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Friday, August 13, 2010

Week Breakdown and Rant: Guild Leadership

This week has been an exciting news week for geeky stuff, at least for me. Star Wars Celebration V is taking place in Orlando over the next few days, and the tweets and pics are very exciting to me! Not as much the official stuff, but the enthusiasm and creativity of the fans is truly astounding! Might start reading my Star Wars books again!!

The ongoing Duke Nukem Forever may be back! Hopefully, it never dies. Kinda like John’s wishing for UltimaX He’ll never stop wishing for it, no matter how much it’s not going to happen. OSI is dead Weezy, let it go.

GenCon was a few days ago and lots of good news from there! Rumors are floating around about the Neverwinter Nights MMO we’ve all heard so much about (really? Just me?). I would really enjoy seeing how they’d turn that into an MMO! I haven’t read too much about the other stuff that came out of GenCon (been a rough week), but I plan on catching up this weekend! Next year? I’m dragging Monique to GenCon! Everyone should go at least once!!!!

Since Tina has turned 80 I haven’t played much, since there hasn’t been a day off since! This weekend though I intend to do some heroic runs and Monique wants to run some lower level stuff that I’m excited to get the chance to see.

This weekend I have to work a bit on my badges for the week, and of course I want to get in to Puzzle Pirates a bit. But I also need to work on Tina’s rep for Timbermaw and Sporeggar. She’s SO close on both! That’s what happens when you get the Ambassador title at 45! ;p

Also, fishing! I’m only up to 321 fishing, and my cooking is even lower! So much to do, how do people have alts?! Maybe they play more….*glances at her friends*

So the rant of the week? My usual issue with MMOs. Community leadership and lack thereof. I’m not talking about game companies and their representatives, I’m talking guild and party leaders.

I have a problem with games that do not encourage community, or provide tools (Raiding/PVP alliance options in WoW anyone?) for communications, player organization, and discussions.

I also have a problem with guilds that do not promote officers who understand the duties of officership. Or maybe the idea of officers has changed since I was one or decided on promotions. Obviously each guild decides on the responsibilities of their officers differently. But the guild I’m currently in doesn’t have those responsibilities listed anywhere, and the only list of officers is on the guild roster from Wowstead….and the forums are rarely used.

I am confused by this. Because what I expect from officers is different than what most folks in this guild expect. So I’m not sure the operating rules. And ASKING a guild officer what they’re supposed to be doing is like the kiss of death. Why not just /gkick yourself?

So what are guild officers and leaders supposed to do IMO?
• Guild officers must communicate the guilds goals and lead players towards it actively and with the minimum of drama possible.
• Help recruit and mentor new members to the guild. Explain the rules of everything from loot, guild groups, expectations in PUGs, guild bank usage, who to go to for help, the difference between asking for help and begging
• Being an authority on basic game mechanics and hopefully have a specialization to assist folks with.
• Enforce rules, regulations, rewards, and work with the guild towards an awesome tomorrow!

Running a guild is hard work. When the guild leaders and officers are friends, or when the guild dynamic changes you must be willing as leaders of a community to adapt and learn. Sometimes you have to demote (or if you’re sneaky re-org the officership) and un-promote or over-promote those most capable of handling the day to day goings on of the guild.

Guild officers must run groups with folks in the guild who are not necessarily the best at what they’re doing. They must build a rapport with the lesser awesome folks and try to teach them, if those folks are open to learning. They must not create cliques with their friends and cause rifts between the “friends” and the “non-friends”.

If things are running as always but you got in to a fight with your husband/wife and co-leader, you can’t demote them and expect the guild not to feel the rift of power. You can’t expect to not have posted rules and expect everyone to understand what’s going on or what behavior is appropriate when.

You must follow the rules of the guild, and when circumventing rules it must not be detrimental to others in the guild.

You must not have the attitude of “If you don’t like it leave” right away. Explaining the rules, hearing the other side of the situation and considering if the rules apply is a necessity.

Just as being a boss IRL requires people, listening, conflict resolution and putting up with a WHOLE lotta BS, guild leadership and officership is not a walk in the Mage Park. It’s a lot of hard work.

How does one do this perfectly? Create a one person guild. Otherwise, one can only do the best they can and continue to learn and be a better leader every chance you login, communicate with others


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waiting To Be Me Again

Since I was with Zam lots of things have happened, and I've kinda gotten away from writing, both on blogs, for friends, about games, and just in general anything.

While my obsession with notebooks and pens has remained, it's not had that same power over me. I walk by "Back To School" sales with barely a peep. I said barely.....small squeely noises are the norm, of course.

But as I get back in to gaming and see things that both make me happy and disappoint me, I am getting more excited to get back in to it. Granted, I never claimed to be good at it, but it's something I really enjoy! So I plan on at least trying to write more regularly.

