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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anniversaries and Friends

Pat refuses to celebrate anniversaries now that we're married, but we started dating February 5 years ago. Pat sent me a bunch of Ben & Jerry's coupons for free pints of ice cream, and I was going through an amazingly tough time in my life.

We had been friends for a year and a half already, and things just clicked. July '08 will bring about my 5th year in Ridgecrest, and our 2 year married anniversary is in April. (For those counting, yes, we started dating in February and moved in together in July!)

Crazy, that I've already known Pat 7 years in October.

Now that I think about it...I've known John the longest, then Steven, then Pat, then Tawnia. None of them are any less special for knowing them any longer. These guys have been my rocks, my friends, my family, for so many years.

It makes me cry to think of the incredible life changing issues we've all had to face in the last what seems like forever.

To my friends: I would have died without you. Never doubt it. I love you all!

Everybody have a safe week, and get ready for Warhammer!! We're gonna kick some ass!



I leave home at 4am tomorrow morning, on my way to the Games Development Conference.

On Friday, I'll land at 11:30pm, get back to the house just after midnight, kiss Pat hi and night and then promptly sleep for a MINIMUM of 12 hours before I do anything else.

If you need to reach me while I'm in San Fran, texting is fastest, as I'm in meetings, panels, and parties/events the ENTIRE time that I'm not actually sleeping! woo!

I'll do my best to write good trip reports. To follow my goings on try's Twitter feed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This one's for you honey!


I'm going to be at work until really late tonight. Pat is taking off early to go fix Tawnia's to fix her computer. She's getting off early. Srsly h8 u (Thanks Nix!)

Keh had this link on her blog, and I thought it was hilarious, so I'm stealing it!


Happy Valentines and Ferris Wheel Day yesterday!

Pat sent flowers to my office...which you'd know if you were following my twitter! They're TULIPS!

Anyway! The purpose of this post is to announce my new game : City of Heroes/Villains, which is acroynmed (makin' up words as we go, that's me!) as CoX! Heroes would be CoH, Villains would be CoV, and since you can play in both MMO's with one quick box cost, it's CoX. I know, more details then you needed. Tough.

I get to be a superhero and fly. beans and DH recommended it. Actually, beans recommended Pirates of the Burning Sea, which I think looks pretty fun, but DH's logic won out. Of course, by the end of May I'll probably be playing both!


Another big thing is that Pat is making me get my cold allergy looked out. It seems to be getting worse. :( Pat's mean!

We'll be heading to Whiskey Flats Days on Saturday. I think we're taking Tawnia (if we're taking you along girl, give me a call!). Isabel from my office will be dancing with her country line dancing group, Roses & Renegades. Here's the official website.

Have a great Friday everybody! I know I won't! :(

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Wonder! The Amazement!

That's right! I got mentioned on Massively! If you live in a cave, Massively is a huge MMO blog :)

Go read about me!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What is it?

What is it about friends you don't know? What is it about people you love but aren't sure of?

What is it about life and keeps you wanting to live? To love? To keep trying even when things are difficult?

What is it about work that makes you not walk out? About people that make you violent but not enough to actually hit them?

What is it about topics that you want to talk about, but can't? Travel that you want to do, but won't? Stories that should be told, but aren't?

What is it about people that don't know how to be a friend? What is it about days that make you want to just go crazy? Stops in the road that you obey? People you try to avoid? Words that you can't say, no matter how hard you try.

My Writing!

For those not keeping up, other then my news posts where I comment somewhat sarcastically on what's going on, I also write!

Is My MMO Love Affair Over?!

Review of CES Tech Gadgets - A Quick Overview

Your Allakhazam Team Does CES! - I got talked to about that one being a little dirty. They'll live.

CES Day One With Tovin

There's more then that out there, but that's all I feel like finding. :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's getting bad

I can't sleep, I constantly feel sick.....this is going to be a rough few months.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Those Crazy Days

So, I had a chance to get in touch with someone that I spent a lot of time in UO counseling with, Counselor (Well, eventually, Senior Counselor) Braveheart! YAY!

Bravie was an awesome guy, and was so young it was great to talk to him and find out how much he knew about the game, and how much he loved the players and doing what we did.

I hope I get a chance to hang out with him sometime this year, since we'll both end up at the same show, conference, or event, sometime this year!

Anyway! YAY!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm alive


I'm not dead, thanks for noticing! Been hella busy though! So just wanted to check in and say hi! I'm finishing up details with John and Lisa for our cruise in April, got back from my cruise last weekend. We had a GREAT time! I met Sean and Tony (TONY WORKS FOR DISNEY! So we got along great ;p). Michele and I had a BLAST!

I leave for San Fran on the 18th to cover the Games Developer Conference. If you haven't been reading my coverage on Allakhazam, then you're a bastige, end of story! =)

Steven is in Boise. Sass is coming home soon! YAY!!! We're very VERY excited to have them out here.

Pat invited AJ to come on the cruise. I hope he does, it's gonna be crazy fun.

We played Spongebob Monopoly last night, as well as a bunch of mini-games from Raymond Ravin' Rabbids or whatever the hell it's called. It was a BLAST! By 11pm though, I was dozing off while Pat and Tawnia were being mean to me. I WAS TIRED DAMN IT! I'm up early EVERY damn day, and I have a lot of trouble staying asleep lately. Once I'm awake (whether it be 2am or 5am), I'm awake. I'm considering sleeping aids. Cause this is getting crazy.

I was weirdly short of breath Friday morning. It hasn't come back. I think having 2 red bulls (sugar free) this week, was a mistake. I'm banning Steven from drinking them in front of me!! =) He won't abide by it of course, but it'll be a fun thing to harass him about!

Anyway.....Think you're all caught up on my life so far. Been crazy, been busy, having fun, exhausting myself daily with work and Pat and Tawnia and the cruise, and planning the next 2 (ha ha, who am I kidding....10!) trips!!!

Hasta babies! =)