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Monday, February 14, 2011

When Did I Get MMO Old?

When did TeamSpeak and Vent become the new chat rooms? When did people stop using IRC as a way to chat?

I mean, we all grew out of AOL and ICQ right? Well, most of us mostly did.

But when you're asked to join a guild and they require/pressure you to be in a voicechat server, I have a problem with that. First of all, I'm busy listening to The DIS Unplugged or various MMO podcasts, including Casual Stroll to Mordor.

If I'm not listening to stuff on the computer, I'm watching/listening to the TV, or Pat is raiding and I'm listening to them.

I do not wish to ruin the immersion of gaming or fantasy by listening to real people talk to me. I do that at work! I get talked to all day long about a lot of stuff I come home to try and get away from. And those people pay me! I do not want to "hear" guildies talk. I want to chat at my own pace, walk away, and be able to catch up on what was "said".

Am I alone in this? Is this my "ancient" way of playing MMOs catching up to me? Am I an angry old guy on the porch with a hose waiting for people to walk on the lawn or touch the trash cans?!?

I don't mind voicechat for raiding - though I feel it caters to people who can't figure out what they're supposed to be doing and it has made really good raid leaders go the way of the Velociraptor. (Going for extinct here, not "known for awesome attack power".)

I have a feeling I'm just getting old. But I also feel like no matter how much I miss out on, I want to chat to you on my keyboard while listening to the newest goings on at Disney Resorts. Not talk to a random stranger about your day/class build/school attendance/drama. If I wanted that I'd be back on ICQ.