The more I think about it the more I realize how much I miss that part of me, and how awesome it will be to get back in to it.

Makes me want to play more games too, to see how my perception and requirements for MMO gaming has changed as my life focus has changed. I have a feeling it's both drastically different yet much the same!

So keep an eye out for my horrible writing which I require you all to read! ;p

Monday, August 09, 2010

This Evening - Crazy Blog Attempt

Ran to Wal-Mart after work to pick up some much needed items. Stopped at Carls Jr for fried zucchini after.

Walked in the door, and Pat called. Talked for 10ish minutes and then I changed and got the stuff from Wal-Mart out of the car.

Started laundry. Will need to do two loads tonight.

Already feel like I've been way productive and there's still so much to do! :( Why does picking up dinner not count as like 12 items on the to-do list? Can't imagine being a working mom!!!!!!!!

6:07pm - Brought in the stuff from the car and threw on an episode of Friends.

6:12PM - A reminder to myself to make Pat's Icy something or other for his jewelcrafting sometime this evening. Also, need to do something about the hair on my toes. I'm apparently, secretly a hobbit.

6:15 - Me, my big cheeseburger, the fried zucchini, salt, pepper, rum and diet, napkins and remote have settled on the couch, only to have the washer finish. Gotta go change out clothes and start a new load before luscious caloric intake begins.

6:22 - Put away half the dishes in the dishwasher, most of the stuff from Wal-Mart, and got sheets going in the washer, and clothes in the dryer! Now....a bite of food, cause I am STARVING!

6:25 - Got distracted and finished putting away the Wal-Mart stuff. NOW! FOOD!

6:30 - Re-arranged the Dt. Coke pile, NOW! FOOD!

6:52 - mmmmmmmmmmm food was yummy! Time to check email and facebook before folding and putting away clothes in dryer and moving over sheets.

7:03 - Sat in the sun for a few minutes. Now, to brush my teeth! Clothes in the dryer aren't done yet. Should put away the rest of the dishwasher, but am now feeling lazy!

7:16 - Logging in Dimpa to check the cooldown on Pat's jewelcrafting thingie!

7:37 - Logged in to do Pat's jewelcraft thing and avoided taking off all his armor and sticking him in a dress. He's very lucky I'm in a good mood, cause I laughed myself silly just thinking about it! Also, clothes in the dryer aren't 100% dry yet. I think the dryer has broken an age old pact. When it dings, things are supposed to be done!

7:54 - Pat called in the middle of my dessert english muffin, some people have no sense of timing.

7:58 - Said good night and I LOVE YOU to Pat for the night, now to continue the english muffin.

8:09 - Dishwasher is done and most of the stuff from dinner (including plastic and VERY fancy dancy dessert english muffin wal-mart special plate) is loaded up.

8:11 - Dear dead bug in the corner! You thought you had defeated me! You thought I could not bring myself to prevail! YOU WERE WRONG! And there was a minimum of squeeling as I swept you in to the dustpan and threw you in the garage trash can! GO ME!

8:16 - Watching the food network. Dear Alton Brown, please marry me! Pat won't mind. I promise.

8:26 - Hobbit feet rectified! Very excited! Also, Tim Allen on Food Network! LOVE HIM! Think sheets are almost done, very excited about getting in to bed with clean sheets! Who doesn't love clean sheets!!!!!!!!!!?

8:39 - sheets on bed, and admiring non hairy feet! GO ME!

8:50 - Saw a commercial for mouse jello something or other. Might have to get that for Pat. He would love it.

8:58 - Started brushing teeth.

9:00 - flossing

9:05 - rinsing with phos-flur

9:07 - waxing up!

9:10 - orajelling!

9:13 - pillow cases weren't 100% dry, stuck them back in for a bit while I wander around admiring both my pretty clean house, and my mostly hairless feet.

9:20 - momentary heart pang as I realize I'm going to bed alone. No Pat, no Puppy. Very sad. Bed is made. doing last second house lock up and wandering as I prepare myself to pass out.

9:26 - ready for bed and completely exhausted! Gay cow (the stuffed one) has joined me in bed, because he's soft and fluffy (see the previous gay comment) and I love him. GOOD NIGHT MY LOVE ACROSS THE NATION FROM ME THIS VERY SECOND! SLEEP WELL!!!!

9:32 - Dear bug like creature on the wall. I've had enough of overcoming bugs for the day. My choice to let you live is 100% based on mercy, not horror of attempting to kill you while you jump on me and bite me to death. Not at all! The bedroom is on the second floor. No really, that's not an attic where you'll die a painful death, it's the bedroom! That's right....keep crawling up....

9:33 - Placed the Windex and the fan remote control on my night stand. Ya know, cause windex is the ultimate bug killing chemical. Every time Pat comes home from travel the house always smells like Windex. Pat thinks I do windows. It's cute.

