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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013!

Monique came over today to show us the new puppy her and Alan got. His name is Blizzard!

Yeah, I got a little picture crazy - it's okay. I don't get to play with puppies all that often. HE IS SO CUTE!

Anyway - that, Easter baskets, SO much yummy food, some basketball, finished off the HOTS campaign in casual mode and am considering how much work I want to put into A-Z blogging that supposedly starts tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! HE IS RISEN!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Wasted Moments - Considering The Possible

Spending the day thinking "I seriously can't do half of what I want - I am just not that smart, it's a lot of work, and very hard.

Then read a bunch of marketing blogs, entrepreneurship stuff. They all boil down to one thing "What Have You Shipped?"

Looking back on what I've accomplished, what's actually gotten in to the hands of people - whether they agreed or disagreed, I'm very proud of myself. Nor more frustrated that I lapsed for so long in really grabbing what I wanted to do and just running with it.

So for now, doing what I do best. Surrounded by my thoughts, good pens, and a fabulously new notebook (green...because I have 8 million of all the other colours) - planning out the future of what I want to do.

Nervous, but excited.

And for mom - Happy song of the day is  The Memory Of Trees, by Enya - Because of this:

It's always nice to have have happy memories of the places I've been, and the friends I've made.

LA ^^