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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Everyone who knows me understands that deep down inside (okay, really not that deep), I am a complete and utter Star Wars geek. I can't help it. I've not tried because, let's face it, who doesn't want to be a SW geek?!?

But today I found Distracted by Star Wars and spent a good hour and a half laughing my ass off at almost every entry. Because I know very few of my friends are strong enough to actually go look at the site, and they had some AWESOME stuff there, I figured I'd show you the best of what I found. Granted, I'm only up to beginning of December, so there's likely more to come.

You'll live.

I find this lolcats particularly hilarious because, of course, Mark Hamill has gone on to have an amazing career in voice acting for video games, anime, and animated shows. My particular favorite is his voicing of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, and not just because I love Harley so much I would marry her were she real. Don't worry, I know she's not....

Next, this link is an awesome Star Wars Weather site! It's like Hoth where I live!!! (It's really not, but it's COOL that the site says so!)

Then there's the World of Cow comic, which is always funny. Any parody of "I am your father" is pretty good though.

Linked from the site was also these Hello Kitty Star Wars thingies. If you EVER find them ANYWHERE for sale at a reasonable price - buy them for me! I will reimburse you, but OMG don't let them not get to me!

There was also a YouTube video for the prequel movies I and II in five seconds that I appreciated fully. Honestly, Mr. Lucas, this is what you should have released. I would have paid the same amount of money to see it and not felt like you destroyed everything I loved about the SW universe!

Flickr user Yogibara had this "Class Photo" picture he took of his lego SW universe folks, and while I originally hated the lego SW things, the more I see parody pics and what people can do with them to enhance the laughter from SW fans - I'm all for it!

Finally, Flickr user brickplumber proves my comment above, that Lego SW universe stuff is cool. There's really no other explanation needed.

Have a great weekend all - and may the force be with you!

Also, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So much coming up!

Tuesday the 19th is Pat's birthday (we're still not doing anything!).

Next weekend we're going to San Diego to hang out with my fam. Very excited about that!

We have a 5 day week at work and then we head to Laughlin with Monique and her mom and Matt. THAT will be fun. We will, of course, have to head back early on Sunday so that we can watch the Super Bowl!

The next weekend (February 12th) is opening weekend for the olympics, and Pat and I will have been together 7 years, though he doesn't count our dating anniversary since we got married.

The next weekend is a flex, and we'll be having a Vampire party for Shelly's birthday. I'm excited about this one, and a little nervous!

Weekend after that, the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics take place, and those are always fun to watch.

March will be our recover month except for a short (St.) Patrick's day celebration of some sort.

April is our cruise with Lisa and John and OMG am I ready for it! And April is the month of birthday's.

May is another month of recovery and planning summer goings on! LOTS to do! My birthday (think either luau, mexican fiesta, or wars.), Fourth of July being a long weekend for us is going to be awesome, and of course the general bbq weather and awesomely long nights here in Ridgecrest lead to some fun party nights.

After that, not sure - but Tawnia's birthday is October, and Monique's is in November and then there's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! OMG! This year is almost over and I have NOTHING planned! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Off to make some plans for Shelly's party, and work from there. NO TIME TO LOSE!

Oh, and I got my hair cut and colored. It's awesome. Pics to come sometime this weekend.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I would like to point out for one moment, that there are idiots like this in the world, and thanks to blogs, I get sent her idiot link at least 12 times by friends.

Her Video games were invented by the devil posting just makes me angry. Really, really, frustrated with people who don't understand, and who don't care and just want to be, well, idiots.

It is, of course, her right. As it's mine to pretty much despise her small minded and ill informed opinion. But, opinions are for all. I guess.

Her retraction? My bad: Video games are not from Satan. Grand.

I don't really care honestly, simply because I'm a gamer, was a gamer from very young, and I'm a functioning adult with a great job that I'm good at, friends, a loving husband, and a great life that I love - that includes playing games, both video and non.

Others opinion's of me is pointless. If video games don't work for her or her kids, that's fine. She is the mom. But my parents raised me just fine and gave me a huge advantage in technology, logical thinking, and prioritizing life. And they did it with video games. Just fine. :)

Enough with ranting and being upset! Off to mafia wars (a video game) before bed!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Poor House

Today is not as bad as yesterday. The plastic wrap is gone from the front room, couch, TV, and most of my (our) bedroom. Most of the drop clothes have been removed from the hallway and our bedroom.

This makes me supremely happy.

On the other hand, still no computer. I'm writing this from the comfort of our laptop while watching tonight's NCIS....which just featured a dead squirrel which makes me sad. POOR DEAD SQUIRREL.

Anyway. The entire house has had its popcorn ceilings removed leaving only drywall. Both extra rooms have been textured (skip trowel) and while the house is still in complete disarray, it looks more like my house than yesterday!

I dug the camera out from the plastic covering my computer, but the USB cord is still buried and I don't think I can really retrieve it without Pat going bonkers.

This is his baby, and he's SO excited!! It really will look great once we get it done, but for now, I'm really excited about having my house back!

OMG!!! They're autopsying the poor squirrel!!!!!!!!!! PALMER IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm excited to see what the house will look like when they're done. Which will hopefully be Friday. But even then we'll need to move all the furniture away from the walls and clean the hell out of my poor house.

In the mean time, I'll be heading to Point Mugu tomorrow for work and I'm rather nervous about it. Not that that would shock anyone, considering my ability to worry needlessly.

There's lots more to tell, and a TON of pictures to go up (both from Thanksgiving and from the house), but for now, NCIS (no more squirrel shots, thank GOD!) and then bed with my honey!

Happy Wednesday everyone!