9:34 - The bug has disappeared. I don't see it anywhere. I'd run into the room but it's probably already there waiting for me. You laugh, but I'm actually serious. Not going to bed until I see it and can clearly outrun it and close/lock the bedroom door while it's in a different room.

9:38 - Me and the laptop are now in the bedroom. I'm fairly certain the bug is in the living room. If I don't make it to work tomorrow, it's because the bug got me. Call terminex.


Weekend Update: 137 Days Until Christmas!

My last post was supposed to be a thank you to everyone who's helped me level and enjoy my time in WoW. But Pat was trying to get ready for his 3AM wakeup call to take the Inyokern flight to LAX on his way to Tampa for a few days, and I HAD to go. So this post will incorporate that instead!

This weekend update is going to be pretty random. Get ready!

Tinaryn made 80! (In case you haven't talked to me, or seen my Twitter/Facebook/Blog.) I'm VERY excited! Huge thanks to my mom, Monique, Pat, Jill, Matt, and John for putting up with me long enough to not train me to my death multiple times!

I ran my first few heroic dungeons last night and got some purple gear, including a wand that's awesome! Monique gave me a cool offhand for a mace that dropped.

I'm now going to work on herbalism and alchemy to top those off and do flasks for Pat's raiding nights. The GWS group of Swift Justice is working on the ICC 10 man progression, and moving along nicely! Pat's very excited, and it's great to see him getting so involved with actual people! :)

The local "Community Light Opera And Theatre Association" or CLOTA is doing a presentation of Cabaret! We're going to see it on the 20th with Matt and Monique. I am SUPER excited!!!

Lori brought over lumpia for Pat, and stew and rice for me, since she knows I'm still having trouble eating. She is THE biggest sweetheart in the world.

My tongue is still being incredibly violated by the thing in my mouth. It's now more of an indent than cut, but it's not really getting any better. I've gotten my nightly routine down to 15ish minutes, which is fantastic! Pat and I compared pics to current tooth placement and there is LOTS of movement. I'll post new pics soon.

Shark Week wound down with some awesome stuff to watch, including the old Dirty Jobs episodes. It was really nice to see some new stuff, but I ALWAYS love Shark Week. Next thing to watch for will be either Disney Week, or Samantha Brown week on Travel Channel! SAMANTHA BROWN! WOO!!

I am both dreading and excited about Pat being gone for a few days. I miss him terribly when he's gone, but hopefully I can bring myself to be productive and enjoy some time to myself! He'll be back Wednesday, and he's not raiding that night, so it'll be a night for us to just enjoy each other and talk and relax. VERY excited!!

Also, Christmas is right around the corner. There will be no Christmas present exchange! NO PRESENTS! Last year was just too much, and I've got a lot of saving to do for upcoming though currently unplanned trips, and honestly - it's just too much stress!!

But we'll keep counting, cause the holidays are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'd Like To Thank The Academy....

Ladies and Gentlemen, Draenei, Gnomettes, and gentle orcs:

TINARYN MADE LEVEL 80!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, really, it's not that big of a deal. And yet, I have so few top level characters. I used to claim enough /played time to rival top raiders, and it used to be true. Now though, it's just not the case.

I now have topped out characters in UO (Tovin GM'd most skills before settling on her tailor/ghost speak/healing/hider hybrid), Camelot (Also a Tovin), and now, WoW!

My poor characters in EQ, EQ2, LotRO, Fiesta Online, Puzzle Pirates, EVE, Mythos, RuneScape, and countless others make up more time than I care to admit to, but I am so very proud to now have a top level in WoW.

Of course, shortly they'll be upping the cap! argh!!! ;p

Have a great week all!!!!!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Back To Work!

Tomorrow I head back to work! No more time off to deal with this thing in my mouth! This week will apparently a ton of overtime to work, since DTS has been down a month and we need to catch back up. Unless something changed on Friday, that is.

I have pain management down - it still hurts, but I can bear it. When I can't, I break down, cry a bit and pick myself back up. Motrin and Orajel have made having a few minutes of peace, as well as sleeping, a reality.

Wax and constant water have helped to keep my mouth hydrated and at least somewhat protected against the brackets. The huge hole in my tongue is still there. We'll see how it goes this week!

Eating however, is a different subject. I've lost 4 pounds in 5 days, which is a little scary, but also good, I suppose.

I am hoping this week will not wear me down. That I can be supportive to my wonderful co-workers (who have all been super fantabulous during this ordeal, helpful to my customers, and upbeat and wonderful to my husband - who has done more hand holding and tear wiping this week than any husband should have to.

I am ready for the challenge, done being frustrated and upset, and ready for some serious ass kicking!