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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Far, Far, Away!

I'm trying to be productive today, but just is not working!

I figured I'd get up, shower, run to the store and buy everything we need as well as shop for some upcoming birthday presents. But my car is still at Casa Corona from Friday night, so that's a no go.

I can't drive Pat's car because it takes me 23 minutes to get it set up right (I timed it once) and he DESPISES having to change everything back since it took him weeks to get it just right from the last time I moved his seats, mirrors, radio station, radar detector, steering wheel column, and Slacker radio player.

So! All showered clean and dressed, I figured I'd just stick my headphones on, listen to the Disunplugged, and get some housework done!

My headphones are in my car for some weird reason, so I grab my keys, run outside (the sidewalk is FREEZING since I have no socks or shoes on), car isn't there!



I can't wake Pat up! It's not even 8, and he's not been feeling well the last few days. He needs his sleep. So here I am with no car OR headphones. The basic things in life have forsaken me!!!

Writing this blog post, and probably going to log into Lord of the Rings Online. A game I started playing a few weeks ago on the Landroval server. This is my guild).

Laundry started, front room and kitchen table picked up. Guess that's all that needed to be done anyway, right?! *logging in!*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going Through Pictures

I was going through pictures from a few different old computers of mine, and found some pics that really highlight the last few years of my life - and I want to share them, because they're awesome!

My sis and I, getting ready for my wedding!:

Pat and AJ a few days before the wedding - hanging out in Vegas!

Me, Pat, Marilu (his mom) holding Alayna (our niece), JoEllen (his sister), Mike (her husband). This was taken November of 2008 in Idaho. John (Pat's dad) had to work and couldn't make it.

From left to right, around the table: Aunt's Joyce, and Donna. Pat's mom Marilu. Pat's cousins Gloria and Joy (hope I didn't mix those two up!).

Pat and I, playing mini-golf in Lancaster the weekend of my birthday, 2009.

Jody's dog in Tennessee, Daisy. Hanging out wishing she was inside.

Pat and Daisy, hanging out on the golf cart.

Pat the pirate, grillin' up yummies for my birthday!

Woah! That's a lot of candles! Tawnia's birthday, 2009.

Me and Sylvene (Carolyn) at SOE Fan Faire, in Las Vegas. The first one? Or thereabouts!

Pat and I at the San Diego Zoo (duh) celebrating our 3rd anniversary, April 2009.

Cousin Jessica (getting married in April, YAY), and Jody and Mike at Epcot awaiting Illumunations. It was a LONNNNG day but was that trip the very bestest ever or what? Thanks Marilu and John! It was FANTASTIC! A true dream come true!

Siam in Germany on an off day of the Game Conference in Leipzig.

Me at Thomaskirche (St. Nicholas' Church) in Leipzig, Germany.

Lisa and I waiting for our table at Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney(land) after a long day at the parks. Can you tell I was yelling at Pat to stop taking pictures. Their salad was yummy though!

The creature that scared the hell out of me, camping in Onion Valley 2007 (or 08, I can't remember).

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March's Links of Awesome

Mario and Luigi sell pizza : Link from ECA daily email.

WoW coming to console? Not likely.
: Link from ECA daily email.

What you pay for cable. Linkage from Misty on Google Buzz.

Monday of this week (March 8th 2010, in case you're not paying any attention....Nathan), Sanya Weathers (ex of Mythic *cries*) twittered this link and it led to very vibrant discussions between Pat and I.

Today, Pat found this, and while I haven't read it yet, I will either tonight or tomorrow while on hold for the 27th minute with freaking DFAS....and it will lead to some great follow up discussion.

Can I tell you, I love being married to the smartest person in the world? We have great discussions, debates, and arguments. While I spend most of the time a little confuze-led, Pat always explains it to me so I understand. Unless it has to do with his .DLL files. Then I give up and glaze over.

Blogs I'm reading:

Diary of a Pod Pilot, an EVE blog. No, I'm not going back to EVE. I did it, for several years, and I had a blast. That dynamic no longer exists and I don't have any interest in fitting myself into a new paradigm here. Yes, I've been reading Dilbert.

As always, Friday Playdate remains a fave! I've actually kept up with this blog, always fun!

After my last, "Why I love Disneyland" blog post, I got a note from this guy, an ex cast member with a link to his blog. To be honest, I only opened the email with the comment note a few seconds ago, so I haven't had time to actually check out the blog but since it's Disney you can be 100% sure that I will!

As far as books go, right now I'm reading The Dilbert Principle and have so many books to read when I'm done with it that I'm seriously going to close my eyes and point to one in order to pick.

Trips wise, we've got Disneyland in a few weeks, the cruise in 40 days, I'm going on travel for work next week, and we're heading to Lancaster on the 23rd of March for my ortho consultations.

Have a fantastic week everyone, and remember - Stay out of the damn lakes! (DIS Unplugged Podcast FTW!)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Why I Love Disneyland: The Cast Members!

While preparing dinner tonight (Mashed red potatoes, shake and bake chicken, and biscuits) Pat and I are listening to The DIS Unplugged.

Well, I started listening on my Sansa Clip Plus (best Christmas gift I got, after my computer), and after about 30 minutes of laughing almost non-stop Pat made me put it on so that he could listen too.

I started thinking sometime around shaking the chicken, about why I love Disneyland. Mostly, it's the details. And not the details like the queen and the apple over the Snow White ride. Not like the hieroglyphics on the Indiana Jones My details are much more awesome than that.

I love Disney theme parks for the cast members, pure and simple. The cast member outside the Haunted Mansion who welcomes you with a quick smile and then goes right into their grim but pleasant treaty to move forward and fill all the "dead" dead pan. So awesome!

The loaders on Big Thunder Mountain who wink at you and lift their hat right before giving the "Trains Away" sign and you go chugging off to the "Wildest Ride in the Wilderness". The guys at Indiana Jones who found my Tigger ears that fell off 30 feet into the ride....the gal at the popcorn stand who talked to me for 10 minutes (no one else was in line) about her experience in coming to Disneyland from Chicago in the college program.

I love the maintenance people. I can't imagine what they go through to have a smile and a helpful attitude in the So Cal sun after cleaning up puke and pee and dealing with the constant noise - but they do it. And I love each and every one of them!!!

To me, Disney is not about the characters, the rides, or even the entertainment (HELLLOOOO BILL HILL!). It's about the amazing people who work hard to make sure I have an amazing experience. Every. Single. Time. You are appreciated! And we could all learn a great lesson in doing our jobs - regardless of what it is, from you guys.

By the way - Dinner was good, and Millionare Matchmaker made me laugh hysterically. God I love trannies!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Comments Changed

I've changed the comment settings here on my blog because people are idiots and spammers are hitting me hard lately. Quite frankly, I don't have the energy lately to deal with it, so we'll just keep making it harder and harder for legitimate users to leave real and worthwhile comments until I get really fed up and just turn off the comments all together.

Sorry if it makes it harder for the few of you who respond - but the spam is driving me NUTS!

Happy Friday!