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Sunday, June 21, 2009


SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't want to know the premise or info on the movie, stop reading. Thanx u, drive thru!

Pat took me to go see the newest Pixar/Disney film, Up, yesterday for my birthday. The short before the movie, a Pixar tradition, Partly Cloudy was adorable. Definitely the most "sound effects" I remember in a Pixar short film, but cute and heartwarming as they all are.

Honestly, after seeing the Kiwi short film that depressed the hell out of me, I've been a little traumatized by short films. But of course, Pixar's quality and passion comes through! YAY PIXAR! Yes, I'm a fan boi, deal with it.

As far as the actual main entertainment?

In the first few seconds of the movie I had figured out the start....and spent the first 20ish minutes of the movie between smiling and crying whispering fiercely at Pat that he had made me watch the most depressing movie in my entire life - knowing full well I had wanted to see it as much as he.

The movie was full of heartwarming moments, and cute little laugh spots (point!), but for the most part it was either heartbreaking or vindicating, or emotionally torturous.

I have never, ever, cried so much at a DISNEY movie. I have never, ever, cried so much at a PIXAR movie. Okay, to be honest I've never, EVER, cried so much at any movie in my lifetime. I was sad. It was a great, awesome, perfectly ended, movie. But the premise is simply heartbreaking, and I believe that's because the idea of losing our husband/wife and being alone is simply to much to think about.

It is for me anyway.

Who am I without Pat? Even thinking it, I start to cry and get upset.

I can only hope that Pat and I have the kind of life together and the types of happy, sweet moments together that the Protagonist had with his Ellie that will make my time without Pat all the harder to deal with. Weird wish huh?

I want to cherish each moment with him, enjoy our days together, and simply be happy without the worry for what may be tomorrow. I love you honey!

Oh, and GO SEE THIS MOVIE...and bring tissue. If you don't cry, you're a heartless savage.

As an aside, animation rocked, story was well thought out, perfectly executed, animals were well drawn and acted as one would expect them too. Skies and lighting were truly inspiring. Music! Just wow. Pixar knows their stuff people. I'm constantly impressed that Pixar is the new Disney.

Walt would have been pleased!!!! This is a Disney movie to rival the very best of them. A true classic, to me. This is the ONE must own movie I've ever seen.

But I'm keeping a box of tissues near the box. And when I need a good lesson in loving Pat regardless of what we're going through - I'll bring it out and sob through it and will realize what's important.

Up is both inspiring and beautifully executed. Truly, a masterpiece!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The boot, the cart and the Boston accent

(Title taken directly from Pete Werner's eulogy, linked below)

Since probably late February I spend time at work where I can afford background noise listening to The Dis Unplugged Podcast. Until that time, I had no idea that the DisBoards had a website attached to it!! I've been a hardcore Dislurker for a REALLY long time! Apparently not hardcore enough - but that's not this story....

Shortly after becoming attached to the show (about 3 podcasts), I went back and started listening from the beginning. There were different people hosting, I was confused, and was interested in the stories behind these folks.

In my research I discovered that one of the original folks who hosted the show, Bob Varley, had passed away in May of 2008. I went so far as to read the eulogy site owner Pete Werner posted at the time.

I think it's fairly obvious that I was not dry eyed.

I was both devastated for the team, and for myself - but I continued to work my way through the archives getting closer and closer to the time when I knew it would happen.

Friday, I got to the Bob Memorial Show, and the Best of Bob segments that the podcast recorded. I knew I'd cry, and I did....but for reasons that surprised me.

You see, to me this guy was a part of the community I have long held myself a part of. Those who "get" the magic of Disney, and no explanation is needed as to why you know traffic patterns, itineraries for different crowd capacities and weather patterns, and ....well, you get the idea. We are called Dis-noids, Disfreaks, Disney freaks, and just plain crazy. But together, we are understood - HI ANTHONY! =)

But to these people that recorded this show and had this passion for something that others hold dear - this was a life long friend. This is someone who helped move them, went out to dinner with family on Christmas Eve, called when you were sick, and was simply a best friend.

My heart broke listening to this show, over a year old. Listening to Pete, John, Kevin, Corey, and Julie talk about the things they loved and remembered about Bob. Not for me, though his presence and humor and his interest in things for others' sake rather then for his own, will be missed. But for their own hurt and heartache.

I've got more then a year of podcasts to go before I'm caught up to current time, and I know that since then Julie and Corey have had a kid - but I don't want to know more then that until I get there!

I guess I just wanted to post my own memorial for Bob. He has certainly touched my life - if only from the enthusiasm and "happy being picked on" attitude we exhibit. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there!

But more - I wanted to express that though I can not share the pain of losing a friend and a part of my life the way that the Dis Unplugged team has felt it, I can still understand from afar what they went through and I'm sure to some extent are still going through.

You are missed Bob. My condolences to the Varley family, and to the Dis unplugged team and community.

Monday, June 15, 2009


So, my sis came down (up?) from San Diego on Friday to hang out and spend the weekend and help throw a birthday party! It was the first time in pretty much my adult life that all 3 of the kids were together for any length of time. It was.....weird. But awesome at the same time.

Friday night we went bowling and had mmmmmm yummy nachos! Then we hung out on the back porch and ate pizza and talked until it was bed time.

Saturday we spent the morning getting ready for the party, the afternoon finishing getting ready for the party and the night at the party. It was fun. Lots of new people which is both good and bad. Nice to meet new people and hang out with friends we don't normally. But I'd also like to just get a little crazy with the people I know.

Sunday we went to Lancaster and had a blast! We got to eat at Chili's (with a really bad waitress), play mini-golf at Mulligan's, and shop at the mall.

Now first off, let's all remember I'm a bad sport about shopping. But even I had a blast! It was good to be with Beth and Nath and J, and Pat. It was awesome having everyone together. It felt....weird. But right!

My family rarely gets all together. Mostly, I believe, in an attempt not to cause a huge family rift that will cause all of us to stop talking to one another for a few years. The last time the kids were all together was at IHOP almost 6 years ago (WOW!! Almost 6 years to the month really!!). That lasted all of 2 hours.

So it was really fantastic!!!!!!!!

Beth got to see the house. We had a chance to talk about what was going on in our lives, and we got to act like 12 year olds again.

I will always remember Beth as the one person in my family who really made an effort when I most needed it. Her visit to Salt Lake really helped snap me out of what is easily the worst period of my life, and the most challenging I'm likely to ever face.

Her calm attitude and approach towards life always makes me both admire and want to hit her. (HEY! She's my sis!! I can say that! :p)

Her kind heart and easy sense of crazy humor are always fun, and she's always looking to better herself and help those around her.

To my sis! Thank you so very much for this weekend. I had a blast and am so glad we could hang out and see each other once again!!

*hugs and hits*


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tawnia Yelled at Me!

I have to apologize for not updating, and promise to update more, even as the summer brings us into travel and party modes. Tawnia pointed out that my blog has been abandoned as I utilize Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter to update friends and family.

I will attempt to catch you all up, and post on a more regular basis starting this weekend which is our Pirate Party Birthday Bash to celebrate my 31st birthday! Beth is coming down and we are prepared for a totally awesome time!

Until my next update, which will be soon - I bid you ARRRRRRRRR!