).

It's so close, and yet, it's just out of my grasp for Christmases here.

Maybe next year........

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Santa Fair and USC Loses...a perfect day!

Pat and I got up early (before 9:30am on a weekend is early for us!) and went to the Santa Art Shop that's held yearly at the Ridgecrest Fairgrounds. You can read more about the art shop at another Ridgecrest blog. He explains it way better then I could, at 11pm. :)


=) I hate USC. Pat loves them because his roommate in college was a fan. So I can forgive (kinda) his weird love of them. But today was a brutal game to watch in the house. Next weekend will be worse, my San Diego State Aztecs vs Pat's Arizona Wildcats go head to head in basketball at Cox Arena in San Diego! GO SDSU! This would be a huge win for my Aztecs. A dream come true. A HUUUUUUUUUGE WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I think the gloating, either way, is gonna be harsh. =) GO SDSU! GO RED AND BLACK! (Scarlet?) GO AZTECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoping to get my Wii this week. I've got some info that makes me believe it will happen. I'll cry if it doesn't. Jeremy is a sweetie and got us an extra controller and Zelda: Twilight Princess. WOO! Can't wait to play it!

Annnnnnnnd, that's the weekend update. It's 11:15, I've spent hours in Camelot doing PvP. Pat has discovered the joy of the battlegrounds and he hasn't played a main character in a few days. I'm a little worried for him. lol

Tawnia called today to give me info on the Wii, and to chat a bit. It's good getting to talk to her more. I think we're supposed to see a movie this week sometime. Not sure when, or what, yet.

In weekend news that's interesting?

Tomorrow's plan? Laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, football, and hanging out with my honey! OH! Speaking of football....STUPID SHANAHAN!!!!!!!!!! STARTING CUTLER?! WHY DON'T YOU JUST SLIT MY WRISTS NOW???????????? JAKE WAS *WINNING* arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Gonna go cry now!!!!!
Stupid Beth, shut up about your Chargers!!! :p Love ya sis! *kisses*

Oki, 11:25pm, and I think this is my last bingo game on Slingo! Have a good what's left of tonight. Stay warm!

Oh, and if you've seen Steven anywhere, tell him to SEND ME AN EMAIL YOU MEANIE!!!!! =)