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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Diet!

I have been on my diet for 8 days now, lost 3 pounds, and I am so excited, and motivated!!!

Just wanted to tell you all that. =)

k, bye

The Secret Life Of People I Know.....

I found this link through Google News and it got me to thinking.

I know some people, who don't know that I know, that have done this particular thing. Just wanted to give a quick note. You're loved.....and I know what you do! *winks*

Your secret is safe with me *hugs*

Love, B

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Pat

Re-reading my entry from earlier, I feel I came off a little hard on Pat.

I don't, in any way shape or form blame Pat for my frustrations about the crappy town I live in. I made a choice to come here, willingly and knowingly. And I make a daily choice to wake up, and live here, and stay here.

My poor Pat does all he can to make things right. We have an awesome house, and a wonderfully happy bouncy puppy whom I love with all my heart.

We have a chance to go to stateline and relax more often then we would if we lived elsewhere.

Pat feels, I'm sure, that I am unnessarily rough on Ridgecrest, and I probably am. That is, of course, my right! :p

But Pat is the most wonderful human being on earth, and I would live the rest of my entire life right here in hell, if it meant that I would get to be with him forever.

I've depressed myself just mentioning that as an option!

Back to work again....

I *Hate* Ridgecrest

Pat and I spent the last few days getting more stuff done in and around the house then usual, but I am having problems, personally.

I hate Ridgecrest. It's either hot (117ยบ) or blowing streetsigns off of the stoplight holders. I have no friends, or the 2 friends I have I never see. And I'm frustrated.

I miss the beach. I miss crazy Nathan and Beth, and mom and dad. I miss bookstores with a coffeeshop where I can spend a whole day off. I miss driving around and doing fun stuff. I miss malls, and movie theatres. I miss jamba juice, and balmy weather. I miss being able to walk outside without worrying about vinagaroons, brown recluses, black widows, and mojave rattlesnakes.

I miss my Honda Accord, and stopping at the roadside mexican hole in the wall for the BEST taquitos and guacamole in the world. I miss Humphrey's by the Bay, and Seaport Village, and The Gasslamp. I miss Horton's Plaza, and being able to spend a day on the bus/trolley system with a book and seeing everything for 5 bucks.

I miss the embarcadero, and Balboa Park. I miss my Disneyland annual pass, my zoo and Wild Animal Park annual pass, and my Sea World annual pass.

I miss breakfasts at Perry's and picnic dinners at the Mira Mesa park. I miss library's FILLED with books, and walking in well lit areas for miles on end.

I miss celebrations and parades and free museums, and Christmas on the Prado. I miss following my Aztecs, My Padres and my Broncos....well, I still follow the Broncos!!

I miss Stigma piercing parlor and John and his craziness. I miss Santee Lakes and Julian, and Rancho Cuyamaca. I miss Belmont Park, and ComiCon, and the San Diego Star Wars Society. I miss Magic games at Wizards of the Coast.

I miss making lots of money and having extra to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss who I was back then, and I don't know when I changed. But I am sick here, and trying hard not to blame Pat, because it's NOT his fault. But I don't know how to fix it.

Everyone I know wants to spend their weekends drinking. I want to play some video games, or take a walk on the beach or read a book in the sun without melting.

I know I can't go back to that, but I still miss it. So dearly that every day here seriously makes me hate it just a little bit more.


Okay, back to


Friday, September 15, 2006

Fine, I Guess I'll Update!

Well, I haven't finished Crazy Like A Fox, but I did finish Killer Angels and have started on Why I Wore Lipstick : To My Mastectomy !

Lots has happened, but you know me, I get busy or bored, and forget to update my here goes.

Pat and I went to Reno last weekend. We got to play craps with John McCain and hang out with Dave and his group with Weapons Analysis (4.10).

I've got an Alaskan cruise that I'm selling as my first griop. It looks to be a lot of fun, though I'm really nervous about selling it. Wish me lucklk!!

Work is going well for me, I love everyone here, and am learning a alot. Though I feel as though I'll never get to the end of the learning stage. It'd be nice to feel totally conmfortable with what I'm attempting!

I got my nails done! They're bright blue acrylics, and my toes are Hawai'i pink with little flowers on them!! *flutters happily*

Anyway....this weeknd is laundry, bathroom cleaning and hanging out watching football, with a little bit of football thrown in! WOO! Everyone enjoy, and stay safe.