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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Weekend

This was a crazy busy Easter weekend! I did a ton of house work and then hit the Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, the bank, and then picked up the house and did 5 loads of laundry!

Then I made cupcakes:
Then I frosted them (not before Pat ate one though):
The frosting isn't pretty - but really, it's edible, so ya's all good!

Then I made Easter baskets for Pat and Mo:

I was tired and really sore at that point - so I spent the rest of the evening RAGING over the fact that our internet provider (Mediacom) can't get their act together. Our internet has gone out every few minutes, for a few minutes at a time. Making it hard to play my games, watch the IGN IPL SC2 games (acronyms for the win, or FTW, if you will), listen to podcasts, or do basically anything at all.

So after an early trip to bed, I really didn't sleep well because my back was killing me. So I woke up early, did some stuff in the house, played my games and listened to my podcasts, and then made Pat eggs and bacon for breakfast.

THEN! (Cause this wasn't already weekend on a mocha - which I haven't had!!!)
I prepped dinner for this evening, chicken fajitas with spanish red rice. Pictures will come later (because it hasn't been made yet).

Then Pat and I headed to home depot and picked up stuff so Pat could fix our sprinkler system for the garden, and then we planted the garden!

Overall, a great weekend, but a really exhausting one. The next few weeks are going to be crazy, as I won't be home for the next 4 weekends, and work is truly overwhelming. Also, I'm considering going back to WoW.